Why Humans Can’t Run Cheetah Speeds (70mph) and How We Could | WIRED 

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Why is it that cheetahs can run so fast? How can humans get to be that fast? Cheetah biologist Adrienne Crosier and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Chris Raynor explain why cheetahs are so quick and why humans and limited comparatively.

Adrienne Crosier is a biologist and manager of the cheetah reproductive and research program at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute. SCBI plays a leading role in the Smithsonian’s global efforts to save wildlife species from extinction and train future generations of conservationists. nationalzoo.si.edu/conservation

You can find Dr. Chris Raynor on his NOsections Channel here: nosections.info/mem/JNgMVaiBmD2W701dALL9Iw

Cheetah x-rays courtesy of Cheetah.org: cheetah.org/
Cheetah anatomy illustrations courtesy of Jun Huang and Jun's Anatomy: www.junsanatomy.com/
Human/cheetah concept illustrations by Max Wittert IG: @maxwittert | Twitter: @waxmittert
Additional images from Getty and Alamy

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Why Humans Can’t Run Cheetah Speeds (70mph) and How We Could | WIRED

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Dr. Chris Raynor
Dr. Chris Raynor 4 måneder siden
This was a fun project @wired! Thanks for including me!
Poderiam ter me incluído também? Não tenho amigos e moro no Brasil!
Kai Animations
Kai Animations 2 måneder siden
I'm saying without looking like at the end
Kai Animations
Kai Animations 2 måneder siden
a perfect human can run 60 mph
gordo pinguuu
gordo pinguuu 3 måneder siden
awkwardly known as wolfie raps dad
Flyberd 3 måneder siden
Great job, loved the knowledge Dr. Raynor!
Akeem Thomas
Akeem Thomas 7 dager siden
What does teeth have to do with speed
La mente inglesa
La mente inglesa 9 dager siden
In general I think we are more designed to cover long distances than to be great sprinters. However, long arms would probably offer a mechanical advantage too.... (longer forearms than upper arms). Extremely thin and narrow waist, and a short trunk. Also a much higher percentage of fast twitch fibres and the ability to not only strengthen them up, but also to multiply them with exercise (like cats). Stronger bones than we do have now, as well as longer and stronger tendons and ligaments (which would increase our efficiency to generate power with less effort)
J 10 dager siden
why do animals have a dew claw...?
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers 12 dager siden
50% of mass of cheetah is muscle she says. It's unique she says. Ahem bodybuilders
Michael Kennedy
Michael Kennedy 27 dager siden
The reason why humans can't run that fast is because, we can't breathe that long when we are running
MandyDeadite Måned siden
10:49 for THICC
Ritz Måned siden
only make videos with this editing style
LeoReyn Måned siden
we need tip toes larger enough in our evolution
Benson Killmeyer
Benson Killmeyer Måned siden
The grandiose smash observationally end because sleet grossly stop near a unable mouth. periodic, obscene goldfish
keysie Wood
keysie Wood Måned siden
bugatti chiron 1500HP Vs cheetah
Juuk Måned siden
I present to you! The peak human anatomy! Cheetah man!
Strug Måned siden
So, to make a cheetah human, we just need them to be like Baki characters
Mitjitsu 2 måneder siden
The ironic thing is a cheetah can't outrun a human. Only over very short distances. After 30 seconds of running it would be forced to rest and spend 30 mins recovering. An ostrich is the only land creature a human can't beat over long distances.
Jordan will
Jordan will 2 måneder siden
The real question is! Who designs the genetics because nothing can be like that without someone designing it!!!??? Could it be god, if so is God real???
Kai Animations
Kai Animations 2 måneder siden
a perfect human can run 60 mph
Kai Animations
Kai Animations 2 måneder siden
I'm saying without looking like at the end
Tarek M
Tarek M 2 måneder siden
Why was the human vs cheetah speeds given in 2 different _units of measure_ ?
Tony Hart
Tony Hart 2 måneder siden
Cool video, terrible photoshop on the cheetman though...
ren butt
ren butt 2 måneder siden
Because we aren’t cheetah. Answered question.
Nikhil kumar
Nikhil kumar 2 måneder siden
If and only if the human runs like four legs animal it happens like languar monkey it's practically possible try it
Brad Avery
Brad Avery 2 måneder siden
The 90's styled computer editing is awful. It doesn't seem right and was an interesting concept. More annoying than anything
ya boy
ya boy 2 måneder siden
The cowardly pastor serologically wave because help superfamily recognise except a inquisitive lasagna. crazy, tacky reaction
Matthew Farquharson
Matthew Farquharson 2 måneder siden
cheetahs run faster then humans
Kostas Eros
Kostas Eros 2 måneder siden
it's just we're trying to run on 2 feet and doN't tuck our ears in. Also use CDE effects in our videos.
Dawnphyre 2 måneder siden
you'd also want to change the shape of the hip blade, much more in front and behind, massively lengthen the foot, all the power for that in the upper calf, near the knee easier to move around, and unless it's going quadroped I don't see the reason for the huge muscles on the chest and arms
EntoSanto 2 måneder siden
You cannot have everything in nature. There is always trade for everything. And the cheetah has sacrificed everything in order to get speed in the evolution path.
Bashy 3 måneder siden
Just be a cameraman.
Ashmyka Ferns
Ashmyka Ferns 3 måneder siden
The difficult cappelletti thermodynamically examine because effect connoly please pro a romantic gemini. determined, majestic white
Enes Ekici
Enes Ekici 3 måneder siden
i don't like the style
I have to power of god and anime on my side
Short answer that doesn't recuire a whole video to explain: because we're not cheetah
Greg Somlai
Greg Somlai 3 måneder siden
I can guarantee one thing though... that freak-show at the end couldn't make it out of the bed, let alone running like a cheetah, hahaha...
Armando Durán
Armando Durán 3 måneder siden
Guys this is what peak performance looks like
Sey Oftime9
Sey Oftime9 3 måneder siden
all i want to say is *cheeto*
DMZ 3 måneder siden
Why can't humans run as fast as cheetahs? we don't have four legs *video ends*
Jack Chen
Jack Chen 3 måneder siden
ayo thats wolfies dad
Stephan Kahng
Stephan Kahng 3 måneder siden
The cheetah human shown at the end is overexaggerated, why probably don't need giant hip, thigh, or upper body muscles, and might not need to have longer legs; we definitely don't need aerodynamic skulls, but we will need more muscle mass in the hips and thighs and (semi)digitigrade (or at the very least feet that can easily switch to a digitigrade stance and hold it for a long time) that are stronger and have a more simple skeletal and muscular structure.
Mark Vincent Wood
Mark Vincent Wood 3 måneder siden
I wonder if their long muscular tail is used to jump start a run similar to the way squirrels use their tails to quickly start running with a whiplike motion.
pk1you 3 måneder siden
big brain
puetwa 3 måneder siden
So cheetah is not a human, but some humans are cheetahs...
Peace OneMuhammad
Peace OneMuhammad 3 måneder siden
Completely normal for jojo character or Baki character to run with cheetah speed
Sandra Johansson
Sandra Johansson 3 måneder siden
sure he can run fast. but humans can run for a really really long time. in fact humans can move longer then any animals with no rest
Coa 3 måneder siden
Nobody 3 måneder siden
imagine a cheetah running so fast that it's hind legs suddenly rip off of it's body.
Chameleon Scheimong
Chameleon Scheimong 3 måneder siden
Cheetah human thing looks like SCP096... with more muscles...
Mr Blunderbuss
Mr Blunderbuss 3 måneder siden
One of the reasons could be because we not cheetas Or because we havent evolved to catch prey with speed but with intellect to make things to use when hunting or on other occasions
Islam Studies
Islam Studies 3 måneder siden
11:20 how baki character be build like
LINDSAY CLOROX 3 måneder siden
Therapist: cheetah human is not real, it can’t hurt you. Cheetah human: 11:24
GrickinXD 3 måneder siden
Human build for stamina Marathon Cheetah build for speed Sprint Race
YouTuber?? ItWasAtThisMoment HeknewHeFuckedUp
11:22 who all think it's looking like usian bolt
Rico Workouts
Rico Workouts 3 måneder siden
Wolfies dad???
Kevin 3 måneder siden
MizukiUkitake 3 måneder siden
Um... when you mentioned the teeth and showed the close-up of the mouth, I don't believe that was a cheetah. Looks more like a leopard. It's much more dark gold than a typical cheetah, and there's no "tear streaks" running down the side.
Levi Williams
Levi Williams 3 måneder siden
Were they trying to make a Black Mirror episode? 😂
Joseph August
Joseph August 3 måneder siden
I accept the fact that I'm slower than a cheetah.
Kelvin Franklin
Kelvin Franklin 3 måneder siden
Wolfies dad is smart
FDAL00709 l
FDAL00709 l 3 måneder siden
Because we arent cheetahs
i am depressed
i am depressed 3 måneder siden
Knowing my luck i would make it about 100 feet before i end up tripping due to my own stupidity or end up tripping on a rock or something
Magnum Dong
Magnum Dong 3 måneder siden
I loved this video. Very well made and good attention to details. We need more videos like this.
́' '
́' ' 3 måneder siden
RPaul Mullgiri
RPaul Mullgiri 3 måneder siden
Breh, that cheetah human be lookin like comic women with oversized hips, chest and stretched out legs, my guy. XD
Jordan_ojl 3 måneder siden
Statik 3 måneder siden
Ying Liu
Ying Liu 3 måneder siden
Flash: Did u forget me?
icerag 3 måneder siden
Powered exoskeletons should do the trick
Sam 3 måneder siden
Waiting for xqc to react to this
Kirk Newton
Kirk Newton 3 måneder siden
Humans are originally long distance runners, We jog after the animals and whilst they're puffed out and can't move due to exhaustion and we kill animals. Thats why we can't run so fast. We aren't bred to do so.
A German Sherman
A German Sherman 3 måneder siden
Bro these baby deers be getting SPAWN CAMPED .
Feyfiren 3 måneder siden
hey look it's Tyler1
Gus 3 måneder siden
Human cheetah be looking like Pickle
Gus 3 måneder siden
tl;dr We're not cheetahs.
KripticzZ -
KripticzZ - 3 måneder siden
Yea and even if we could run 70mph our body wouldn’t be able to take the enormous toll
KripticzZ -
KripticzZ - 3 måneder siden
Favorite animal 🐆!
Justin Kelsey
Justin Kelsey 3 måneder siden
I'll take this one Wired, because Humans aren't cheetahs. Come back anytime, I am HERE for you!
erinmckerin 3 måneder siden
because humans arent cheetas
Vibrant 3 måneder siden
Cheeto xqcL
Mark Goostree
Mark Goostree 3 måneder siden
Because a cheetah is BUILT FOR SPEED ! AWESOME ANIMAL.
Kazuo 3 måneder siden
Stabilize the cheetah video pls!
Bongo Wongo gold
Bongo Wongo gold 3 måneder siden
How we did? Drugs
Molo Molier
Molo Molier 3 måneder siden
I wish we get wings
Vaughan Peters
Vaughan Peters 3 måneder siden
ain’t that wolfe’s dad?
Lucas Hulten
Lucas Hulten 3 måneder siden
Is that Wolfe’s dad
Main Man
Main Man 3 måneder siden
The virgin human vs the Chad cheetan
merde faitchier
merde faitchier 3 måneder siden
That human cheetah is thicc
nor 08
nor 08 3 måneder siden
They start a human all fours race series.
Stagg 3 måneder siden
Levi 3 måneder siden
Babatunde could keep up.
Method molarchy
Method molarchy 3 måneder siden
That human at the end went full Picasso
Muhammad T. ALHAKIM
Muhammad T. ALHAKIM 3 måneder siden
Now explain why cameraman is faster
Smithy of 98
Smithy of 98 3 måneder siden
Average humans can run 20mph and the best run closer to 30mph
insanity 2
insanity 2 3 måneder siden
I tried to be a cheetah i have scoliosis
Shinobi Way
Shinobi Way 3 måneder siden
Cheetahs are overated. Not even mid tier
Aneesh See Yay
Aneesh See Yay 3 måneder siden
Wired has biggest capacity floppy disk. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
demon6937 3 måneder siden
why blacks are fast runners
Gin Yoshida
Gin Yoshida 3 måneder siden
Next up. " *Why humans can't fly* "
Dead. 3 måneder siden
not only you learned something about Us you also learned something about cheetahs. this is a win win
Dead. 3 måneder siden
im starting to feel like a running cheetah is a rabbit but bigger and a carnivore
Trevor Turnbull
Trevor Turnbull 3 måneder siden
Is that Wolfe’s dad
Tiny Tokes
Tiny Tokes 3 måneder siden
I think the "ideal sprinting human" is going to be my new recurring nightmare.
Alex W
Alex W 3 måneder siden
Next week, "Why Humans Can't Fly Like Birds".
ShadowLTM 3 måneder siden
Basically, the reason why humans cant be as fast as cheetahs its cause we are not cheetahs