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Wizards of the Coast game designer and editor Matt Tabak uses the power of Twitter to answer the internet's burning questions about Magic: The Gathering. Why does everyone "hate" mono-white? If you attack with a 2/2 creature and are blocked by a 2/2 creature, which creature gets destroyed? What happens if your hand has no lands and you can't play any cards? What's the weirdest, most obscure MTG rule that Matt knows of? Matt answers all these questions and much more.

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Wizards of the Coast Answer Magic: The Gathering Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED




15. jan.. 2021





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killing field
killing field 2 dager siden
Epic ending (sheds a tear) 🥃
tyquan fleming
tyquan fleming 17 dager siden
Red vs blue
The janky commander
The janky commander 3 måneder siden
I would Argue that Steve (Sakura tribe elder) is the most popular because of commander or top (Sensi’s divining top)
Abraham 3 måneder siden
Q: "why is white hated so much?" A: "Git gud" Ok..
Christian Acquasanta
Christian Acquasanta 3 måneder siden
I don't know what it is with this guy but looks like all the stereotypes about Magic RnD in the comunity
Some Guy From The Internet
I feel like they skipped over all the problematic questions.
Rodrigo Rossie
Rodrigo Rossie 3 måneder siden
Mono-red player here. Why do I hate mono-white? Lifelink and enchantments. Gotta beat them down fast before they get any of that crap down. Flavor wise, I also hate White's philosophy.
Luke Sullivan
Luke Sullivan 3 måneder siden
This video is boring and borderline upsetting if you've ever played magic before. If you haven't, this explains nothing. Why even bother.
Justin Uchiha
Justin Uchiha 3 måneder siden
Don't lie to the poor guy about white.
Christian Smith
Christian Smith 3 måneder siden
Dang that was a smooth maneuver around the mono white question
What Smada
What Smada 3 måneder siden
Show cards on screen as he talks about them...keep questions on screen. Great video otherwise
Latrodectus mactans
Latrodectus mactans 3 måneder siden
I’m surprised he didn’t use an example involving Panglacial Wurm.
Niko Watson
Niko Watson 3 måneder siden
My first thought about the nicknames was Steve for Sakura Tribe Elder
Juan 3 måneder siden
This is the nerdiest of nerdism and I love it.
Aidan Arvold
Aidan Arvold 3 måneder siden
"I don't think EVERYONE hates mono-white" Me: everyone hates it. no because its not fun to play against but because it never wins
Mathew France
Mathew France 3 måneder siden
it never wins and yet it still has the audacity of destroying every permanent we own.
Jonathan Hart
Jonathan Hart 3 måneder siden
This video was meaningless. Print better White cards. Print more Fetchlands. Get rid of the Reserved List.
CUATROMORCE 3 måneder siden
this was extremely boring because half of the questions would have been answered if you opened and read the rules for once. the mono white one was also just infuriatingly audacious. because he supposedly exactly knows what problem they were referring to. but he chose to ignore and not explain it, but then proceeds to explain that two bears fighting would result in both dying. thats just insulting to any MTG fan
Ryan Garvey
Ryan Garvey 2 måneder siden
@The Engineer good one
The Engineer
The Engineer 2 måneder siden
@Ryan Garvey Well you sound kind of stupid lol
Ryan Garvey
Ryan Garvey 3 måneder siden
@Johan Høck no
Johan Høck
Johan Høck 3 måneder siden
Johan Høck
Johan Høck 3 måneder siden
@Ryan Garvey are you stupid?
Stephany Sansone
Stephany Sansone 3 måneder siden
Husband has a mono-white, I hate that deck.
Joseph Sweeney
Joseph Sweeney 3 måneder siden
Question: How many rules have been changed in mtg history?
Michael Fong
Michael Fong 3 måneder siden
I love how he doesn’t even answer the first question. He’s just like “Figure out why you’re losing and don’t do that.” And, to correct his statement, people do hate mono-white: Wizards hates mono white.
Lost Chronicles
Lost Chronicles 3 måneder siden
Imagine a world where mono whites problem is that its too good and its dominating the meta.
Rico van Opheusden
Rico van Opheusden Måned siden
that's like three different standard environments during the time I've played, and I'm a relative newbie lol
Levi Helms
Levi Helms 2 måneder siden
*cries in mono-white rebel*
Cade Mako
Cade Mako 3 måneder siden
Dude! I'm moved by that last part.
Steve K
Steve K 3 måneder siden
I was hoping for a lore dump but I haven't play in like 20 yrs so this is all foreign to me :D
charles cady
charles cady 3 måneder siden
I have a question so if I am attacking for leathal damage on my opponent abs they have a zulaport cutthroat out that they use to block one creature I have and I’m at one life would the opponent die before the ability of zulaport cutthroat resolves dealing a damage to me after it dies Zulaport cutthroat has an ability where when something you control dies you gain a life and opponent loses a life I think or something like that
ducktales 42
ducktales 42 3 måneder siden
Your opponent would die. No ability/spell happens instantly in Magic, because players always can respond to them first. So you would deal lethal to them, but they’re already at 0, so the ability has no opportunity to resolve.
Arsenicide33 3 måneder siden
Question, what is mono-white even supposed to be? was it some sort of joke that R&D came up with to trick new players into losing?
Daniel Huertas G
Daniel Huertas G 3 måneder siden
Print fetchlands wotc
Damien Donoho
Damien Donoho 3 måneder siden
Very first question he dodged and framed differently. White is hated because they just keep giving it the weakest cards and is commonly joked about but wizards wont actually acknowledge this.
M Safrons
M Safrons 3 måneder siden
It’s cute that they actually think they test anything 😅
lovetownsend 3 måneder siden
Everyone at Magic has the EXACT same voice lol
Bo Kuen Tao
Bo Kuen Tao 3 måneder siden
I have a question, if a MDFC phases out, can it return as either side of the MDFC or must it remain on the side that it phased out as?
Rosa 3 måneder siden
Phasing does not cause a permanent to exit/enter the battlefield. So it will remain on the side that it phased out with. However if you flicker (i.e. exile it then return it to the battlefield) a MDFC it will always return with the front face up (or remain in exile if the front isn't a permanent).
nantukoprime 3 måneder siden
I used to pilot a 'Death and Taxes' and a 'Prison' mono-white style deck for Standard or Legacy game formats. Those decks change how a normal game is played, making the game slower or adding effects to the game that you planned for but your opponent did not. You get into a lot of arguments, and in general are not fun to play against. That said, in a game format with more players like EDH/Commander, those mono-white deck archetypes make you the target of the other players to eliminate first so they can go back to playing the kind of game they want to play.
Jake Jeffrey
Jake Jeffrey 3 måneder siden
I think the first guy meant was, why does wotc hate mono white?
Greg 1756
Greg 1756 3 måneder siden
Best card nickname - Chad . Chad is any Gideon planeswalker card. Why? Because he looks like a Chad xD
Elliot Wong
Elliot Wong 3 måneder siden
why was simic the only guild with a massive power creep recently?
ploob man
ploob man 3 måneder siden
It’s uro time
Demphis Ford
Demphis Ford 3 måneder siden
Still denies white has no card draw or ramp
Made in No Place
Made in No Place 3 måneder siden
meanwhile I can't open a new binder on mtgo without the program crashing
Embry Ocean
Embry Ocean 3 måneder siden
I just felt like I was being talked to by my oldest and best friend. I am so grateful.
Joe Nader
Joe Nader 3 måneder siden
15:40 is a bit too real.
Shadow Gamer
Shadow Gamer 3 måneder siden
The mulligan thing could just be a person familiar with the og mulligan rules which were indeed "draw 7 if you have either all or no lands"
Levi Helms
Levi Helms 2 måneder siden
When I first started playing MTG at the tail end of Odyssey, I had learned the game explicitly through an Ice Age-era rulebook and this was what I learned. One of the more embarrassing moments of my life at the time, the naivety of young me warms my heart nowadays.
Babybigfoot1086 3 måneder siden
They definitely picked the basic easy questions and skipped past the ' why is the game getting so much more expensive' or 'why did you make Uro, Oko, and omnath
J. C.
J. C. 3 måneder siden
This is why I stopped playing Magic. It's all way too complicated and pointless.
Dawid Golda
Dawid Golda 3 måneder siden
Looks like Ben Finegold started playing card games.
Zakana 3 måneder siden
My question is why Savour the Moment and the first turn of the game are treated differently when you look at Sphinx of the Second Sun
Connor Hamilton
Connor Hamilton 3 måneder siden
I don't understand what you are asking about. Could you try to explain your confusion a little more?
Corvus Delain
Corvus Delain 3 måneder siden
Matt Tabak! Good to see him on WIRED.
Zephyr Blayze
Zephyr Blayze 3 måneder siden
I wish they answered any questions concerning the game today instead of explaining basic rules.
Sdesser 3 måneder siden
Why do I hate mono-white? My friend played a 'detain' deck when I started the game. I didn't get to do much.
Isaiah Quantz
Isaiah Quantz 3 måneder siden
On Card Nicknames: Myself and others I know call the card Sakura-Tribe Elder "Steve" for short, Ramunap Excavator is aka "Remmy", and the more common one is "Sad Robot" for Sollemn Simulacrum
Wesley Ackerman
Wesley Ackerman 3 måneder siden
Steve usually refers to Sakura Tribe Elder and Veridian Emissary, I think?
Guyu De'Sw0rd
Guyu De'Sw0rd 3 måneder siden
What's the nickname for deep analysis? Or assassin's trophy?
NoD8313 3 måneder siden
Ike Y
Ike Y 3 måneder siden
Wait so does that mean Artifacts have summoning sickness? I've been playing for years thinking Artifacts didn't have summoning sickness
Zenjin Vein
Zenjin Vein 3 måneder siden
Only creatures are effected by summoning sickness, artifact that are turned in a creature the same turn it is played it will be effected by summoning sickness as it is now a creature, the same is true of any permanent that became a creature the same turn it comes into play
Edouard Chartrand
Edouard Chartrand 3 måneder siden
1:59(˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵)
RuFFRyDas87 3 måneder siden
It’s the nerdy Nicolas Cage.
Dana Coleman
Dana Coleman 3 måneder siden
that's redundant
vonBelfry 3 måneder siden
I heard Eight-And-A-Half-Tails had a very rude nickname, but it might have been a local one. It was... Fantastic Mr. Fuckstick
infinityproductions 3 måneder siden
"Why do people hate mono white" "Well some people don't like decks that often beat them." Yes. That's why people don't like mono white. Because it wins too much /s
Levi Helms
Levi Helms 2 måneder siden
I wish he would have specified. There are so many mono-white decks, and so many MTG demographics that dislike them separately. White weenie, lifegain, control, skies, etc. not to mention the one-off archetypes that worked only in certain formats.
The Engineer
The Engineer 2 måneder siden
@Saul Simon Tan i couldn't agree more! The color balancing was perfect and nobody complained until EDH became more popular
TheMperor5 3 måneder siden
@Saul Simon Tan that is actually a pretty good argument 🤔.
Saul Simon Tan
Saul Simon Tan 3 måneder siden
@Elijah Davila My argument is that it is the format that is broken rather than the colors. Nobody complains about mono-white in Standard or Modern; we have decks that are fairly successful there. The complaints are squarely about Commander, and my argument is to fix Commander instead.
Elijah Davila
Elijah Davila 3 måneder siden
@Saul Simon Tan I mean yeah of course people want roughly a fifth of the cardpool in a format to be on a somewhat even playing field with the other four
Cristopher Kiri
Cristopher Kiri 3 måneder siden
Faith's Fetters holding on to each other may cause the world to implode 🤔
the_internet_ 3 måneder siden
I used to love WOTC but it turns out Hasbro pays next to nothing so when they pinged me for a job, I would have made more money being a pizza delivery driver.
Josh Varner
Josh Varner 3 måneder siden
Wow. These are the most softball of softball questions.
DINOMITE22 3 måneder siden
who are these people? i haven’t played in a decade, and all of these questions are elementary
ODDnanref 3 måneder siden
I also agree
YASH RAWAT 3 måneder siden
Me: Can't remember UNO rules Them: Makes a complex game about it
TheGuesst 3 måneder siden
I’ve been playing trading card games for years. To hear and remember how many changes the devs have to go over with the non-geek crowd makes me realize how complicated this game can be. Well entertained.
Crale 3 måneder siden
You are a weird one. But I really enjoyed this video.
Mix Master Mike
Mix Master Mike 3 måneder siden
Q: game is called Magic: The Gathering, what happens once everyone is gathered??
joar soderman
joar soderman 3 måneder siden
Only one may stand
Dan Heilman
Dan Heilman 3 måneder siden
See that’s where the magic part comes in: all the money in your wallet disappears
He YouTube Me
He YouTube Me 3 måneder siden
Depends. Are they wearing masks and socially distancing?
Christo Lupo
Christo Lupo 3 måneder siden
Why didn’t someone ask why the card stock quality continues to go down every set? Or why mtg arena is just built to suck your money away with nothing to show for it?
Robert Wallis
Robert Wallis 3 måneder siden
Why would Matt Tabak, whose job revolves around the rules of the game and how the text on cards works, *answer* questions about that?
Dr. Monty
Dr. Monty 3 måneder siden
Oh I'm sure they did, they likely just didn't answer the questions for obvious reasons.
Dale Werbowy
Dale Werbowy 3 måneder siden
Seriously you game designers sure have made some really poor cards lately. There is no way you guys play tested some of the cards you release. And why do you guys keep stuffing down our throats mill decks? I have yet to find a person who enjoys playing against this. So why? If no one enjoys playing against it why make the game unfun.
yoshiman 95
yoshiman 95 3 måneder siden
i really wish that 9/10 of these were more like the nicknames question and asking favorite rules interactions instead of random, very basic ask a judge type questions
vmcampos 3 måneder siden
Fun fact: Matt Tabak has been on my podcast, and it was such a long episode it was the first two-parter! 🤣
Ben Scaglione
Ben Scaglione 3 måneder siden
So surprised to see this on this channel. Very make me happy
Dark_Jester89 3 måneder siden
Textbook answers that don't answer anything. Consistent with wotc response systems
Sahar Garyani
Sahar Garyani 3 måneder siden
How is this a haiku 3:52
Jeremiah Bachmann
Jeremiah Bachmann 3 måneder siden
Suuuuuuuuuuuure...and these will be hard hitting questions about the Reserve List and reprints of other valuable cards???
Kyle Curness
Kyle Curness 3 måneder siden
Some of these questions HAVE to be staged. No fucken way some dude responds to this Twitter thing by asking what happens when a 2/2 fights a 2/2. That was clearly set up to explain combat to the audience to kind of advertise the game.
Kyle Curness
Kyle Curness 3 måneder siden
@Shadow Gamer but artifacts DONT have summoning sickness unless they are also a creature
Shadow Gamer
Shadow Gamer 3 måneder siden
A) i literally had a friend ask me this question B) even if thats the case, what does it matter? Also the comment directly under yours in my phone was a person sayin they didn't know artofacts had summoning sickness so..
لإ إله إلا الله
لإ إله إلا الله
لإ إله إلا الله
. . . ... .
لإ إله إلا الله
لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله ❤️
Belmont 3 måneder siden
Magic Arena is the most rigged software in the world. I wouldn't even call it a game
Hellcarver T.V
Hellcarver T.V 3 måneder siden
....I mean does he have a sol ring in hand?
p m
p m 3 måneder siden
why so many dislikes? MTG rules
Alex-Agix 3 måneder siden
Okay, you win ♥️
Kevin B
Kevin B 3 måneder siden
Ask him if the after-market value of singles is real. I bet he avoids the question.
Eduardo Aguirre
Eduardo Aguirre 3 måneder siden
This guys answer to "Why does everyone hates mono-white so much?" was "because it sucks! change your strategy" Lol
Jack Morrison
Jack Morrison 3 måneder siden
Played this game 20 yrz ago. Had the entire alpha and beta set. Mint
Kevin B
Kevin B 3 måneder siden
And this guy would say they have no more value than any other card, with a straight face, because admitting the after market exists means the EU can call randomized booster packs gambling.
Elias Mozine
Elias Mozine 3 måneder siden
Dear Mr editor and game designer, could you please give us good creatures at drop 1 and 2 instead of all of them on drop 3 in future sets? Thank you in advance - mountain players
E 9701
E 9701 3 måneder siden
Steve and sad robot also
Barry Burka
Barry Burka 3 måneder siden
LMFAO. Get a life you loser.
Ivan Chagas
Ivan Chagas 3 måneder siden
I didn't get why the aura thing was beautiful hahaha it just doesn't do anything. What happened?
Joshua Perrine
Joshua Perrine 3 måneder siden
This is pathetic
Nicolas Furger
Nicolas Furger 3 måneder siden
Great video. Glad magic is being promoted.
Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis 3 måneder siden
My favorite two cards are righteousness because you can bait powerful creatures into attacking a threat and then kill it with +7/+7 for only 1 white. The other one is Maze of Ith because it's a land that untaps an attacking creature making it deal no damage or receive no damage, thus disabling it and killing lots of strategies that rely on a single powerful creature. It can also allow you to use a powerful creature safely in case your opponent buffs their creature in an effort to kill it. You just respond with Maze of Ith and their creature buff is wasted.
Joshua Perrine
Joshua Perrine 3 måneder siden
Why didn't they answer any of the real/hard questions people have been asking for the past couple of years?
Kyle Curness
Kyle Curness 3 måneder siden
Because this is purely designed to advertise the game and that's it. They talked about combat for 2 minutes in response to the 2/2 fighting a 2/2 questions ffs.
Jake S
Jake S 3 måneder siden
The real reason everyone hates on white is not because it's good... It's because it is by far the weakest color and wizards of the coast doesn't even seem like they are trying to solve the problem
ShiftingGrin 3 måneder siden
This video would be improved if pictures of the cards in question were shown as they were mentioned, if only for a second.
Tippi Fifestarr
Tippi Fifestarr 3 måneder siden
i literally came here to write that.
ODDnanref 3 måneder siden
I agree
Gonza A
Gonza A 3 måneder siden
cory morgan
cory morgan 3 måneder siden
Everyone hate white
Jordan 3 måneder siden
oh man there needs to be so many of these
rodri maux
rodri maux 3 måneder siden
I have a question that has been pondering my head for months: If a have teferi time raveler on the field and my opponent plays the blue leyline, does he now gets to play things at instant speed or it just gets cancelled by teferi?
rodri maux
rodri maux 3 måneder siden
@Broc ohh i see.Thanks.
Broc 3 måneder siden
@rodri maux in general can’t beats can. Rule 101.2 “When a rule or effect allows or directs something to happen, and another effect states it can’t happen, the “can’t” effect take precedence”
rodri maux
rodri maux 3 måneder siden
@Vash The Stampede Thanks for your response. How can we determine which effect is precedent?
Vash The Stampede
Vash The Stampede 3 måneder siden
Tefaris effect would take precedence. So you would still only be able to cast things at sorcery speed.
Josef Wakeling
Josef Wakeling 3 måneder siden
i play mono white and it's very fun even though i lose fairly often
Domagoj Gregorovic
Domagoj Gregorovic 3 måneder siden
Yeah so will Secret Lair: Grey's Anatomy be available worldwide?
Thats not me
Thats not me 3 måneder siden
Dude I hope so!
Dani EscC
Dani EscC 3 måneder siden
Stop deleting comments 😀
iAMhonka 3 måneder siden
This guy sucks and talks too much.
Jason Monroe
Jason Monroe 3 måneder siden
I find it funny that the summoning sickness is related to how long you've had the permanent in play not when it became a creature. Seems to imply all permanents have some sentience allowing them to avoid being disoriented when they become creatures. I guess the experience of being summoned is more intense than gaining sentience.
hallball sam
hallball sam 3 måneder siden
That is a deep thought
Untangling God Of War
Ganger 1,1 mill