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Alex and Mollie Damon from the NOsections channel "Star Wars Explained" answer even more of Twitter's burning questions about the Star Wars universe. Are the stormtroopers from the original trilogy clones? Do you need to know Star Wars to watch The Mandalorian? If the Jedi are so strong, why are there so few of them? Alex and Mollie answer all these questions and much, much more!

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Star Wars Experts Answer More Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED




19. jan.. 2021





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Izahar Ahemad
Izahar Ahemad Måned siden
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Ishan Krishnakumar
Ishan Krishnakumar 2 måneder siden
These two are Disney shills who attack anyone who criticize or critique them.
deuZige Christ
deuZige Christ 2 måneder siden
I got triggered at 7m. 17s.!!! Don't ever call Kylo Ren a Sith! He would never, in any era, be worthy of even becoming an acolyte, let alone a Sith. He's a snowflake that dabbles a little in the force. That's it!
A Mathis
A Mathis 2 måneder siden
Greg Reedy
Greg Reedy 2 måneder siden
People joined the Empire because they believed in peace and order. Maybe some were brainwashed but don't discount people's belief in unity.
MemerBoi 2 måneder siden
1:59 i like the ancient sith
EIX Vids
EIX Vids 2 måneder siden
Movie fans! Try my guess who game featuring movie characters of the 2010s. "You Who Guess Who Game 2010s Movie Characters"
Hannah Consiglio
Hannah Consiglio 2 måneder siden
Is Mando Baby Yoda's adoptive Father?
It4int0ver 2 måneder siden
I like „normies“ 😍
ThisIsEuan 2 måneder siden
welp, guess i can say i've been in a wired video in a sense
dobrisomething 2 måneder siden
Jedi rarely operated in the outer rim, while Mandalorians were mercenries there (not accepted in inner republic). And our Mando walks in mercenery bounty hunter circles, so more people would would recognize him as Mandalorain since they often see mercenaries.
Der Headbanger
Der Headbanger 2 måneder siden
Those poor guys try to make sense of this mess...
Andrea Balk
Andrea Balk 3 måneder siden
both maul and rex were being haunted during order 66 because they were a threat to the republic. i don't think it's about who's a jedi only
Jarl Balgruuf the Greater
Jarl Balgruuf the Greater 3 måneder siden
"Star wars experts" get a life 🤣
Josh Sargent
Josh Sargent 3 måneder siden
What are you doing here?
eddd_iii666 3 måneder siden
Star Wars Explained is dope. Star Wars Channels be hating on this man.
CastielFFBoi 3 måneder siden
15:50 they actually got this wrong. Anakin’s body DID disappear, it happened after the cut to the next scene in the movie, but in the novelization of the film, Luke states that his body did disappear after he died. It just disappeared after the scene cut in the movie.
Ethan Rome
Ethan Rome 3 måneder siden
Ben was giving Rey his life force eh??
mep1990 3 måneder siden
Obi-Wan did train to become a force ghost. At the end of Revenge of the Sith, Yoda reveals to him that Qui-Gon contacted him and taught him the trick and that in Tatooine, Obi-Wan was to train to achieve that.
Madison Badger
Madison Badger 3 måneder siden
Brilliant discussion
Rich Robinson
Rich Robinson 3 måneder siden
I miss the EU. I feel like it almost killed Star Wars for me when they just trashed it. The mandolorian and rogue one saved my love of Star Wars. Correction- AND the clone wars!
Bruceleeyourface 3 måneder siden
Star Wars is a MESS because of Disney. Disney ruins every non-original IP they touch!
Kyler Dowling
Kyler Dowling 3 måneder siden
21:35 Could be it helped Snoke with the Dark Side. It was a theory that Vader's armor was painful. The Emperor did that to him and most likely to Snoke as well to fuel their being with pain, increasing their power with the Darks Side.
Conor McMaster
Conor McMaster 3 måneder siden
I used to subscribe to that guy but I hate his face
Levente Kassai
Levente Kassai 3 måneder siden
I think the clone wars movie does take place before the clone wars, because that’s when anakin and ahsoka first meet and become master and padawan
Levente Kassai
Levente Kassai 3 måneder siden
@Syd Melody that’s true, but still, i’d generally recommend that people watch the clone wars movie first, before watching the series. Provided that they’re not specifically watching it in chronological order
Syd Melody
Syd Melody 3 måneder siden
Yeah but certain episodes are set before the movie. Off the top of my head the episode Clone Cadets and Yodas first episode are certainly before the movie
RC Dune
RC Dune 3 måneder siden
Oh look its the awkward phoney duo
Magykfyre 3 måneder siden
Alex and Mollie are icons!!!
Weaponized Cringe
Weaponized Cringe 3 måneder siden
The mental gymnastics used to justify the craziness of the sequels is admirable. In the future, you should just say all rules about the force and the universe of Star Wars are completely thrown out the window in the sequels and any attempt to be consistent with the past movies.
Elotaku90 3 måneder siden
It sounded like you two answered most of the questions with head canon vs just saying or admitting to the plot holes and bad writing.
StarVault 67
StarVault 67 3 måneder siden
I love Star Wars Explained. Mollie is awesome she should do more on the channel. Its a shame you guys and Star Wars Theory have beef a colab would be so good
Ryan Yefimov
Ryan Yefimov 3 måneder siden
16:00 Its eluded to in Revenge Of The Sith that Obi-Wan and Yoda talk to Qui-Gon once they're aboard the Tantive IV. #Obi-Wanknew
Tores 3 måneder siden
It's pretty fuckin cool that Star Wars Explained are considered experts enough for The Wire to make an Experts Answer video with them!
Jake Bursk
Jake Bursk 3 måneder siden
Ben did have force ghost training, Yoda gave him the training and kenobi had 18 years to do it on Tatooine lol
Tara 3 måneder siden
The Mandalorian definitely takes place well after the Battle of Jakku, during the 2nd season one of the characters makes reference to a series of events that culminate at Jakku and he does so as though it happened quite a while ago.
Kceam 3 måneder siden
Most questions about the sequels can be answered by: Bad writing and no plan on what overall story they wanted to tell
Fred Trunce
Fred Trunce 3 måneder siden
“It happened in the Vietnam war” ... you realize that the US is the empire in that situation, right?
Fred Trunce
Fred Trunce 2 måneder siden
I just thought it was a little too anti-party behavior that’s all. That kind of talk might get the thought police at your doorstep.
Brett Baumler
Brett Baumler 3 måneder siden
That’s what he’s saying, yeah.
miriam ruth
miriam ruth 3 måneder siden
yea it's still true?? the viet cong were the rebels... the us being the Bad Guys doesnt make the comparison any less accurate
John Willis
John Willis 3 måneder siden
Yes. It was on purpose.
Laurentius 3 måneder siden
Iirc Lucas explicitly compared the rebels with the viet cong
melony burns
melony burns 3 måneder siden
About the force ghosts I think before with Yoda, Qui Gon and Obi Wan it took special training but latter with Vader, Luke and Leia they became force ghosts after dieing for a pure or good act
Diamondplate 3 måneder siden
You are NOT even close to Mara Jade. Boo.
George M
George M 3 måneder siden
I mean people might be subject to propaganda, but the jedi were leading the army in a massive war within the lifetime of most adults during the mandolorian. Even if they thought they were traitors the memories of like news reals, most people would have seen. Not knowing who Yoda was in the 20s ABY, is like not knowing who Patton was in the 70s.
Jessica Ebanks
Jessica Ebanks 3 måneder siden
I fuckin love The Mandalorian and I'm not too much of a Star Wars fan
Vee Clash
Vee Clash 3 måneder siden
Why did Ben die when using the force heal power to save Rey, but Rey can force heal anybody or even any creature without suffering any negative consequences at all?!
Diego Meringer
Diego Meringer 3 måneder siden
Most likely because he was closer to death than anything else, there was lots of smaller healing in the clone wars. And it’s not even close to the degeneracy in legends, as there was this guy who could resurrect anyone with no cost to him, and his nemesis learned this power and could resurrect himself when he was already dead
Carlo De la Vera
Carlo De la Vera 3 måneder siden
9:03 are we still talk about Sith or Disney lmao
Sad Media
Sad Media 3 måneder siden
Can we admit that the empire is the best path for the galaxy in star wars
gromitron1 gromitron1
gromitron1 gromitron1 3 måneder siden
Obi wan trained with qui gon jinn. I feel sorry for anybody who has to explain the sequels those are a disastrous mess.
E M 3 måneder siden
19:50 The Lady Of The Lake. It's you. It's me. It's us.
Leeza Belkina
Leeza Belkina 3 måneder siden
Will there be a Star Trek experts?!
Freelance Generalist
Freelance Generalist 3 måneder siden
Star Wars is not relevant anymore (because it is horrible).
SAMCA San Andreas
SAMCA San Andreas 3 måneder siden
Wtf is a Star Wars moot?
David Phillips
David Phillips 3 måneder siden
Aussies back me up this dude looks like Rove Live yeah?
Admiral squidd
Admiral squidd 3 måneder siden
I remember I read somewhere that for Vader. Obi wan came to him in his last seconds through the force and pulled him into the living force like he and yoda and partly quigon was in. It could be that leia and Luke did the same for Ben.
saffron monsoon
saffron monsoon 3 måneder siden
Alex and Mollie are the nicest Star Wars fans online, which seems to be very difficult for many people to manage. Please hire them back on Wired for more videos!
Awkward Freak
Awkward Freak 3 måneder siden
"The nicest star wars fans online." They made fun of Star Wars Theory for crying during the Luke scene in TM season 2 .
David Nobre
David Nobre 3 måneder siden
how are the jedi teachings unhealthy?
David Nobre
David Nobre 3 måneder siden
6:35 yes! people weren't happy with the toll of the war and they blamed the Jedi I hope they dive into that in the badbatch series
David Nobre
David Nobre 3 måneder siden
4:30 also, there were some mandos who joined with the Empire, they were advertised as elite soldiers of the empire so people knew who they were even if they never saw one irl
Mc Jethro Pov Tee
Mc Jethro Pov Tee 3 måneder siden
Yoda is about 700 in high republic, and I know it's impossible but I keep imagining swole yoda, who's all about the gains.
Juha Leinivaara
Juha Leinivaara 3 måneder siden
Very cool.
Exo 3 måneder siden
The more I see them try to answer simple questions about contradictions the more I realize the Star Wars universe was not planned out ahead of time and the movies don’t care about established cannon. In 10-20s they will retcon the whole franchise again.
Salvador Mancha
Salvador Mancha 3 måneder siden
In regards to the Jedi Pyre, I think it just depends on the Jedi and who is in attendence. In Queens Peril it is stated clearly that Padmé, her Handmaidens, Obi, and Anakin stayed until Qui-Gon became ash as a sign of respect and thanks for everything he did for them.
- 3 måneder siden
Snoke wasn't any of those things. He was simply a poorly written character. Just like most in the sequels.
- 3 måneder siden
Can you imagine if Darth Bane had just wiped out the sith and was unfortunate enough to die of an infection?
Karva Keisari
Karva Keisari 3 måneder siden
Joshua Eastham
Joshua Eastham 3 måneder siden
Clark Henkel
Clark Henkel 3 måneder siden
Another example of distrust and hate to the Jedi was when the bombing happened at the hangar and they had to hunt down the bomber. There were riots etc about it
Grimmz 3 måneder siden
Haha its funny because George Lucas based the Empire of the U.S. Military in Vietnam and they’ve only become more like the Empire
Admiral 3 måneder siden
also know as a nerd
spacecowboy2606 3 måneder siden
There’s so many things in the Star Wars canon that don’t make sense though. Why’d Obi Wan age so fast on Tattooine? Why’d Molly post a crying gif to antagonise and bully another Star Wars NOsectionsr? How did Palpatine survive falling down the energy shaft? There’s SO many questions!
Joan Galindo
Joan Galindo 3 måneder siden
I love this kind of videos. Please keep on doing them.
Sean K.
Sean K. 3 måneder siden
8:06 But they actually got weaker in the force.
Christopher Chilton-Smith
Christopher Chilton-Smith 3 måneder siden
15:40 George messed up, too many details to keep track of, happens to the best of us. Use head canon 😆
Alex Brooks
Alex Brooks 3 måneder siden
Well of course the mandalorian is after the battle of jakku. The imperial officer in the episode second to last mentions “operation cinder” which lead to the battle of jakku shortly after
A Person
A Person 3 måneder siden
Experts? Nah. These are shills, who check your safe box.
ExistentialEquation 3 måneder siden
These people are cancer
JohannTheCreator 3 måneder siden
7:13 Yeah, like he said, Snoke and Kylo were not Sith, they were just users of the dark side of the force. You don't have to be both. Palpatine basically used Snoke as a tool to not get his own hands dirty, both in terms of gaining power back in the galaxy (first order) and having Snoke get killed by Kylo, sidestepping the tradition of having an apprentice kill his master, and then taking Kylo on as a direct apprentice in episode 9. Palpatine never wanted to end his reign of power.
JohannTheCreator 3 måneder siden
6:33 I believe that took place before the events of Episode 3, so before the Jedi were actually hunted down and called traitors; they were still part of the Republic. I think the sisters didn't trust the Jedi because all their experiences they had with them made them seem like elitists who didn't care about the common people, to avoid spoiling too much.
Tylor Schinzel
Tylor Schinzel 3 måneder siden
Cutest Star Wars couple in the galaxy
Mehrdad Mirshamsi
Mehrdad Mirshamsi 3 måneder siden
The empire and first order are better IMO
Igor Mokin
Igor Mokin 3 måneder siden
Re why people in the galaxy all seem to know about Mando culture, I see Mandalorians as a diaspora minority, who are more or less familiar to people in general, but what the public knows of them is mostly stereotypes, that are also influenced by the specific branches of their creed present in a given region. "Oh, they don't take their helmets off, it is known." Compare to ethnic stereotypes in our world.
IzanagiAce 3 måneder siden
Tell me why when I heard him say Ben I thought Ben Kenobi first lmao 💀
mishimihendrix 3 måneder siden
Another fight where the "good rebel guys" won because they had a motif against the "evil technologically powerful" was The Battle of Stirling Bridge of the Scots vs the English, depicted in Braveheart :D
David 3 måneder siden
The Empire brainswashed no one. Palps showed them the way through duty and allegiance to order! #lltheempire
kirby march barcena
kirby march barcena 3 måneder siden
The 1st Q & A was so successful that this happened. Congrats for you two!
Bob Conklin
Bob Conklin 3 måneder siden
One thing I never see mentioned is that Ben fights Vader to a standstill until he knows Luke is watching. Luke's first encounter with Vader is seeing him kill Ben. Ben set that moment up, foreshadowing it with the comment about becoming more powerful than Vader could possibly imagine. The ultimate troll moment in Star Wars goes to old Ben.
Jay Luck
Jay Luck 3 måneder siden
The Jedi weren’t that powerful. Look how many fell during the Arena battle in Ep II Look at the, “best” Mace had with him when they went to arrest the Chancellor.
Brandon Hancock
Brandon Hancock 3 måneder siden
They’re obviously not invincible, there’s a difference between that and ‘powerful’
Taranis the Thunderer
Taranis the Thunderer 3 måneder siden
Maybe they were once. Apparently the prequels were renamed "Fall of the Jedi" era so that could be the reason too.
Cooper Greil
Cooper Greil 3 måneder siden
Answering prequel/OT questions: here’s the established lore, so based on that and the context, we can guess that the answer is *x*. Answering Rise of Skywalker questions: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
SuperOmnicron 3 måneder siden
Why is Kathleen Kennedy so infantile and negative about Luke Skywalker's appearance that torpedoed the launch of The High Republic series?
Abrar Muhtasim Sajeed
Abrar Muhtasim Sajeed 3 måneder siden
Starwars fuckbois
Nathan Cardall
Nathan Cardall 3 måneder siden
I love it when Star Wars just doesn't make sense, like with the Force ghost thing, but Star Wars fans can come up with an explanation that sounds plausible. As a fan that does this all the time, I respect it lol
Nerveroxis 3 måneder siden
Watch season 6 of clones wars
Jeremy 3 måneder siden
make more and more of these
SansTheElumbu 3 måneder siden
Where is theory , where IS star wars theory
Zenith of Tempest
Zenith of Tempest 3 måneder siden
While the rule of 3 technically was broken by Palpatine, it was also broken by Vader in Legends, and by Dooku.
Small Man, Big Mouth
Small Man, Big Mouth 3 måneder siden
I think Obi Wan trained in how to become a Force ghost much earlier, as was implied at the end of ROTS when Yoda tells him about Qui-Gon being Qui-Back!
Kewlflownstuff Uluff
Kewlflownstuff Uluff 3 måneder siden
Congrats, Alex and Molly!
BatMat 3 måneder siden
I adore the clone wars it’s one of my favorite shows but I still think that adding loopholes to force ghost was stupid. It should just be force heaven
stethespaniard2 3 måneder siden
Experts? On who's authority?
Joe Crawford
Joe Crawford 3 måneder siden
15:55 in the theatrical release of rotj, i’m pretty sure ani wasn’t a force ghost, and was later put in because it gave a sense of a change in character, as if he’s been brought back to the light, and i’m pretty sure when in exile, ben (obi wan) trained for this skill, as he reached another level with the force and unlocked his peace of mind
Canadian Ninja
Canadian Ninja 3 måneder siden
The theatrical release had a new actor play the imagined Anakin as a force ghost. After episode 3 it was changed to be Hayden's Anakin
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez 3 måneder siden
This legit feels like one of their Q&As on their channel
Ssj Cole
Ssj Cole 3 måneder siden
Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t purge troopers clones in cannon ? and if they are weren’t they still around in the original trilogy?
DeccasBLT _
DeccasBLT _ 3 måneder siden
They originally were, but most of them died out
Jessica Schloth
Jessica Schloth 3 måneder siden
omg the Damons!!! Schmoedown represent
iau 3 måneder siden
If Yoda died at 900 years old, looking something like 90 human years old, that means Grogu should look around 5 human years old, but he acts like a baby. Maybe he's not very bright? 😂
Sam Elge
Sam Elge 3 måneder siden
I thought Palpatine was still an apprentice to Plageuis when he had Maul. Maul was an assassin for the Sith. As was Ventress. Maul and Ventress never learned the teachings of the Sith. They were just force sensitive.
DeccasBLT _
DeccasBLT _ 3 måneder siden
@LageNOsections this happened pre episode 1
LageYouTube 3 måneder siden
How could Palps be Plagueis' apprentice when Plagueis had been dead for some time before episode 1
Sam Elge
Sam Elge 3 måneder siden
This is about Palpatine trying to hide the existence of Jedi. He didn’t really do a good job of hiding their existence. While many people didn’t know about them, most people did. However, the idea of the force faded out. Nobody really doubted the force when the Jedi were prevalent. In episode 4, however, many people didn’t believe it existed or never even heard about it at all.
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