What Did We Do Wrong With Dairy Products? | WIRED 

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The way that we produce and consume dairy today is nothing like it's been for thousands of years. It has resulted in nutritionally inferior foods. The cows are fed differently, the milk is treated differently and we even eat it differently. The key to unlocking dairy's potential lies in its past. Dr. Bill Schindler talks about dairy fermentation and how modern processes like pasteurization and homogenization can degrade the nutrients naturally present in milk.

Find more information on Dr. Schindler, his research, classes, and recipes:



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What Did We Do Wrong With Dairy Products? | WIRED




11. jan.. 2021





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D A Dag siden
Most of our "ancestors" didn't consume milk; only a small pocket of people, hence the genetic mutation in the lac operon. Choose plant-based alternatives; for the animals, the planet, food security, infectious disease risk, and biohazard risks.
D A Dag siden
Showing an Asian grabbing milk is ironic, considering genetically they are the highest lactose intolerant population in the world.
D A Dag siden
Nano Alfonso
Nano Alfonso 2 måneder siden
Go veg or the next generation will burn
Matt W
Matt W 2 måneder siden
Why is he yelling at me?
Chris Martin
Chris Martin 3 måneder siden
Seriously, Wired. Video starts off explaining why *humans* drinking *human milk* is great because it's alive and biologically optimized for feeding human babies, and of course it follows that cows milk is biologically optimized for feeding baby cows... But it's a leap of logic to say either "therefore cow's milk is good for humans" or even "therefore human milk is good for not-baby humans".
Timothy Soen
Timothy Soen 3 måneder siden
Dude making unsupported claims left and right. Less processed food is good. Happy cows are good. Any claims beyond that are entering into a very scientific realm that he's not really embracing.
Kevin c
Kevin c 3 måneder siden
This guy actually just made an arguement against pasturized milk? Credibility is no more. Also, the solution he offers is bunk. If that was the way small local dairy would never have gone away, it has to scale. As he pointed out himself. I really Dont understand the logic flow here.
H maddox
H maddox 3 måneder siden
I agree and disagree at the same time I agree we need to treat animals better as they will provide better products and its the ethical thing to do but I don't agree with because it's just better because we used to do it in example putting lead into wine to sweeten it used to be what we did and its absolutely wrong that can never be the argument but yes when you process most food you lose alot but without processing most people wouldn't even have milk available to them so it's a give and take relationship overall there are ups and down for every action also we need to strive more towards not eating or producing stuff thats over the top like adding sugar to literally everything or conforming to expectations like dyeing cheeses just to be more appealing show the true worth of your product and not what people expect its color should be
Star Cherry
Star Cherry 3 måneder siden
The way I see it is I'm lactose intolerant for a resaon, I may have a little dairy every once and a while but I'm not going to fight my body It's not all bad, I've eaten more vegetables than before because I look for other ways to get my b12 & calcium 😋
Zoltán Kozma
Zoltán Kozma 3 måneder siden
Geez this many times bringing the nature fallacy as 'proof' of the interior nature of milk. Also I do not care what our ancestors drank... This in itself does not make that any better or worse... and one can like some processed dairy products of late. Also in many cases the processing of food is what allows it to be more nutritious and less risky. Do not forget that pasteurization was the thing that allowed milk to become available in urban areas, to survive transportation better. The main issue with milk is that humans are very weird... we are pretty much the only species that routinely steals an other animal's milk. If you look around on Planet Earth ... yet we do it and some of us can't even handle it....
Zoltán Kozma
Zoltán Kozma 3 måneder siden
But life would suck without cheese, curd and other delicious dairy products
zelda sayre no.2
zelda sayre no.2 3 måneder siden
yep exactly! 3/4 of the worlds population are lactose intolerant aka not made to drink bovine breast milk..
Brianna E.
Brianna E. 3 måneder siden
Ok I’m a nutrition major here and I’ve never heard someone pronounce lipase and chymosin like this dude just did.... yeah his credibility is not strong.
emjayay 3 måneder siden
For all those saying we shouldn't eat milk because it is cow baby food: Is eating plants that have been selected for human eating for hundreds if not thousands of generations OK? Are you going to live on only native plants? Do you know that paleo people mostly walked for ten miles a day and the vegetables they ate had about ten times the fiber of modern vegetables, and that they mostly killed other mammals and probably ate nothing but meat for days after that? The reason that almost all European descendant people can drink cow or other animal milk as adults is evolution. For many thousands of years (because there were certain animals that could be domesticated there) Europeans managed to survive through famines or just winter because they happened to not be lactose intolerant after infancy. The only protein and calories they could get and survive (without killing the animal and guaranteeing their demise) was drinking the milk the animals were making. So they survived and procreated. So milk is something most of us can consume. Like being a vegan (even though we are designed by evolution to be omnivores), it's something we can avoid if we want to, while paying attention to all the nutrients we then lack and making up for them otherwise. There is absolutely nothing inherently wrong with consuming dairy products. If you want to and you can pay many times over the price you can find organically grass fed milk etc.
D A Dag siden
See: endozoochory. Plants coevolved alongside us mammals in order to be eaten for seed dispersal. Try again.
zelda sayre no.2
zelda sayre no.2 3 måneder siden
But considering the ethical and moral implications of consuming dairy, it is inherently wrong when there are victims involved. Just because our ancestors did something to survive doesn’t mean it’s moral (we can think of multiple examples of that)
emjayay 3 måneder siden
He repeatedly stated that pasteurization of milk is "boiling". Boiling is 212F. Pasteurization of milk requires temperatures of about 63° C (145° F) maintained for 30 minutes or, alternatively, heating to a higher temperature, 72° C (162° F), and holding for 15 seconds. So 50F degrees lower than boiling with the fast method no doubt used today.
Mujtaba Alam
Mujtaba Alam Måned siden
Still enough to alter the structue of the fat microparticles
Dr. Parag R. Wadekar
Dr. Parag R. Wadekar 3 måneder siden
We need to have A2 milk..which is only found in India..and is healthy
Lilith Aram
Lilith Aram 3 måneder siden
You can't get the dairy in order to make the products. All the milk that I see in the store is pasteurized and homoginized. They have so many more dairy products in Europe than we are allowed to have over here. It's time to rethink 100 year old laws and outdated systems like the FDA.
Mncdk 3 måneder siden
After the rant about homogenization, I was just left with "okay, but what are the downsides though?" You just mentioned the ways in which the product was made more convenient for the end user, but didn't say anything about how that made it an inferior product. It sounds like the point was literally "It's different than it was X number of years ago, and that is inherently bad". Only a sith deals in absolutes.
Dubbing Tower
Dubbing Tower 3 måneder siden
Raja 3 måneder siden
My family never trusted milk. That's y we drink almond or soy milk. And we always don't drink it cause we are dairy sensitive and drinking milk ends up with us in the bathroom a lot...
Kevin c
Kevin c 3 måneder siden
You describe a typical case of lactose intolerance. Most adults in the world are in that boat. Milk has more prevelance in places like America because it's largely European and a good amount of western subsaharian African descent. Both areas that happened to develop lactose tolerance.
Vi sil
Vi sil 3 måneder siden
Very true video
Iblis Hell'sfire
Iblis Hell'sfire 3 måneder siden
any out side America didn't even knew that this is a problem...
Kelly Fowler
Kelly Fowler 3 måneder siden
Wow, what a bunch of trolls. Tons of research and my study of one show Dr. Schindler is right, but I suppose haters gonna hate. I'll keep lovin' my homemade raw goat milk kefir. You cretins keep on cretin-ing.
CheezSorce2 3 måneder siden
Great video Bill, almost nothing is what it seems and even less what it purports to be.
William Highmore
William Highmore 3 måneder siden
Yes, that's true.
Huskar Sven
Huskar Sven 3 måneder siden
You are idiot is true 🙈
BlackTea 3 måneder siden
This guy is like the kind of arrogant person who ignores 100 facts in front him and only emphasizes his examples with the article on page 57 of Google.
Roman Mehtiev
Roman Mehtiev 3 måneder siden
Diego Costa
Nessa Benton
Nessa Benton 3 måneder siden
I love the information, whether I agree with it or not, but slow down with your speech. I understand when a person is excited or into something new, they are super into it, and talk fast because they want to relay all of the information as quickly as they can.
Shoaib Rana
Shoaib Rana 3 måneder siden
U r doing great
christian 3 måneder siden
roses are red, violets are blue, bovine titty juice is not for you.
Mell S
Mell S 3 måneder siden
So you're not even going to mention the ethics ONCE? No?!
Mell S
Mell S 3 måneder siden
@Patrick Lofstrom lol he only said that because the milk would taste different by them living in filthy conditions. He doesn't care about the victims at all. Just the way it tastes. So gross
Patrick Lofstrom
Patrick Lofstrom 3 måneder siden
Peace with Rhys
Peace with Rhys 3 måneder siden
"What did we do wrong with dairy products?" Forgets to mention the f**ked up things we do to cows.
Bob Sagèt
Bob Sagèt Måned siden
He for sure touched on it
Zwarde d-_-b
Zwarde d-_-b 3 måneder siden
Seriously! That's where I thought this video was going to go, but the only time he talked about the poor condition of cows was an illustration depicting the olden days before pasteurization when people got sick because of tainted milk. To be fair, a lot of people would have been traumatized if this video got real enough to actually discuss the cruel conditions dairy cows endure in corporate farms.
keytwitchy 3 måneder siden
Is this a joke?
Simpa Luyolo
Simpa Luyolo 3 måneder siden
NOsections-never stop learning
ashleysarts 3 måneder siden
Wired: C O W S A N D M I L K
Jeffery Dobbins
Jeffery Dobbins 3 måneder siden
Manipulating con man.b.s. artist
Sumit Patidar
Sumit Patidar 3 måneder siden
Why people aren't interested in such informative videos 😕
noNewFriends 3 måneder siden
I'm sorry, but day time television has conditioned me to not trust handsome and charismatic male doctors.
Donavan B LoForte RPN, RCRT, LCRT
Holy boring
Rocio Gold
Rocio Gold 3 måneder siden
Thank you for informing us. I stopped drinking milk a year ago, simply because it broke me out way too much. Now I know for certain why.
D A Dag siden
It broke you out because of the growth factors and hormones which naturally occur in milk. These occur because milk is intended for babies to consume, so that they can grow.
Rocio Gold
Rocio Gold 3 måneder siden
@Kevin c I don't trust the milk made in this country at all. Point blank.
Kevin c
Kevin c 3 måneder siden
That sound like a sensivity to milk in general. The typical process now removes significant amounts of potential allergins and bacteria that could cause health issues.
nerd-caveman 3 måneder siden
Happy soon to be Year of the Cow everybody
Handsome Samson
Handsome Samson 3 måneder siden
Great info... But I feel like it's an infomercial that's about to help me "Unlock the power of 2200 enzymes, herbs and spices, using my system!"
Jeffery Dobbins
Jeffery Dobbins 3 måneder siden
Didn’t this guy just storm the capital for Trump in a Viking helmet and bear skin.I DO BELIEVE IT WAS HIM
Jeffery Dobbins
Jeffery Dobbins 3 måneder siden
I used to respect wired until they put this clown on.He present all subjective thoughts out as fact,when it oblivious to almost anyone with half a brain he is just a bull shi- artist con man and fake macho act is demeaning and disgusting .Shame on you WIRED.YOU KNOW BETTER.
CorporalDanLives 3 måneder siden
Look at this dude’s ears, you know he throws hands ALL the time
Meow Milev
Meow Milev 3 måneder siden
*Excellent commentator! We don't need a fat or ugly nutritionist telling us what to eat!*
xilefx 3 måneder siden
again an US problem
nygreenguy 3 måneder siden
Man this is terrible. Appeals to nature, appeals to tradition, etc.
Esteban E
Esteban E 3 måneder siden
As a food scientist, this video made me so upset... so disappointed Wired.
Nóra Fülöp
Nóra Fülöp 3 måneder siden
Winston Peters
Winston Peters 3 måneder siden
One thing not mentioned - the new milk production technology *GREATLY* reduced the cost and made a very nutritious product accessible to A LOT more people. We'd all love to pay $5 a liter for milk and sit in our city apartments cosplaying as farmers, but that just isn't practical as we'd lose the mass health benefit effect that cheap milk has provided.
Fighting For Animals
Fighting For Animals 3 måneder siden
Animal agriculture is cruel and destroying the planet. If we feed the plant food we grew for farmed animals and instead fed it to humans we'd have enough to feed the world several times over, starvation wouldn't exist.
zelda sayre no.2
zelda sayre no.2 3 måneder siden
the animals appreciate you!
Peace with Rhys
Peace with Rhys 3 måneder siden
Thank you!
Rajz 3 måneder siden
Lars Galling
Lars Galling 3 måneder siden
Lars Galling
Lars Galling 3 måneder siden
Why is he yelling the entire time? Is he afraid we'll stop listening? Well, he might actually have a point there if nothing else. Also: nobody needs dairy. Period. All the things dairy can do, plants can do better and with less risk of gut inflammation and cancer. Yeah yeah, B12, I hear you cry. Just supplement it, for cryin' out loud. Still much healthier than dairy. Try this one instead: nosections.info/green/wn6AoqWqao-D3tA/video.html
Eloquence 3 måneder siden
I get that maybe our milk industry isn't properly feeding/caring for dairy cows, but I feel like it's ridiculous to say that modern milk isn't fine mostly because we drink milk rather than turn it into yogurt. Who cares if they add vitamin D, or use laboratory researchered and manufactured bacteria to create a better product? Just because we induced the reaction we wanted doesn't mean that the quality of the reaction is any worse. This guy talks about dairy the way that anti-vaxxers talk about medicine.
Witold AMA
Witold AMA 3 måneder siden
Now we have 7 billions ppl to feed.
vorpalanvil 3 måneder siden
lol, not for long
Just This Guy
Just This Guy 3 måneder siden
I said it in this guys previous videos and I will say it here... Anyone who makes scientific sounding claims with citing zero sources should make you suspicious. This is advertisement, pretending to be educational content.
Kyle Rodgers
Kyle Rodgers 3 måneder siden
Let’s make this simple for you guys. Ignore pasteurized/ homogenized if you wanna keep it simple. DO choose grass fed dairy, NOT fed dairy. End of story.
Zwarde d-_-b
Zwarde d-_-b 3 måneder siden
@JP As far as taking this video with a grain of salt: He paints pasteurization as a horrible thing that depletes milk of all nutritional value. While it does destroy nutrients, it can be dangerous for some people, especially those with weak immune systems, to consume unpasteurized dairy products. It's irresponsible in my eyes to insist people buy local/unpasteurized without mentioning the food safety risk. Also many dairy companies add nutrients back into the milk after pasteurization, including vitamin D. Those were a couple things I felt mislead about, and perhaps he did say those things and I missed it; that's all I've got.
Just This Guy
Just This Guy 3 måneder siden
@JP Pretty much everything. This guy spouts scary sounding food mumbo jumbo to get people interested in his other food projects. He has made 3 videos for this channel, all contain very spurious claims without so much as a single source to back any of it up.
JP 3 måneder siden
@TheJamsplat sure but how does that relate to the video. That is what I'm looking to find out. I always take things with a pinch of salt
TheJamsplat 3 måneder siden
@JP Its never about whether information is wrong but how that information is used or displayed to you. A toilet is cleaner than a chopping board but that is because most toilets are cleaned with bleach while a chopping board is often just wiped clean allowing the bacteria to thrive. You are not going to start cutting meat on a toilet seat though and the statistical data is skewed towards toilet seats that are cleaned on a regular basis like office toilets.
Isabēlla Foģo
Isabēlla Foģo 3 måneder siden
Cows milk is for baby cows.
eggrollsoup Dag siden
@D A Why are you so salty? Someone pissed in your cereal?
D A Dag siden
@eggrollsoup no one cares. Cry more.
eggrollsoup 2 måneder siden
@Amy Mulder I don’t care, i’m still gonna drink milk occasionally
Luci 138
Luci 138 3 måneder siden
@christian is our milk
christian 3 måneder siden
@Luci 138 not your mom, not your milk.
KUWAITGRIPSVEVO 3 måneder siden
Why is this shell necklace health shaman douchebag back on Wired?
jeroen 3 måneder siden
only babies need milk. im not a baby therefore i avoid dairy as much as possible.
Peace with Rhys
Peace with Rhys 3 måneder siden
Imagine openly admitting you still drink breast milk. Say what you want about the guy, but that's brave.
Dove 3 måneder siden
great message :"D local meat and dairy is sm better than factory farms for quality and health.
D A Dag siden
Local farms are still factory farms by definition. On top of that, many are contracted by larger conglomerates.
taylor k
taylor k 3 måneder siden
me, lactose intolerant and still watching this 👁👄👁
Vi sil
Vi sil 15 timer siden
@D A yes we can chew, we are adults but in our joint family, neighbourhood, workplace or anywhere in my entire life I have never seen someone lactose intolerant.
D A Dag siden
@Vi sil most of the world's population is lactose intolerant for a reason: we're adults which can chew food.
Matthew Li
Matthew Li Måned siden
@Vi sil u can't eat/drink any dairy
Vi sil
Vi sil 3 måneder siden
Wtf is lactose intolerant mean?
Mitch King
Mitch King 3 måneder siden
Aaaaah FFS wired. Forever feeding the lowest common denominator. I'm out.
Kate 3 måneder siden
I drank a glass of skim milk while watching this and I'd do it again - drink the milk that is, not watch this guy.
Peace with Rhys
Peace with Rhys 3 måneder siden
You're too old for breastmilk, Kate.
DougOfTheAntarctic 3 måneder siden
Comments about fermentation at 1:00 are nonsense. It’s stomach acids that explain the observations (cottage cheese etc.) not fermentation. Milk is definitely healthy. But this guy is way too focused on fermentation. I don’t think he’s knowledgeable.
Gavin Smith
Gavin Smith 3 måneder siden
Milk is good for you if you can tolerate it
HardStuck 3 måneder siden
Facts bruv
James T.
James T. 3 måneder siden
Processed milk products are my thing. Going to increase the amount I consume.
Jeffrey A Thompson
Jeffrey A Thompson 3 måneder siden
i could not hear a word this man said over his necklace
Yussif Jaber
Yussif Jaber 3 måneder siden
Yeah I think that our generation; at least for the next 10 years needs to be vegan. This world works only by overcorrections. I'm not turning vegan because its the most moral thing to do, its not. I'm doing it to overcorrect the failures of our past generations.
Alejandro 3 måneder siden
leave cows alone
Peace with Rhys
Peace with Rhys 3 måneder siden
Honestly, they're barely mentioned at all in this video.
0 0
0 0 3 måneder siden
Or we can just leave animals alone? Maybe leave the milk to their children? As we do to our own?
Peace with Rhys
Peace with Rhys 3 måneder siden
It's only once you give up cow's milk, you see how weird it is that you were drinking it in the first place.
Plastic Ocean
Plastic Ocean 3 måneder siden
Stop stealing milk that belongs to baby cows.
Peace with Rhys
Peace with Rhys 3 måneder siden
@Luci 138 Well that's what I mean when I say 'should' we drink it.
Luci 138
Luci 138 3 måneder siden
@Peace with Rhys Of course I know who doesn't?
Peace with Rhys
Peace with Rhys 3 måneder siden
@Luci 138 Do you know what has to happen for us to have milk?
Luci 138
Luci 138 3 måneder siden
@Peace with Rhys Yeah because the food is delicious and its food what humans can eat
Peace with Rhys
Peace with Rhys 3 måneder siden
@Luci 138 We CAN, but SHOULD we?
C M 3 måneder siden
What channel is this, I’m confused
Curtis B
Curtis B 3 måneder siden
It use to have something to do with science and technology. Apparently it is some magical nutrition nonsense channel now.
Marcela Miranda
Marcela Miranda 3 måneder siden
#govegan or at least #golocal
D A Dag siden
@Peace with Rhys it's true. What you eat is much more important than how local it is.
Peace with Rhys
Peace with Rhys 3 måneder siden
Agree with your first hashtag, but the it doesn't make a difference to the cows whether they're local or not.
Robert French
Robert French 3 måneder siden
Dairy is unhealthy, unkind and totally unnecessary.
Robert French
Robert French 3 måneder siden
Mother’s milk is not cow’s milk. This guy is a paid liar.
Joannot 3 måneder siden
What we did wrong with dairy is that we aren't infants let alone baby cows or baby goat or whatever. No species need the milk of another species.
Peace with Rhys
Peace with Rhys 3 måneder siden
Miss me with that coagulated breast milk.
babecat2000 3 måneder siden
Cheese is great though
JayW 3 måneder siden
He's way too old to be breastfeeding.
Nick Lahlum
Nick Lahlum 3 måneder siden
Hes breastfeeding you information. Hes never to old you breastfeed lol
Torval T Haus
Torval T Haus 3 måneder siden
I had to check and double check before I accepted this was actually published by Wired magazine. :P
Kevin Booth
Kevin Booth 3 måneder siden
@Hick required too iirc
Hick 3 måneder siden
they should at least say if it was sponsored....
Austen Gray
Austen Gray 3 måneder siden
Same, I’m surprised
cynthia van teylingen
cynthia van teylingen 3 måneder siden
Thankyou for enlightening me about a product i use a lot. Can we also get one about gluten? And glutamete? And to those negative comment writers down below. Watch katherine reid on ted x talks. And you will learn this man isnt speaking nonsence his info is based history and science.
Evan Anderson
Evan Anderson 3 måneder siden
Or just use nondairy ingredients... healthier, tastier, more sustainable, cruelty free
Peace with Rhys
Peace with Rhys 3 måneder siden
George Sykes
George Sykes 3 måneder siden
He isn't a medical doctor, he has has a phd in anthropology.
D A Dag siden
@Dana W Actually no, it doesn't. He is qualified to talk about the history of dairy, but not nutrition. That would be nutritional science.
Dana W
Dana W 3 måneder siden
Actually, his PHD in Anthropology and his focus on food Archaeology make him even better suited to discuss this topic. Historical knowledge on food nutrition and practices and professional cooking experience, gives him a more rounded perspective and an edge over traditional MDs.
George Sykes
George Sykes 3 måneder siden
@Rajiv B You are correct, but I think some people may erroneously assume he is speaking with the specific knowledge and training of a physician.
Rajiv B
Rajiv B 3 måneder siden
Doctors titel can be used by anyone with a phd
Mudedmmuh 3 måneder siden
I don’t really see the issue with that. Not like he’s doing an in depth analysis on the nutritional value of dairy, just talking about the general history of its production and how it’s changed.
HindsightPOV 3 måneder siden
It’s a good thing I cut dairy out of my diet so I don’t have to worry about any of this.
D A Dag siden
Vegan for LIFE
smelvin 2 måneder siden
#govegan 👌
emjayay 3 måneder siden
I'm sure this guy has some pseudo science reasons for what's wrong with the rest of your diet.
Behzey 3 måneder siden
sugar and dairy is bad for everyone.
Apple Gal
Apple Gal 3 måneder siden
If you want to be yelled at by someone, then watch this video. I prefer not being yelled at, so I'm noping out on this. Adios.
M Gamboa
M Gamboa 3 måneder siden
The big ear meat-eater is back
MX 3 måneder siden
Watch DAIRY IS SCARY on NOsections. Don't be willfully ignorant.
Peace with Rhys
Peace with Rhys 3 måneder siden
@babecat2000 Vegans don't need to rely on propaganda. You may be thinking of the meat/dairy industry.
babecat2000 3 måneder siden
vegan propaganda
pyrotheevilplatypus 3 måneder siden
Anyone else feel like this guy would be better served as like - a personal fitness coach? The way he yells and gesticulates makes me feel like he's trying to explain an exercise and not milk.
Gavin2051 3 måneder siden
Someone tell this man to stop yelling 😭
Brian Doolittle
Brian Doolittle 3 måneder siden
Hes a manly man explaining to men how to eat like a manly man. :P
Aurorah 3 måneder siden
Maybe in America
Nick Temperistic
Nick Temperistic 3 måneder siden
OMG can you stfu
AfroRicanLibra 3 måneder siden
He’s not wrong.
Bow 3 måneder siden
This guy is basically promoting a paleo diet, and he has no nutrition expertise. Actual facts he forgot to mention: 1) milk and dairy are not required for health, 2) milk and dairy are in fact often harmful (e.g. lactose intolerance, IBS, heart disease, cancer, acne, etc.), and 3) the dairy industry is the cruelest and most perverse of all animal exploitation. Don't take my word for it, look it up. Just make sure you look up the actual science and facts, not YTers like this guy or ads for the industry.
Peace with Rhys
Peace with Rhys 3 måneder siden
@babecat2000 Where is the lie?
babecat2000 3 måneder siden
Vegan propaganda
Garuna 3 måneder siden
lol none of that had anything to do with the video. Video's about how overly processed today's milk is.
AfroRicanLibra 3 måneder siden
Facts on facts!!
joshpwnsnoobs 3 måneder siden
Hags 3 måneder siden
Good info and presentation
Bee Bee
Bee Bee 3 måneder siden
We? 😳
SEAN BEAN 3 måneder siden
This man has no idea what he is talking about, can you not give him a platform to spread his nonsense on. This video is so full of misunderstandings that it is soring my brain to listen to. Yes processed foods are bad, but not because of homogenization and pasteurization, but because of the additives, talk about that instead! This man is mixing basic concepts and comes across as an rambling idiot, and it do not think this kind of material is suiting for the WIRED channel.
cadet526 3 måneder siden
Great answer - go buy the $10 per half gallon milk.
D A Dag siden
Or don't drink milk..because you're not a baby cow.
Vinnie EVH
Vinnie EVH 3 måneder siden
I haven’t drank milk since kindergarten.
D A Dag siden
@Bison bovine lacteal secretion cubes
D A Dag siden
@Imorokr plenty of tasty vegan ice cream.
smelvin 2 måneder siden
Bison 3 måneder siden
@emjayay it’s actually drank, drunk is the state of alcohol intoxication
emjayay 3 måneder siden
Haven't drunk.
imicca 3 måneder siden
Another anti-dairy propaganda
imicca 3 måneder siden
@Peace with Rhys destorying industries?
Peace with Rhys
Peace with Rhys 3 måneder siden
@imicca What do vegans have to gain by lying about it?
imicca 3 måneder siden
@Peace with Rhys ok right....
Peace with Rhys
Peace with Rhys 3 måneder siden
The meat/dairy industry are the ones who use propaganda.
MX 3 måneder siden
There is so much wrong with dairy, no propaganda required. Watch DAIRY IS SCARY on NOsections. Don't be willfully ignorant.
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