Meteorologist Debunks Weather Myths | WIRED 

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Chief Meteorologist for WNBC Janice Huff takes a look at some common myths we've all heard about the weather and meteorology, and parses out which are fact, and which are pure fiction. Can tornadoes cross water? Can lightning strike the same place twice? Are rainbows only seven colors?
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Meteorologist Debunks Weather Myths | WIRED

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18. jan.. 2021





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E Accent Aigu
E Accent Aigu 13 dager siden
"Tornadoes are mostly small and weak." That's fighting talk.
Marshelo Jonsena
Marshelo Jonsena 29 dager siden
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Tianaz Bryant
Tianaz Bryant Måned siden
Why do we need a tornado watch everytime it thunders
not X
not X Måned siden
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Daisy 2 måneder siden
I love how she's presenting with her hands like she would on tv
İbrahim Uzun
İbrahim Uzun 2 måneder siden
Why this "🌈" have six colors?
hujan 2 måneder siden
8:58 that's so interesting
LibeFiken 2 måneder siden
Can't technically be wrong if you always use percentages.
MrSeezero 2 måneder siden
I have a meteorology question for you. I recently saw for the current day in Toledo, Ohio that the high was 16 while the low was 14. At the same time, I observed that the current temperature was -4. So why is it sometimes that the current temperature ends up being out of range like this?
MrSeezero 2 måneder siden
Does the part called "The weather forecast is always wrong" that starts at about 5:38 in this video kind of explain why the current temperature might be out of that range?
Spacemaster 13
Spacemaster 13 2 måneder siden
I love you 💜💜
ajs11201 2 måneder siden
Janice Huff is a fantastic meteorologist. Besides that, she's just a class act.
1500lego 2 måneder siden
About the voltage of a lightning strike- it's not the voltage that kills you, it's the current!
Kai L
Kai L 2 måneder siden
Janice Huff looks the same as she did 30 years ago. She once came to my school 30 years ago and told everyone in the auditorium to snap our fingers to make the sound of raindrops. And then slapping our baggy jeans to make the sound of ⚡. Ill never forget it.
This is my name
This is my name 2 måneder siden
Last year my house was hit by lighting
Reinis Aizsilnieks
Reinis Aizsilnieks 2 måneder siden
forecasts are 99% of time wrong. When it says it will rain, it never rains, and this winter, it each week says, next week coldest temperature will be -3-5C but weather hasnt been warmer than -10C for pas 1,5 months :p with a lot of time going down to -30. EU standart is 220 volts tho :p
Sylvius the Mad
Sylvius the Mad 3 måneder siden
Weather forecasts need confidence intervals. Some forecasts are far less certain than others; it would be helpful if meteorologists would make those error bars part of the news.
davonnadarling 3 måneder siden
She’s so enjoyable to watch!
Ryan Blais
Ryan Blais 3 måneder siden
As a Canadian, I feel only 33% responsible for tornadoes.
MStarTUTORIALS 3 måneder siden
A video straight to the point 🙋‍♂️. I've been doing similar videos and probably you should visit. I'm kinda sure you'll find find a lot of useful info on this topic on my channel too.
Michael Trinta
Michael Trinta 3 måneder siden
Bring her back more often!!
joyceline 3 måneder siden
What a cool lady, loved how easy her explanation was to understand!
Counterpoint1951 3 måneder siden
Is there anything COVID *hasn't* f**ked up?
Chichi P
Chichi P 3 måneder siden
She’s giving me vibes of the good teacher who actually cares about the kids. Comforting 😊
Kuroude7 3 måneder siden
Just adding that the term 'chinook wind' is used pretty much all over the northwest. That's what we always call it here in Washington, too.
Adlehyde 3 måneder siden
That triple rainbow explanation makes sense. I've seen a triple rainbow one time. I was in the middle of a lake.
Lee Raymond
Lee Raymond 3 måneder siden
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Ben johnson
Ben johnson 3 måneder siden
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Barrett Blaney
Barrett Blaney 3 måneder siden
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Joshua Brito
Joshua Brito 3 måneder siden
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Kevin Luo
Kevin Luo 3 måneder siden
There are so many more common misconceptions out there about the weather
Crazycube 3 måneder siden
I can’t believe people actually think that Tornadoes don’t hit cities. Since when did cities have force fields.
Mak Manaman
Mak Manaman 3 måneder siden
please, when using metrics,at least subtitle the IS
Michael Trinta
Michael Trinta 3 måneder siden
nobody likes you
09 dimas catur abimanyu
09 dimas catur abimanyu 3 måneder siden
What a nice speak
Kelly NLN
Kelly NLN 3 måneder siden
"Raindrops are not shaped like tears." My world is rocked.
Audrey S
Audrey S 3 måneder siden
Same. Huh... the more you know!
Colton H
Colton H 3 måneder siden
She rocked my world she knows she did
MommySharkDoDoDo 3 måneder siden
My childhood died.
Breezys 3 måneder siden
I really didn't think the people who did the weather on news channels were actual meteorologists. I just thought they were the mouthpiece for meteorologists. Ope.
Dory Darkling
Dory Darkling 3 måneder siden
I saw a triple rainbow once while I was visiting family in Washington. It was very faint, and didn't last long.
Damir Babic
Damir Babic 3 måneder siden
the very few times I saw a rainbow I usually saw only two or three colors
songbanana8 3 måneder siden
You might be color blind
Akhil Aryappatt
Akhil Aryappatt 3 måneder siden
When you notice the cloud start rotating: RUN
bentleytheyeti 3 måneder siden
3:58 Janice: We use an s ban high frequency dual polarization weather radar that we call- Me: Cerebro. Janice: Stormtracker 4. Me: Oh.
Marshmellow Moon
Marshmellow Moon 3 måneder siden
It does make sense that she is the best presenter of her profession that wired has made a video on because part of her job is to literally present the information she finds.
Metal Master
Metal Master 3 måneder siden
rainbows have millions of colors, because there are millions of individual wavelengths of light, even just the ones within our range of vision. our eyes can only detect red green and blue. mixtures of light generate all the colors in between. now, technically it would be ok to say that the total number of *main* colors we can see are: red, blue, green, cyan, yellow & magenta. the additive and subtractive primary colors.
Jacob Misuda
Jacob Misuda 3 måneder siden
I live in washington, and to get the actual percentage of rain i just double the number. Works every time
King BROSEPH 3 måneder siden
The action lab music 👀
King BROSEPH 3 måneder siden
Y'all didn't know the rainbow is 7 colours?
stacia Abner
stacia Abner 3 måneder siden
This woman sounds like Wanda Sikes trying to hide her voice. Like this woman has to have a Wanda Sikes impersonation.
Alan Kwok
Alan Kwok 3 måneder siden
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toby_belize 3 måneder siden
Her voice reminds me of Tiffany Haddish
HappyComfort 3 måneder siden
Thank you for that very interesting video! Great job! 👍 I loved all the info about 🌈 rainbows too!! (Just a side note, your so cute but could use a pop of red lipstick to go with your beautiful red dress. Maybe the kind that doesn’t come off on your teeth. But I realize that’s a choice not a life decision 😂 ) Gotta save this video to show to my granddaughters 😊👏 Thank you again for your expertise !!! 🌺👍
Value ___?
Value ___? 3 måneder siden
fcc the USA
SteampunkFireflies Productions
"The weather is the only thing that affects our lives every day." You sure about that? You REALLY sure about that? There's NOTHING ELSE that happens in reality that affects our lives every day?
Landen Industries
Landen Industries 3 måneder siden
Fred Vima
Fred Vima 3 måneder siden
biggest myth that needs to be debunked: Climate change isn't real.
Sabrina Yavari
Sabrina Yavari 3 måneder siden
This was so interesting!!
Alex 3 måneder siden
“Incandescent lightbulbs” what is this? The last century?
JP H 3 måneder siden
Wow! I used to watch Janice Huff on KRON-TV in San Francisco more than 25 years ago.
n m
n m 3 måneder siden
rip double rainbow guy 😞
Simpa Luyolo
Simpa Luyolo 3 måneder siden
And she is black? How? I mean how did she lands that job in the first place? In South Africa all the jobs like financial and science are only done by Indians and whites here in South Africa. Indians are classified as black people together with arabs, Chinese Japanese and all other Asian. Even how qualified you are but as a black person she was gonna only do political sports or movie analysing
Kelsang Gyudzhin
Kelsang Gyudzhin 3 måneder siden
You *notice* the one time when the forecast is wrong. You *don't notice* the hundred times when it's right.
StubblyHippo2 3 måneder siden
Do April showers bring May flowers?
J. C.
J. C. 3 måneder siden
Yeah, people really do forget that the most powerful computer on the planet is still the human brain. A meteorologist's interpretation of the gathered information is important to get accurate information, and if you doubt that, I can tell you for a fact that only one single person predicted the '93 blizzard in Georgia, and it was the local weather man.
da0ud 3 måneder siden
She is super cool!
Georgia Woolley
Georgia Woolley 3 måneder siden
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james cagle
james cagle 3 måneder siden
"the weather is the only thing that effects our life everyday" My wife disagrees with this statement
Nothing 3 måneder siden
@james cagle kinda, I don’t remember the last time I left the house, so hearing that felt reductionist & invalidating
james cagle
james cagle 3 måneder siden
@Nothing mine was more of a tongue in cheek comment....do you need a hug?
Nothing 3 måneder siden
Thank you! I disagree as well, what an outrageous statement to make, I can’t remember the last time the weather affected what I do in a day. Let alone everyday! Like has she considered every other external factors on a day to day basis?!
Vanessa Parson
Vanessa Parson 3 måneder siden
Patrick 3 måneder siden
Wait i still don't understand how rainbows are circles 😐
Sam T
Sam T 3 måneder siden
Que up all the anti LGBTQUOIPE comments
Charley Edwards
Charley Edwards 3 måneder siden
i love theses episodes, she's so actually cool
Mridul Sachdeva
Mridul Sachdeva 3 måneder siden
"Forecasts are pretty accurate" - except just don't use any app but watch wnbc!
Lughs_Revenge 3 måneder siden
'If your forecast is wrong then better watch me* Gosh darn, 'nother those meterologist who think murica is the center of the earth. Honey, I ain't gonna watch yer doing a forecast in the back of the world while I'm more concerned with the weather on another continent. And yes, weather forecast is not always wrong, but it's not always right either. When it says one thing, there is a chance something else comes. Forecast is not foolproof, so better prepare for everything than just for one thing that isn't even sure to be.
isyoudaddyboi 3 måneder siden
If you want to break every single thing down to it's fundamental, all she said was myth
Ectaler 3 måneder siden
What do you mean?
The Supreme Encyclopedic Appendages of Insanity
I just can't take an expert who wears a smart watch seriously.
Saman Miran
Saman Miran 3 måneder siden
Her tone sounds like she's speaking to 8 year olds.
Techalyzer 3 måneder siden
Still way too complex for many I'm afraid...
Rodney Cooper Jr
Rodney Cooper Jr 3 måneder siden
Her tone sounds like she explains weather for a living 😉
Sir John Michael
Sir John Michael 3 måneder siden
I don't believe in weather
TraskForge 3 måneder siden
2:40 fun fact about Roy Sullivan! He commitef suicide at the age of 71
Engi1729 3 måneder siden
You have an interesting interpretation of the word "fun"
ChemicalTeabag 3 måneder siden
Excellent presented. She broke it down and made it simple and easy to understand. Really good!
Paul Hofreiter
Paul Hofreiter 3 måneder siden
I thought we had tornadoes because god hates the middle of the country though
Sweet Tea
Sweet Tea 2 måneder siden
Sounds factual.
Red Elf Shot the Food
Red Elf Shot the Food 3 måneder siden
Aren’t rainbows all colours? Like ultra violet and infra-red? Just because we can’t see them doesn’t mean they’re not there...
Emmie B
Emmie B 3 måneder siden
Ultraviolet and infrared are not colors, they are frequencies. Color, by definition, is visible to the human eye.
Bryan 3 måneder siden
Girl, you smart. I like you.
congology 3 måneder siden
So if I create a lightning panel (something like solar panel), 1 bolt can light up 2million houses. Sounds like a business to me
holycrapchris 3 måneder siden
Anyone else pause this video to go watch the double rainbow song?
MegaMindLuigi 3 måneder siden
Is that Minecraft?!?
Richwell Chan Sim
Richwell Chan Sim 3 måneder siden
And here I thought there were six colours in a rainbow
Reine H
Reine H 3 måneder siden
Six stripes but Newton change it to seven since it's a holy number.
Stephen Wilson
Stephen Wilson 3 måneder siden
Well... This was awful
zack 3 måneder siden
love her!!!
zack 3 måneder siden
love her!!
zack 3 måneder siden
@Loturzel Restaurant what about it
zack 3 måneder siden
Caesar 3 måneder siden
3:12 Mine’s 240V
InevitableVitare 3 måneder siden
The only reason the Rainbow is said to have 7 colours is because Isaac Newton wanted it to match up with the musical octave. He originally only had 5, excluding Orange and Indigo.
Reine H
Reine H 3 måneder siden
I thought it had to do with seven being holy.
less ink
less ink 3 måneder siden
“How to notice or see if there’s a tornado outside” Me (a guy who’s living in Russia and who’ll never witness any tornados in his entire life): *interesting*
Tatiana R
Tatiana R Måned siden
Just In case lol
Kevin Luo
Kevin Luo 3 måneder siden
Depends on where in Russia
Jonathan Parks
Jonathan Parks 3 måneder siden
Never say never. Tornadoes can hit anywhere on the planet.
Bl ue
Bl ue 3 måneder siden
Heya my brudda comrad.
Andrés Taibo
Andrés Taibo 3 måneder siden
I think she's awesome, how well she explained!
shad0wrune 3 måneder siden
I envoke bullcrap
Barnaclebeard 3 måneder siden
"The weather is the only thing that affects your life every day." Whaaaaaaaaaaaa...at?
xXxXskittlezXxXx 3 måneder siden
Barnaclebeard 3 måneder siden
@Nathaniel Mitchell Weather does not even affect my life every day!! I was reading some three day old subreddit posts, everyone was like, "Be careful, it's really slippery out today." If I had not read those posts, I would never have even known that we had freezing rain.
Nathaniel Mitchell
Nathaniel Mitchell 3 måneder siden
Ikr ... There are lots of things that effect my life every day, madness
Saima Akter
Saima Akter 3 måneder siden
Everything is great, but her make up artist did her dirty. And if she did it herself, then idk what to say.
Ivan Chagas
Ivan Chagas 3 måneder siden
Rupaul: your weather forecast skills left us shiny, but your makeup skills... Made me feel a little bit under the weather.
Samir Moorhouse
Samir Moorhouse 3 måneder siden
Need a better thumbnail
Julia Strasser
Julia Strasser 3 måneder siden
This should be called "weather support"
Hayden Dunner
Hayden Dunner 3 måneder siden
Volts does not equal energy!
Sir Aragon of Enid
Sir Aragon of Enid 3 måneder siden
I knew the truth about these myths , except for the 1st one, the 2nd one, oh.. and the 3rd one. Oh yeah, I didn't know the truth about the 4th and 5th one either, but I already knew everything else! 😁
11alekon 3 måneder siden
The real question is: who names the tornados?
Jonny M
Jonny M 3 måneder siden
Never heard anyone name a tornado
Emily Nobbe
Emily Nobbe 3 måneder siden
Wow she’s so cool! I how passionate and intelligent she is, but it still able to explain things easily
US 3 måneder siden
03:50 Raindrops are shaped like Blob emojis
C N 3 måneder siden
I have seen a triple rainbow shoot out lighting!
Noah Sherman
Noah Sherman 3 måneder siden
I made a promise..
Ganger 3,1 mill
Starlink Mission
Ganger 1 mill
I made a promise..
Ganger 3,1 mill
Starlink Mission
Ganger 1 mill