WIRED Breaks Down CES 2021 - TCL Rollable Phone, microLED and More 

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CES is quite a bit different this year. For the first time ever, CES is entirely virtual, but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty to talk about. Senior Writer Lauren Goode talks with WIRED staff about the newest tech from the show, including TCL's rollable phones, shower head speakers, UV phone chargers, Samsung's microLED televisions, the future of ARM processors and much more.

00:00 - Intro
00:44 - Audio Trends
04:21 - Displays and Smartphones
07:17 - Gaming Tech
10:31 - Smart Home Tech
12:53 - Hygiene Tech
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WIRED Breaks Down CES 2021 - TCL Rollable Phone, microLED and More

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Andrii Sukhariev
Andrii Sukhariev Måned siden
f*ck abbreviations
Александр Титов
Можно было бы электро машину сделать на атомных батарейках, но это не выгодно, для начала должны появиться устройства превращающие газы в продукты, вещи, можно было бы сделать леветирующие машины, но это конечно не объяснимо в чем причины задержак!
Yeshwant Pawar
Yeshwant Pawar Måned siden
Suf Human Factors & Design
Killer cringe @7:20. Lauren: "Hi Allen, I like your blazer" Allen: "I gotta dress up for something" Lauren: "That's right". Me: "He's either perpetually in corona depression or madly in love with her. Out of these two options she seems to acknowledge neither." so. much. cringe.
davidareyouhuman 2 måneder siden
The host needs to clean her laptop
Akshay Soni
Akshay Soni 2 måneder siden
Go in the order you describe in title!! No wonder why so many dislikes to likes percentage.
constantinos schinas
constantinos schinas 2 måneder siden
*stop advertising the fake epidemic as something that will stay.* do it for your children ffs.
Pegleg Kangaroo
Pegleg Kangaroo 2 måneder siden
Great video! Best lineup I’ve seen for CES, really enjoyed
Music Lover
Music Lover 2 måneder siden
Face recognition software in stores sounds like Minority Report
virusgrav 3 måneder siden
Apple: It is a couple of years off for us. Android: We released it 3 months ago.
Crale 3 måneder siden
Whoever she is she makes me wanna keep watching...
Elijah Jackson
Elijah Jackson 3 måneder siden
I care
PaperRoman 3 måneder siden
Everyone just talks about sound quality , battery of wireless buds but no one talks about the terrible latency issue with live gaming like fortnite or pubg etc
Chaim Loecher
Chaim Loecher 3 måneder siden
1 week layer, clearly they don't care
*HellRay* 3 måneder siden
Wait, there was a CES this year? 1st time I missed it.
arisoda 3 måneder siden
well everyone missed it, physically speaking
White Sands
White Sands 3 måneder siden
More products, less clowns please.
Koalten J
Koalten J 3 måneder siden
5:27 , watch for 30 seconds. Just saved you 16 minutes
Ron Kol
Ron Kol 3 måneder siden
guys, get out and exercise..dafuq
Jose Muga
Jose Muga 3 måneder siden
Mkbhd should buy wired
David Menty
David Menty 3 måneder siden
I feel like i know less about ces 2021 than i did before i clicked play.
Papa Smurf
Papa Smurf 3 måneder siden
they need to run a UV light over her laptop… the OCD in me is triggered, my apologies lol.
Z 7691
Z 7691 3 måneder siden
Too.uch chatter. Just present the products
Jino Hyun
Jino Hyun 3 måneder siden
You're lying. Show me the real product, you liars.
Vlad 3 måneder siden
Jacob Durant
Jacob Durant 3 måneder siden
Yes, I'd love the shower head speaker! It'd be a great replacement for my bathtub toaster.
R13h D
R13h D 3 måneder siden
Come on people...commentary is fine but SHOW THE PRODUCT for fucks sake.
Squish SquashTV
Squish SquashTV 3 måneder siden
ckloc bejt
Engram 3 måneder siden
10:33 adrienne so is so pretty !!!!!! 😍
ArmyGrunt1986 3 måneder siden
1:50 How is sticking a light on a Roomba "innovating"? Never mind it doesn't even vacuum, I guess thats the upgraded model for next year.
Alvar Lagerlöf
Alvar Lagerlöf 3 måneder siden
MicroLED IS better than Oled. And that wasn't a good explanation.
Dr. Doug Ross
Dr. Doug Ross 3 måneder siden
Good tech coverage but really badly scripted.
Sleepyhead fpv
Sleepyhead fpv 3 måneder siden
I totally want the Razor Mask dude.....I’m still working so that’s a huge thing. Hopping it will be under 200. Ps. Airpods changed my life. But the pro are just perfection.
D D.
D D. 3 måneder siden
Listen, Wired, we don't want to see your faces. Way to make this about yourselves. We just want to see the tech. You guys really think you're something, jeeeeezus.
BobRooney 3 måneder siden
lol, immersive audio...sony has had SRS surround sound in their TV's throughout the 80s and 90s. its long gone, but it was incredible to have it transform the audio in the room.
Joe Melton
Joe Melton 3 måneder siden
My man at 7:32 with the enterprise d and enterprise E He's a Picard man I respect it
Othoap Proto
Othoap Proto 3 måneder siden
more products less look at you lot
Chobaca 3 måneder siden
Do you ever worry that you are perpetuating a non-sustainable economy?
Albert Jackinson
Albert Jackinson 3 måneder siden
I didn't even know this was a thing because I didn't know CES was, either! But I'm sure glad I got wind of it!
Prakash Arora
Prakash Arora 3 måneder siden
This video is Goode 😉
Howard Schechtman
Howard Schechtman 3 måneder siden
Nothing about vr or ar tech?
john hamilton
john hamilton 3 måneder siden
Is that an Emmy Award on the fireplace mantle though?
Sp00ky31 3 måneder siden
Do you need the laptop in front of you on this video? Could be a little less obvious...
YomerGaMer 3 måneder siden
9:14 thats CS:GO
sd1987in 3 måneder siden
She has 3 phones and a laptop on the desk... I get that she's into tech... But how would one even use all these devices at the same time?
Dylan Canning
Dylan Canning 3 måneder siden
Dam this was presented so boringly
Benito Mussolinki
Benito Mussolinki 3 måneder siden
Can E
Can E 3 måneder siden
15:14 *Longer wavelength
The Espatier
The Espatier 3 måneder siden
Clean tech is a hoax.
MBS 3 måneder siden
personally i think the silky gomboy is a better size and more usable than the pocketboy
KosmoGamesKill 3 måneder siden
shorter wavelength being "more gentle"?
Mat Racz
Mat Racz 3 måneder siden
More gentle than gamma rays I suppose :D
Antenox 3 måneder siden
Man I’ve missed Lauren
Prakash Arora
Prakash Arora 3 måneder siden
Yeah, let's petition for her to appear more on this channel! That'd be Goode.
Zipp Gunn
Zipp Gunn 3 måneder siden
Totally dig the personable reports. I’m down for the handless faucet. Where is the sensor handless cat/dog faucet? Refilling pet fountains is annoying and destructive if forgotten. With a busy lifestyle it happens. ☺️ Interesting tidbits on the rest. Crazy to see gaming now compared to my Atari 5200. I still have it. 😉
Talwinder Dhillon
Talwinder Dhillon 3 måneder siden
Nomon Munir
Nomon Munir 3 måneder siden
Very cool!
gumballz 3 måneder siden
4:50 Millions of LEDs behind every single pixel? Ironic edit: WHO EDITS THESE VIDEOS?
arisoda 3 måneder siden
no who's the idiot, rather
Mirza Arnaut
Mirza Arnaut 3 måneder siden
Got some Verge vibes here ...
cut 3 måneder siden
what happened to romantic companions..
Samtagri 3 måneder siden
Show me the gadgets and keep your opinions to yourself
Billy The Kid
Billy The Kid 3 måneder siden
Too much talk. Lol
lemonylizardlicker 3 måneder siden
Those jump cuts at the end though 🤣🤣🤣
Roy Godiksen
Roy Godiksen 3 måneder siden
So what's the probability of that showerhead speaker short circuiting and electrocuting the person showering and everything connected to the pipes?😵 (copper pipes are common and will transfer the electricity very well. )
One Prank TV
One Prank TV 3 måneder siden
Dyar Assad Maulud
Dyar Assad Maulud 3 måneder siden
HTDRYx4M8Q_67SlY-8hRMQ Subscribe me
Dyar Assad Maulud
Dyar Assad Maulud 3 måneder siden
Misc 4u
Misc 4u 3 måneder siden
Merci pour la vidéo
Tobias Gregson
Tobias Gregson 3 måneder siden
Isn’t TCL a state-owned company based in China?
angerock49 3 måneder siden
All the people in this video seem really friendly and are really clear in their explanations! Worth the 16 minutes.
Luís M. Alves Ferreira
Luís M. Alves Ferreira 3 måneder siden
Marketing strategy
Breno Girafa
Breno Girafa 3 måneder siden
so much diversity in Wired's staff. so amazing. so beautiful. lacks a unicorn tho
Tommy Hardy
Tommy Hardy 3 måneder siden
The high freq of the audio is way too high
PlzDntBlm 3 måneder siden
14th century: guy with crow mask gives enemas and cuts your veins 21th century: beats a virus with light
Milo Balcziunas
Milo Balcziunas 3 måneder siden
I don’t even see the point of rechargeable Bluetooth headphones, like wired ones literally have infinite charge
Regina Yunek
Regina Yunek 3 måneder siden
For me it’s painting, cleaning, exercising... basically everything without the dreaded ear yank...if I am seated I would consider using corded... but I would probably forget and yank my ears and my device off the desk.
Garuna 3 måneder siden
Don't most of these things already exist? I swear I've seen reviews of the hydro powered shower speaker or the UV disinfecting charging case.
Parse 3 måneder siden
Marty D
Marty D 3 måneder siden
Frenk van Vlissingen
Frenk van Vlissingen 3 måneder siden
One nobody at a time please, 5 is just way too much.
pigsareit 3 måneder siden
Good video thank you
S1N20Y 3 måneder siden
Love the Simone Giertz cover in the background!
Isaiah Macadam
Isaiah Macadam 3 måneder siden
Ayyyeee good to see you over here. Wired > The Verge
Isaiah Macadam
Isaiah Macadam 3 måneder siden
@G V S If you prefer a clean format over substance than sure. Just don't go to The Verge for transparency or a pc build.
G V S 3 måneder siden
No chance Wired is better then The Verge
Joshua Mancini Lanzi
Joshua Mancini Lanzi 3 måneder siden
The lady was too annoying about the COVID, we want to know the latest tech we do not care about the pandemic situation!
Jamie Coats
Jamie Coats 3 måneder siden
Girl, looking at your laptop you’ve been eating sticky buns with those finger marks... 🤣
NM 3 måneder siden
I did not know Chandler Bing was a technology enthusiast.
Booki 3 måneder siden
nosections.info/green/0aZdiKVfoW2NydA/video.html :)
Elysse Czopek
Elysse Czopek 3 måneder siden
No, we should blame nvidia for their pipeline problems.
Jae 3 måneder siden
i want wire free buds that can also easily become wired so when i run out of battery i can still use em. idk why 2-in-ones(bt and wired) arent more prevalent
Griffin 2 måneder siden
You mean like any IEM with an MMCX connector, a bluetooth adapter and a wire? Those exist
Tom Waznis
Tom Waznis 3 måneder siden
@BigMo Galaxy 'Live', not the new rev, are very comfortable, good sound, use one at a time while the other charges.
BigMo 3 måneder siden
It’s all about space...how large of earbud are you willing to tolerate for that feature? Over ear headphones do this but they have room for the port.
Vegoma Fazatha
Vegoma Fazatha 3 måneder siden
I agree with you. I had imagine this kind of technology for years
Edward T Head
Edward T Head 3 måneder siden
Cool ! :)
EliN 3 måneder siden
I did not come here to watch a bunch of people talk. Focus on the tech, Wired
Allan Sh
Allan Sh 3 måneder siden
3D audio is cheap DSP trickery for noobs.
Giorgi Dzamashvili
Giorgi Dzamashvili 3 måneder siden
Soo a senior writer just asked other people bunch of questions that she had to research and she called it a story I guess :D
Richard Martin's
Richard Martin's 3 måneder siden
I don't know who needs to hear this but stop saving all your money. Venture into Investing some, if you really want financial freedom.
Emmanuel Augustine Antomy
Emmanuel Augustine Antomy 3 måneder siden
@Craig Kingdon it probably is, every single one who is commenting about investing and stuff joined 3 months ago. Like all of them.
Craig Kingdon
Craig Kingdon 3 måneder siden
This whole thread had to be spam or something.
Marvin Germo
Marvin Germo 3 måneder siden
Thank you so much for sharing.
Bruno Gonzalez
Bruno Gonzalez 3 måneder siden
I have been researching all this while for a digital asset Investment and i found bitcoin to be the most profiting of them all, I'm definitely bouncing on the opportunity, thank you so much.
Richard Martin's
Richard Martin's 3 måneder siden
You can easily reach her on WhatsApp...
Lasse de Vries
Lasse de Vries 3 måneder siden
Clean your MacBook arghhhhh
Bill piehler
Bill piehler 3 måneder siden
Big tech no caption
michael ansbro
michael ansbro 3 måneder siden
great vid for dummies who have time to kill, like the ditor who needs a lav
Matt Chu
Matt Chu 3 måneder siden
I don't mind the commentary but using the sections feature or adding time stamps would help people who just want to see the featured tech...
Koalten J
Koalten J 3 måneder siden
what sucks is the thing they use to reel in the clicks, the rollable phone, only got featured for literally 30 seconds of the whole 16 minute video.
Fortuntato96 3 måneder siden
Love the fact they have actually added it later on.
LeeAxon 3 måneder siden
Presenter is a solid 11/10.
G V S 3 måneder siden
Facts - only reason I even opened this vid
Mike 3 måneder siden
marc07112 3 måneder siden
When did AMD pass up intel?
Roque Santos Junior
Roque Santos Junior 3 måneder siden
Pandemic pandemic pandemic pandemic PLEASE STOP.
Rorschach9674 3 måneder siden
Casual Emmy on the mantelpiece
Patinthehat 3 måneder siden
The tech show she hosted and worked on called "Next Level With Lauren Goode" won an Emmy in 2018
Hartaj Kandola
Hartaj Kandola 3 måneder siden
I saw it too, she was all what eves
Paulie 3 måneder siden
That phone tho! Maybe better than a razr?
Lashan 3 måneder siden
I'm just amazed Wired still covers tech
Darth gNostikos
Darth gNostikos 3 måneder siden
That first question...and answer ‘Consumers care...’ Global Pandemic Failed White House Coup Millions applying for unemployment weekly I am willing to bet Cyberpunk gets more focus even in its state than Ces 2021
CES 2021: Day 2 Morning
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