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Dialect coach Erik Singer takes us on a tour of different accents across English-speaking North America. Erik and a host of other linguists and language experts (Nicole Holliday, Megan Figueroa, Sunn m’Cheaux, and Kalina Newmark), take a look at some of the most interesting and distinct accents around the country.

Host: Erik Singer
Director: Alice Roth
Producer: Alyssa Marino & Erik Singer
Director of Photography Charlie Jordan
Production Manager: Morgan Winters
Editor: Brady Jackson and Justin Sloan
Post Production Manager: Nick Ascanio
Head of Programming for WIRED: Chris Conti
Linguists & Language Experts: Nicole Holliday, Megan Figueroa, Sunn m’Cheaux, & Kalina Newmark
Dialect demonstrations: Amani Dorn
NYC accent demonstration courtesy of La Tasha Stephens
Latinx Light L demonstration courtesy of International Dialects of English Archive
DC accent demonstration courtesy of International Dialects of English Archive
North Carolina accent demonstrations courtesy of The Language & Life Project
Talkin’ Tar Heel, How Our Voices Tell the Story of North Carolina
Special thanks to:
Reg Charging
Zachary Cooper
Justin McBride
Eliza Simpson
James N. Stanford
Pamela Vanderway
Nacole Walker
Dr. Walt Wolfram
International Dialects of English Archive
The Language & Life Project
Talkin’ Tar Heel, How Our Voices Tell the Story of North Carolina

The American Dialect Society:
Dictionary of American Regional English and Field Recordings:
Indigenous North American accents:
African American Language:
New York Latino English:
Appalachian English
North Carolina accent and dialect variation:
Learning the tools and skills needed to be good at teaching or doing accents:
Language variation and education:
Language discrimination and racism:
Other sources for accents:

00:00 - Intro
02:10 - Pilgrims
02:45 - Boston
2:58 - Rhode Island
3:25 - New York City
4:31 - African American English Varieties
7:17 - New York Latino English
8:26 - The On Line
9:27 - DC
10:24 - Pittsburgh
10:55 - Virginia
11:27 - North Carolina
12:00 - Appalachia
13:40 - The Outer Banks
15:19 - Lumbee English
16:02 - "General American"
16:45 - Gullah / Geechee Language & Accent
19:20 - Piney Woods Belt
21:21 - Outro

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Accent Expert Gives a Tour of U.S. Accents - (Part One) | WIRED




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Daniel Gutierrez
Daniel Gutierrez 36 minutter siden
this video is unbearably woke
DOC M Time siden
THE DIALECT DADDY!!!!!! 😁 Credit goes to Andreas Johansson who made this comment on the video "Surgeon (Annie Onishi) breaks down 22 med scenes" Hilarious... And accurate.
MaJestiC 12 timer siden
Be honest, you looked for Erik Singer, just like me.
uberfu 13 timer siden
LMAO -- THis guy's NYC / N. Carolina and N/ Fla accents are waaaay off !!
Drugofchoice M
Drugofchoice M Dag siden
Don't use latinx to describe what is already a genderless word in latin! It makes no sense.
c c
c c Dag siden
I would’ve enjoyed it more if it wasn’t for all that leftist revisionist history.
!? Dag siden
roundabout 14 minutes that's the stereotype canadian accent lmao
Justin Cooper
Justin Cooper Dag siden
yeah I noticed DC dialect is shifting towards New York!
J Anderson
J Anderson Dag siden
He might have just said, "Hi, my name is Erik Singer, and I'm full of crap." He wouldn't know a correct southern accent if it hit him right between the eyes. Guess he's part of the reason that actors in movies do southern accents so poorly.
T L Dag siden
Was good til interjection of lies about African Americans here in the country
Ife Newsome
Ife Newsome 2 dager siden
an actual useful video lol
Janette Murphy
Janette Murphy 2 dager siden
This was really interesting.
Greg Simpson
Greg Simpson 2 dager siden
“We’ll talk moar aboot dat layter” Philly
ruby glova
ruby glova 2 dager siden
you should do the Minnesotan accent
John Bodnar II
John Bodnar II 2 dager siden
History of the accents and reasons behind them were good, but could do without all the “white people bad” slipped in
Eric Atkinson
Eric Atkinson 2 dager siden
"We're going to cover North American English Accents" , proceeds to completely ignore the second largest North American English speaking country...Canada exists people!
title of the video: Accent Expert Gives a Tour of U.S. Accents
Alexander Diotalevi
Alexander Diotalevi 2 dager siden
Chris Townsend
Chris Townsend 2 dager siden
The most common phrase in America? “Have you ever visited ______? They sound so funny there!”
edguardo dominguez
edguardo dominguez 2 dager siden
a linguist just said latinx? lmao
Verónica Sánchez
Verónica Sánchez 2 dager siden
This is a phonologist and linguist’s dream come true!
Brad Mossman
Brad Mossman 2 dager siden
This is cool. I learned so much.
kaboose111 3 dager siden
"Colonizer" feels like a passive/aggressive butthurt term.
Unknown User
Unknown User 3 dager siden
This kinda sucks
Elis 3 dager siden
watching this as someone who is not a native english speaker and has never visited the US was... an experience to say the least
Paula Giraldo
Paula Giraldo 3 dager siden
I only expected to watch this for a few minutes but I had to stay for the whole this. This is so so interesting and quite inclusive I love it
Hallie Mallard
Hallie Mallard 3 dager siden
America the beautiful
anysnail 3 dager siden
I don’t say appleatcha. I say appalayshuh. Appleatcha sounds like something someone stuck in academia would say.
Andreve john Rebucias
Andreve john Rebucias 3 dager siden
Too much to take in. hahahaha
Jason VanBorssum
Jason VanBorssum 3 dager siden
The Pittsburgh and Baltimore accents do not sound like Australian, dude...
Thomas Wimmer
Thomas Wimmer 4 dager siden
You chill here bro, I’ll be back. (Doesn’t come back)
Phake Knews
Phake Knews 4 dager siden
Lots of commercials. Click. Click.
Tubeang Chnugste
Tubeang Chnugste 4 dager siden
when it got to Black accents I had to switch over vote with ur mouse
K M 4 dager siden
Shouldn't Native Americans just be called Americans?? 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️
Tonatheos 4 dager siden
I like how this guy very clearly pandered to leftists but didn't make it forced or cringe-worthy
Kendra Yeet
Kendra Yeet 4 dager siden
Thats a long winded way of saying that he was just inclusive lol
All about The music
All about The music 4 dager siden
This guy is awesome
Myth Vengeance
Myth Vengeance 4 dager siden
the first few seconds without looking, I thought this was kevin spacey
Lauren 4 dager siden
erik singer? that' s funny because all he does is talk
georgia holton
georgia holton 5 dager siden
stan this guy for not talking about cultures and dialects that aren’t his
Tonatheos 4 dager siden
Uh, I'm pretty sure nearly every other dialect besides his own "isn't his," seeing as he isn't a New Yorker, Italian-American, descendent of an indentured Irish servant, Appalachian mountain man, or stereotypical Londoner
Diana Beatriz
Diana Beatriz 5 dager siden
〰️🗣〰️ Thanks to all.
BRAINDEAD VIRUS 5 dager siden
why does everyone sing in American ?
Sadé C.
Sadé C. 5 dager siden
please let Mr. Singer do this alone.
Sadé C.
Sadé C. 5 dager siden
figuweoa seems big mad sad
Sadé C.
Sadé C. 5 dager siden
the great migration map is wrong. take this down. it did not include “western cities.” how could you be a linguist and not know this? why did Wired ask you to appear? Where is Noam?
Sadé C.
Sadé C. 5 dager siden
“native” applies to flora, fauna, target deodorant.
Sadé C.
Sadé C. 5 dager siden
does the “linguist” with curly hair know the transatlantic slave trade wasn’t an option for “African Americans”?
Colin Cox
Colin Cox 5 dager siden
The first place where English was spoken in NORTH AMERICA was Newfoundland. It was claimed by the British in 1497.. Lord Baltimore actually resided there before going onto Maryland. Even the Mayflower with its pilgrims stopped by Newfoundland to pick-up provisions enroute to the United Colonies (USA). More correct if you said the first place English was spoken in America.
rylixav -
rylixav - 5 dager siden
4:30 "I'm terrified to talk about black people on NOsections, so here's a cutaway to some nappy headed black chicks to prove I'm not racist."
tutubeos 5 dager siden
John Corboy
John Corboy 5 dager siden
Nobody in Maryland refers to the shore as the ocean. 🙄
Freeman 5 dager siden
The is the wokess video ever.
Cheegum 5 dager siden
Raised in Pakistan went to English schools been in Toronto since '98 I'm a mix of accents kinda like how you mix paint and it goes ew
Marshmallow Man
Marshmallow Man 5 dager siden
OMG loool I didn't know there was all this reason behind all the crazy english accents in America lol
E.Y. Covian
E.Y. Covian 5 dager siden
Did she just say "latin-x"??? um.. what? Latin-x isnt a word...
Woney Malian
Woney Malian 6 dager siden
Wow, so rich and deep, with cultural details! As a foreigner is fascinating to learn all those little differences! Thank you for this video, Erik!
thecrouchmonster 6 dager siden
you totally dropped the ball on the "Philly" accent
Caulwin Bowerhouse
Caulwin Bowerhouse 6 dager siden
His West Carolina accent is shite. He's halfway there.
Blubberin' Weasel
Blubberin' Weasel 6 dager siden
Colonizers is a racial epitaph. Is that one of them there microagression? No, it is in your face! Should you be referred to as the defeated, the conquered or the losers? By saying colonizers you are admitting your one of the vanquished. Words as weapons; words of fear; words of Liberty, which words are you choosing? Jingo The Political Clown
Agar 6 dager siden
Biiiiig glen howerton.
Joelley Paz
Joelley Paz 6 dager siden
20:53 down bad 😭😭😭😭
Anne Dwyer
Anne Dwyer 7 dager siden
I kinda cringe at southern dialects in movies, especially "Cat On a Hot Tin Roof" and "A Streetcar Named Desire". Such stereotyped drawls! And Robert DeNiro''s southern dialect in the remake of "Cape Fear" was terrible. He's one of those great actors (like Harvey Keitel) who can't do dialects.
Anne Dwyer
Anne Dwyer 7 dager siden
Love this! It's ironic that the host speaks with a "General American" accent (ie, no identifiable region) when he's not demo'ing other American accents. I gotta say, although he's a dialect coach, his Pittsburghese was not very good (it kind of made me cringe).
Carol Miller
Carol Miller 7 dager siden
You are babbling. Babbling with your own accent....
Andy Harman
Andy Harman 7 dager siden
Very interesting. I've studied many languages and had a few linguistics courses. I grew up in Pennsylvania and thought Eric's examples of that region sounded nothing like the way people speak in central Pennsylvania. His imitations of the other regions were great. I love the use of the IPA to explain it all.
Christine Anifantakis
Christine Anifantakis 7 dager siden
This video is AWESOME! Great job, Erik and the others on the video!
thejobloshow 7 dager siden
4:49 this is the most cheery and pleasant I've ever heard anyone explain the horrible circumstances that led their ancestors to America.
Ellen M Savoia
Ellen M Savoia 7 dager siden
Not a tour of North American accents. Just US accents.
Jean Murray
Jean Murray 7 dager siden
Eric: And here's my friend who's going to introduce Gullah- Me: COME AND LET'S PLAY TOGETHER - IN THE BRIGHT SUNNY WEATHER - LET'S ALL GO TO GULLAH GULLAH ISLAND!
Jean Murray
Jean Murray 2 dager siden
@crookedlettagurl601 I'm fine with that :)
crookedlettagurl601 2 dager siden
You, my friend, are showing your age 😂
Laura Sunset
Laura Sunset 8 dager siden
You expression looks so stressed and worried that I had to crop it while watching. Would be nice to show a more neutral or positive one.
Dream Big
Dream Big 8 dager siden
I heard rick grimes accent . 💜
Tech Help Portal
Tech Help Portal 8 dager siden
Really most latinos and latinas don't use latinxs why force it on them
Skye Musique
Skye Musique 8 dager siden
this literally sums up my entire semester of sociolinguistics classes lmao
Benjamin Rex Ben
Benjamin Rex Ben 8 dager siden
automate crypto platform is doing a wonderful Job. Payment comes on time as expected. Congratulations!! To me and my family.
Drew Bishop
Drew Bishop 8 dager siden
I vacation in the outer banks a lot and yeah it’s really only the old folks that speak that way
Drew Bishop
Drew Bishop 8 dager siden
Giving this video a like for saying Appalachian right lol
Josue Caldero
Josue Caldero 8 dager siden
Latinx....Getdafukouttaheer Lookin like Gerard Butler wit low T cells
anidubme Studios
anidubme Studios 8 dager siden
Me listening with my Indian Tongue And "wheat" accent
Zachary Harvey
Zachary Harvey 9 dager siden
I’ve lived in Pittsburgh and I was skeptical of the legitimacy of your accents until you busted aught the Pixburgese. Good stuff.
Akniy 9 dager siden
Bro stop with the latinx...
Deal Dr em Deal de em
Deal Dr em Deal de em 9 dager siden
automate crypto platform is doing a wonderful Job. Payment comes on time as expected. Congratulations!! To me and my family.
Commissar of Subversion
“How can we delegitimize the entire video?” “I know! We will use the term LatinX!”
Tech Help Portal
Tech Help Portal 8 dager siden
Latino typically refers to both Latinas and Latinos. So LatinX is nuts
Gayle Cheung
Gayle Cheung 10 dager siden
Riri Carter
Riri Carter 10 dager siden
I really enjoy this and everyone who contributed.
Jeremy Busbee
Jeremy Busbee 10 dager siden
What is Nicole doing with her wild mouth shapes? All her emotions and thoughts are physically in her lips. Definitely reminiscent of Drew Barrymore.
VoiceOfReasonXXX 10 dager siden
It was a pretty interesting video until Figueroa dropped the "Latinx". I hit pause, made this comment and went on to something less woke.
Tiago Moreno
Tiago Moreno 11 dager siden
Hotlog 11 dager siden
More like Non-Rhode Island....because they aren't rhotic...😐
Hotlog 11 dager siden
"Hi I'm Erik Singer and I can't sing." 😂
Big fat CROWLEY 10 dager siden
Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhaja 😐
Podcast Serie A
Podcast Serie A 11 dager siden
Seems weird that Wired decided Erik couldn't possibly explain non-white accents to us (anymore); FFS
Coqueice Barnett
Coqueice Barnett 11 dager siden
how do you become a "dialect coach"
ThePoonDoctor 11 dager siden
NOsections's not even letting me press the skip ad button anymore. It's the most satisfying part of watching a video for me now - how precisely I can tap the skip ad button on the fraction of a second when the ad is starting. I suppose I shouldn't complain - it's not as bad as having to watch an ad, is it? Except it is actually more jarring and distracting having my action and intervention interrupted by youtube predicting me that it was showing me the 'ad starts in whatever' and letting me click 'skip'. It's giving my the heebie jeebies.
71 0
71 0 11 dager siden
3:47 the Italian gesture
Leo 11 dager siden
Didnt even touch on the PA Dutch or Northeastern PA Coal speak. Kinda disappointed.
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony 11 dager siden
Butchered Jersey and Philly
vinceb85 11 dager siden
never heard a canadian say aboot....as a canadian
gack1015 11 dager siden
5:20 England? Not a thing anymore. We speak American now. God bless America.
J A M 11 dager siden
Incredibly fascinating!!! Thanknyou
Space Ghost
Space Ghost 12 dager siden
I have NEVER heard anyone in Pittsburgh sound like what this guy says. I'm a truck driver and I've been everywhere so I do know some accents for sure.
Herli smilee
Herli smilee 12 dager siden
The North Eastern American accent is supreme.
Harry Purvis
Harry Purvis 12 dager siden
This man is a genius
rose 12 dager siden
My favorite dialect is that of ocracoke nc
bigfoxgamingbro plays
bigfoxgamingbro plays 12 dager siden
Scots language is it's own language
Pepsi-prank og snigurk
Pepsi-prank og snigurk
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