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Dialect coach Erik Singer once again takes us on a tour of different accents across English-speaking North America. Erik, along with a host of other linguists and language experts, takes a look at some of the most interesting and distinct accents around the country.

Host: Erik Singer
Director: Alice Roth
Producer: Alyssa Marino & Erik Singer
DP: Charlie Jordan
Production Manager: Morgan Winters
Editor: Estan Esparza
Post Production Manager: Nick Ascanio
Head of Programming for WIRED: Chris Conti
Linguists: Nicole Holliday, Megan Figueroa, Sunn m’Cheaux, & Kalina Newmark
Dialect demonstrations: Amani Dorn
Oklahoma Indeginous Accent demonstration courtesy of Dennis Sixkiller
Miami English Demonstration courtesy of Christopher Mendoza
Native Lakota Accent Demonstration courtesy of Reg Charging
Special thanks to:
Pamela Vanderway
Eliza Simpson
James N. Stanford
Nacole Walker
Justin McBride
Zachary Cooper
Reg Charging
International Dialects of English Archive
The Language & Life Project
Talkin’ Tar Heel, How Our Voices Tell the Story of North Carolina
Dr. Walt Wolfram
For more reading and resources check out:
The American Dialect Society:
Dictionary of American Regional English and Field Recordings:
Indigenous North American accents:
African American Language:
New York Latino English:
Appalachian English
North Carolina accent and dialect variation:
Learning the tools and skills needed to be good at teaching or doing accents:
Language variation and education:
Language discrimination and racism:
Lots of accents:

00:00 - Intro
00:28 - Southern Louisiana
01:27 - Miami English
02:48 - New Orleans “Yat”
03:26 - Cajun
04:00 - Texas
05:35 - Oklahoma
06:38 - Ozarks
07:03 - Chicago
07:13 - Northern Cities Vowel Shift
09:27 - St. Louis & Memphis
09:55 - Minnesota
10:47 - Lakota, Dakota, Nakota
12:23 - Iowa
13:05 - The Rockies
13:32 - Utah
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Accent Expert Gives a Tour of U.S. Accents - (Part 2) | WIRED




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Chris Townsend
Chris Townsend 3 timer siden
Yes! The “oi” in nurse. You still hear that in sw Alabama.
gale212 Dag siden
Lantinx is silly
Alfie's Games
Alfie's Games 2 dager siden
Out of curiosity how good is Eric's accent to the ears of native speakers to that particular accent. He sounds pretty good to me.
ruby glova
ruby glova 2 dager siden
i literally heard no change when he did the minnesotan accent
John Bodnar II
John Bodnar II 2 dager siden
I literally don’t know any Latino or Latinas who use this term
John Bodnar II
John Bodnar II 2 dager siden
Latin X 😂
comey2610 2 dager siden
04:46 on it is like listening to Matthew Mcconaughey
edguardo dominguez
edguardo dominguez 2 dager siden
Super wrong about the big shift in Detroit.
anysnail 3 dager siden
Megan’s vocal fry and severe frown are distracting to me.
Nomusa Magic
Nomusa Magic 3 dager siden
I’d love Erik to breakdown Michigan accents. Tri-county vs Detroit (southern influence) vs downstate vs Upper Peninsula (Yooper)
Sarah Wilkerson
Sarah Wilkerson 4 dager siden
I live in Northwest Iowa, so it’s nice to be appreciated, although I say on rhyming with don. I was born in Oklahoma, though, so that might be why:
mel 4 dager siden
What happened to the Michigan accent?
mhaustin1 4 dager siden
Come visit us in New Orleans where the non rhodic nurse words are alive and well TODAY spoken by blacks and whites (if they're raised here). But there are plenty of locals that sound like they were born in Boston. It's because WE ARE A PORT TOWN.
Quinn Davis
Quinn Davis 4 dager siden
I thought I had a general accent, then he did syracuse. I think it goes farther north than the map shows though. Do the Adirondacks have an accent?
Peter R
Peter R 4 dager siden
I would have loved to hear his attempt at a New Orleans (Chalmette esp) accent. Most people think it's a NYC accent, but I can spot the NOLA accent immediately. New Orleans is creole, not cajun.
Damon & Tracy Vis
Damon & Tracy Vis 5 dager siden
Love this! Just wish they slow down on the examples.
E gui
E gui 5 dager siden
It bothers me how the video shows like every Latin person speaks Spanish... Latin people can speak Spanish, Portuguese, French and other languages natively, not only Spanish
Bhernard Bhe Escala
Bhernard Bhe Escala 5 dager siden
amazing that there are so many accents within a country.
dmodmodmo 6 dager siden
I definitely hear "melk on sell" here in the PNW a lot, too
Colin Edmunds
Colin Edmunds 6 dager siden
Oooof, NOBODY calls it “Saint Louie”
My ass Burns
My ass Burns 6 dager siden
Literally no Latinos use "latinx"
Texas Tea
Texas Tea 7 dager siden
1:33 "latinx"?! Stupidest term ever
SammyG 7 dager siden
I keep thinking of that scene on The Office where Andy is critiquing Pam’s southern accent 😂 😂
BR D 7 dager siden
It is rough style of speaking like rough life it is. #Learn-about
TheRealFlakko 8 dager siden
Haitian Creole Have Influences In Florida
Benjamin Rex Ben
Benjamin Rex Ben 8 dager siden
automate crypto platform is doing a wonderful Job. Payment comes on time as expected. Congratulations!! To me and my family.
Drew Bishop
Drew Bishop 8 dager siden
The t in mountain and button are just kinda cumbersome in my mouth so I just skip em
Cintia Borda
Cintia Borda 8 dager siden
LatinX 🤦‍♀️
Virginia Vance
Virginia Vance 9 dager siden
Is there a part 3?
William Anderson
William Anderson 9 dager siden
automate crypto platform is doing a wonderful Job. Payment comes on time as expected. Congratulations!! To me and my family.
larllarfleton 9 dager siden
This is an amazing series! There are so many Americans accents that I've never heard of, and I'm glad Erik is talented enough to show us what they each sounded like!
Eleazar Sunglao
Eleazar Sunglao 9 dager siden
Now do the Swedish Chef
Dollarmenu Dave
Dollarmenu Dave 10 dager siden
Real latinos do not use Latinx. Stop pushing that stupid word
Santiago Betancur
Santiago Betancur 10 dager siden
Omgggg please stop calling us “Latinx” that’s not a real word!!!!!
Dallas K
Dallas K 10 dager siden
Ay Utah
Leocario shiny
Leocario shiny 10 dager siden
I had no idea the glottal stop for words like mountain and button was even a thing, but I use it all the time! I'm New Mexican so I guess it's no surprise since I'm so close to Utah (and my dad was even born in Salt lake City), and it's funny to think I even named my dog Buttons and have been pronouncing her name just like in the video this whole time lol
Lindsey Fisher
Lindsey Fisher 10 dager siden
These were great!
Dancam 11 dager siden
The video was good until you guys said and wrote “latinx” WE DONT USE LATINX in the LatinOOO world , stop using this stupid term
Daniel Juncos
Daniel Juncos 11 dager siden
No Philly in Parts One OR Two?! And PLEASE do not reply with, “We did Pittsburgh, and that’s pretty much the same thing.”
LanceCorporal Veteran
LanceCorporal Veteran 11 dager siden
I wish they would stop saying latinX its not a real word
ParisBtw 12 dager siden
Minnesota sounds Canadian Oh boy
Justice JoyceTV
Justice JoyceTV 12 dager siden
*Thibodeaux sounds even more like NYC than anything I've caught in NOLA. LIKE real talk go out around that **#985** area and see so many differences. It's like are we still in Louisana?*
Justice JoyceTV
Justice JoyceTV 12 dager siden
I clicked to see what he had to say about NOLA ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️ *Unfortunate he didn't go to North Louisana or even SW Louisiana versus THE ISLANDS of Louisana.* Each parish is so different. 🥰
Jessica Shoemaker
Jessica Shoemaker 12 dager siden
PHENOMENAL video!!! A++ on Louisiana and Texas accents!!
Hayden Bell
Hayden Bell 12 dager siden
He butchers every Louisiana accent
Cvitan Barac
Cvitan Barac 12 dager siden
Did you know Eric Singer also plays drums in KISS?
Lars Stålgren
Lars Stålgren 13 dager siden
This is very entertaining, even for a non-american
Jill Bates
Jill Bates 13 dager siden
Glottal stops are impor-ant
Italo Laure
Italo Laure 14 dager siden
What is Latinx?
Laura Spencer
Laura Spencer 14 dager siden
Megan has crazy eyes.
1eljugo 15 dager siden
Latin"x"? WTH?!?!
Andrew Danner
Andrew Danner 15 dager siden
Less than 5% of Latinos want to ever here anyone so racist as to use the slang "latinx."
btannen777 15 dager siden
Por el amor de qualquier deidad que usted considere sagrada, deje de usar Latinx para referirse al población general latina. Sabandija pretenciosa.
Philip B
Philip B 16 dager siden
Something Ithat most struck me in MN and WI was an extreme diphthong, e.g. 'fire' pronounced 'fah-ee-yur'.
Fuerza American bulldogs
Latinx lol so annoying
Suzanne Parker
Suzanne Parker 17 dager siden
The /l/ in the initial part of a word is different than the /l/ in the final part of a word. That’s why they sound different. I’m a speech/language pathologist and had to narrowly transcribe accents in college.
Caroline Royce
Caroline Royce 17 dager siden
I went full fangirl when he got to Minnesota (my state). If Minnesotans love one thing it's people talkin' bout us.
Justice JoyceTV
Justice JoyceTV 12 dager siden
Wisconsinites, too. 🤭🤭
xbigshot1 17 dager siden
LOL..........he nailed that cajun pretty good, kudos......
Brian Cochran
Brian Cochran 18 dager siden
You lost me LatinX. Dilo mija, LATINOS.
Snooks McDermott
Snooks McDermott 18 dager siden
That Utah accent sounds a lot like central Ohio.
Hannah Roscher
Hannah Roscher 18 dager siden
For a good portion of this video, I can close my eyes hear Matthew McConaughey
b3nzay 19 dager siden
Why are all the minorities in this video so white?
RaTheGreat86 19 dager siden
Latinx is a stupidest pseudo-word . It has absolutely no meaning. Say latino, hispanic, or be silent.
c.m chido
c.m chido 19 dager siden
You can see the SADNESS on Kalina’s face each time she shared the Native American English accent evolution
Kimberly Danielle Yaya Payton
Where y'at means where are you
Marcus Ng
Marcus Ng 20 dager siden
2:22 You can see how camila hometown is SOOO near Miami
msotti 21 dag siden
I have yet to see one of these people do a Chicago accent. It's all the "superfans"
mhp0810 21 dag siden
I fast forward all narrators who are not the main dude
The Slavic Cookie
The Slavic Cookie 21 dag siden
I'd like to state that central texas(primarily in the triangle between austin houston and dallas sound a bit different than the rest of texas
Agiff 22 dager siden
The issue with me when I go to hear myself I repeat the word so Many times forgot what I was saying originally
baazam 24 dager siden
As someone who grew up in Utah: yes.
bvansenu 24 dager siden
Ya hear dat everyone? Us Chicagoans are changing da sound of da English language like Shakespeare did.
Tessa Davis
Tessa Davis 25 dager siden
As a Coloradan we have the same accent variations as Utah
Ms Pretty Kawaii
Ms Pretty Kawaii 25 dager siden
Dont take anything for "Granite" instead of Gran-ted
Cartoon Fish! Fun videos!
I wonder if he can do various Yorkshire accents?
mingoyoongi 28 dager siden
i was weirdly proud to see i live in the area of the northern cities shift that he was so excited about
Dusty Thibodaux
Dusty Thibodaux 28 dager siden
Yikes... that southern Louisiana accent is the horrible crappy accents that is used in Hollywood. We do NOT sound like that in south Louisiana...
Kailash GD
Kailash GD 28 dager siden
Aye Minnesota got its own segment
Molly 29 dager siden
You got enough ads?
David Patte
David Patte 29 dager siden
I am fascinated with these videos and will contribute some more info. I am a a Canadian who grew up in Quebec but with middle class Toronto parents. Canadians are VERY rhodic - don't make me say MIRROR. But they we are famous for our OU dipthong. Not BOOT, or BOUT, But abouw-OOt. I also hear a change in rising in sentances as well. I find it annoying.
Xavier Domenico
Xavier Domenico 29 dager siden
how many times do latino people need to say they don't like the term latinx. just stop already.
Paul Steiner
Paul Steiner 29 dager siden
Just a note as a Utah Native: The glottal stop thing isn't limited to "Mountain" and "Button" we do it to just about every word that ends similarly, like "Fountain", "Cotton", and "Layton"(a Utah city). I'm sure there are more examples, I just can't think of any right now.
D’meach da peach
D’meach da peach 29 dager siden
I’m so excited to see all different races talking about their accents. I didn’t know I needed this but I’m happy about it
Nick Harger
Nick Harger 29 dager siden
OnlyFans, but it is just Dialect Daddy talking
roy rogers
roy rogers Måned siden
Latinx isn’t a word. Say Latina or Latino.
Chungus_ Bombadil
Chungus_ Bombadil Måned siden
How do you pronounce "rhotic" or "nonrhotic" in a nonrhotic accent? Would it just be "otic"?
Thomas Payne
Thomas Payne Måned siden
hahahha She is a linguist and said latinx. Being woke rots the brain.
JaWBReaKeR 707
JaWBReaKeR 707 Måned siden
LatinX is offensive. It fully demonstrates the political narrative in full swing in this video. Disgusting anti-american garbage. Get rid of it!
Carolina Morales
Carolina Morales Måned siden
Lisa Måned siden
5 seconds on the Chicago accent? Sorry but we all do not sound the same and we don't all speak the canned TV/Movie accent of Chicagoans. What a poor representation of the Midwest in general. Stick to your east coast and southern accents or find someone more educated about the Midwest.
betenoireindustries Måned siden
the true yat accent is so immensely nuanced and granular, with differences even between upriver, downriver, eastbank and westbank, it's not surprising even professionals rarely attempt it.
TheDancerMacabre Måned siden
As a Chicagoan: We don't sound like that... Do we?!
Toxic Tyco
Toxic Tyco Måned siden
Dislike for saying latinx
Pamela Saunders
Pamela Saunders Måned siden
"I won't bell you out of jell if you get arrested for sneaking into a public swimming pull at night." 🤣 Sorry, I couldn't resist.
Hopeless Måned siden
That's a hat caffee pat
Atomsk0192 Måned siden
I'm not sure what I sound like anymore
Desiree C
Desiree C Måned siden
not me being embarrassed after he explained the northern cities shift accent
Princess Diana Rollerskating
When he showed the Chicago accent he sounded just like John Mulaney
Matt Taylor
Matt Taylor Måned siden
hwaiting fuh par' fthree. 'ello?
Laura Capps
Laura Capps Måned siden
Wait, do people actually exist who pronounce the T in button?
My Apology to Jake Paul...
My Apology to Jake Paul...
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