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Former FBI agent and body language expert Joe Navarro breaks down how he approached interrogating during his time with the FBI. Joe sets the record straight; there is no simple way to tell if a human being is lying. When looking for deceit, Joe focuses on the subject's discomfort. He also does is best to make sure the subject feels comfortable enough to open up...a far cry from the images we see in many police procedurals.

Check out Joe's book "The Dictionary of Body Language"

Books By Joe Navarro: www.jnforensics.com/books
Joe Navarro Body Language Academy: jnbodylanguageacademy.com
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Former FBI Agent Breaks Down Interrogation Techniques | WIRED




26. jan.. 2021





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Michael Richman
Michael Richman 3 timer siden
All I see while he's talking is the book he wrote and is trying to sell us subconsciously that's sitting behind him in EVERY SHOT...
Swift Umbra
Swift Umbra 3 timer siden
If you want to learn more about body language I'd recommend his book "what everybody is saying" good read, haven't finished it but I do recommend it. Teaches a lot of different signs that people give off when communicating.
D C 9 timer siden
Trying to be like GQ huh?
Jason Yu
Jason Yu 18 timer siden
Imagine this guy delivering a speech in university.. the voice is driving me asleep
This is very helpful Viva El 🇨🇳!
Blake tha Boss
Blake tha Boss 2 dager siden
His daughter lies Him: I’m already ahead of you
Victor Bukowsky
Victor Bukowsky 2 dager siden
I'd waterboard, then sleep depravation, then more waterboarding lol My interrogation style.
Internet W4nk3r
Internet W4nk3r 3 dager siden
So this is how they "persuade" politicians...
TheFridayVerse 3 dager siden
The Chad Chill FBI Agent vs the Virgin CIA Agent
Martin Ligabue
Martin Ligabue 3 dager siden
1millionRamen 3 dager siden
criminals watching this: interesting...
ÞúnráR 3 dager siden
Wow! Unpack that
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi 3 dager siden
Next up.. Cat breaks down Cat scenes
Lj Demaris
Lj Demaris 3 dager siden
This guy has some pretty good information the last guy I watched he was wrong on a couple things especially in the verbal area but this guy is pretty good
The Creatures Corner
The Creatures Corner 4 dager siden
“Not one prosecutor could detect the truth, but they all claimed to be able to detect deception”
Julian Handy
Julian Handy 4 dager siden
My mom’s main technique was the chanclas *Vietnam flashbacks*
GOONZOOF 4 dager siden
My mom gave it to me idk why wtf does that have to do with anything why do you care I'm freaking out
Stephen Rodriguez
Stephen Rodriguez 4 dager siden
i dont nkow about questioning, but i know about answering: I WANNA A LAWYA
Marcelo Silveira
Marcelo Silveira 5 dager siden
FBI: we put the dude next to the door, so he feels confortable Me, who hates having his back to the door: "sweats profusely*
MrSouthsideMuscle 5 dager siden
Interrogations at a strip club in colombia
hotdog 6 dager siden
Dad, I didn't scratch your car. Oh OK, let's sit down and talk about it. Dad I scratched your car.
JR 6 dager siden
The calmness of this guy is frightening.
rik michaels
rik michaels 7 dager siden
Diana Cavendish
Diana Cavendish 7 dager siden
FBI is overrated, teach me how to torture someone then we’ll talk
Tero Korhonen
Tero Korhonen 7 dager siden
제규형 8 dager siden
It was so interesting to see this video. Thanks for uploading it. I've always wondered whether stuff like truth serums and whatnot and other convenient things that exist in movies, and I think this video definitely cleared that up for me.
Azazel 8 dager siden
CIA :make sure you use this ointment since water boarding gives sore muscles
Scarecrow lego
Scarecrow lego 8 dager siden
Is that Mass Effect music I hear?
Johnatan Villalta
Johnatan Villalta 8 dager siden
Genjutsu at it’s finest
Oek Foh
Oek Foh 8 dager siden
I spoke to a lawyer about a traffic infringement and he noticed I was being a weird c**t this video made me realise he did and said everything for a reason based on my behaviour but we still got nowhere about my case because I couldn't express exactly why I was so nervous, because even I don't know
Abhinav Lingam
Abhinav Lingam 9 dager siden
Qasim 9 dager siden
I wonder how many of those innocent exonerations were black... certainly in nearly all the examples shown.
Qasim 9 dager siden
What he meant to say was "dont forget to bring your water and towel !"
Jan K
Jan K 9 dager siden
Apollo Justice!
Hakim Habib
Hakim Habib 9 dager siden
I can 100% tell if someone is lying in fact its pretty easy in hindsight
YHK 9 dager siden
11:50 wow ok guess I’m also an FBI agent
Saeed Mahjoori
Saeed Mahjoori 9 dager siden
Me: sees this and be like oh working for FBI should be cool! Also me: remembers he's Iranian and has no chance. lol Also me: finds out this gentleman is Cuban-born! But yeah I guess you need at least a US citizenship.
Vintage sonic 1
Vintage sonic 1 9 dager siden
The FBI wants to know your loaction.
FakeBoss 10 dager siden
His kids must not have gotten away with much or they became godly liars
Adam Dilley
Adam Dilley 10 dager siden
@10:38 is there a law or something to reference?
Syed Moiz Raza -USA
Syed Moiz Raza -USA 11 dager siden
Love u FBI❤🇺🇲❤
SWED510 11 dager siden
So basically finding the truth is just a matter of trial and error.
All Of The Sith
All Of The Sith 11 dager siden
Step one: calm the suspect Batman: I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see that
ChroLinkz 11 dager siden
I outsmarted your outsmarting me.
nullins 12 dager siden
im indicator.
Elijah Adelman
Elijah Adelman 12 dager siden
When he said the word homeostasis I had 7th grade science flashbacks
Exotic Cats
Exotic Cats 12 dager siden
Another classmate of mine blamed me for something I didn’t do in elementary school. I denied it, but the teacher didn’t believe me. (This teacher in particular almost always believed the person who accused someone.) I kept denying until she said I’d have to stay in for recess. I decided to confess then and got in even more trouble because I “lied at the start.”
FH 12 dager siden
3:20 Well this is not true. Not remembering where the keys are is what initiates stress.
Jack Strawb
Jack Strawb 12 dager siden
7:00 - How many false confessions did the idiots at the FBI elicit?
Ayla 13 dager siden
This is why I have always doubted body language books. Touching your nose or hair during a conversation doesn’t mean anything. That can’t possibly give away if I’m lying or not.
John Cwiek
John Cwiek 13 dager siden
How to avoid all of this with 4 magic words: “I want a lawyer.”
シ //
シ // 13 dager siden
" The bigger the explanation, the more likely it is to be a lie"
Bee Velvet
Bee Velvet 15 dager siden
Please stop the images changing ever few seconds! Lower and slower
Mr. James
Mr. James 15 dager siden
I love the background is so plain and simple and the only thing that sticks out and is easily readable is this guy book. you sell em slick.
Dahlia Cardenas
Dahlia Cardenas 15 dager siden
YASSSSSSSSSS I literally look up to him
Sweet Toother
Sweet Toother 16 dager siden
03:10 Coffee ?! They're giving the interviewee coffee to calm them down ?!
Negan Van
Negan Van 16 dager siden
So, what does it mean if you talk with ur hands like he's doing... besides being Italian ;) (How do u get an Italian to shut up, tie their hands behind their back. That's what made me think of that)
Ickey Sticky.
Ickey Sticky. 16 dager siden
Yeah, I'm Lieing, Been told lies all my life. So how do you expect me to know the Truth?
Ickey Sticky.
Ickey Sticky. 16 dager siden
Nope, Not Raciest at all. Unless you include everyone but myself, than Earthling, Human you are beneth me.
Ickey Sticky.
Ickey Sticky. 16 dager siden
I did, I lost count after Never before the Nothing.
orang monke
orang monke 16 dager siden
11:38 "most of us lie 3-5 times an hour" me who hasn't had 3 conversations in the past year: *surprised monke face*
EPIC12EPIC 18 dager siden
Imagine this guy is your FBI agent while you watch this
Travis Rose
Travis Rose 19 dager siden
if someone in law enforcement is talking to you its not because they want to be your friend. Just keep your mouth shut. Lawyer up.
Vor 19 dager siden
"You don't put them in the corner...You put them next to the door" .....then why in EVERY police interrogation tape the suspect is in the corner?
Mary Jackson
Mary Jackson 19 dager siden
Third grade interrogative skills 😂
fallguy747 20 dager siden
Don't talk to the police. Lawyer up.
Agrim Puriya
Agrim Puriya 21 dag siden
Finally the important question, does he know my browsing history?
Gihan R
Gihan R 21 dag siden
Perfect subconscious advertising
Vrianne desucatan
Vrianne desucatan 21 dag siden
K now I know...
Jonatan Marklund
Jonatan Marklund 22 dager siden
Personally I get super uncomfortable if I sit closer to the door then the person I'm talking with. I want to see the door, that's when I feel comfortable and in control. #ptsd
Rodschi Ali
Rodschi Ali 22 dager siden
I want to know what his thoughts on lie detectors are.
SAMEDI’S DEMON 22 dager siden
Watch the feet Comfort/Discomfort
Johnny Sun
Johnny Sun 23 dager siden
9:17 dating advice please
Trevor Moomaw
Trevor Moomaw 23 dager siden
So basically they do the exact opposite of cops
shubham singh
shubham singh 23 dager siden
So you're saying most convicted people were innocents! Apparently the best agency in USA punished people on theory which was based on bs assumptions! WOW! I feel sorry
Göktuğ Çağlar Gönüller
This guy is the enemy of Lie to Me
Parabellum 1988
Parabellum 1988 24 dager siden
Future criminals entered the chat
Wizzle 24 dager siden
Can't get into the program because there is commercials every 3 minutes.
Chloé 25 dager siden
This man should watch johnny depp and amber rose interview. It would be HIGHLIGHT of the year. Her story does not stick to original script
1 w
1 w 26 dager siden
FINALLY...a REAL expert!! Someone who actually KNOWS what they're talking about. There are SOOO many videos out there now of people breaking down interrogations, who claim to be "experts" or professionals, who have NO clue what they're talking about. It's okay for entertainment purposes, but people actually buy into it & take it to heart.
Ryan Randall
Ryan Randall 26 dager siden
1st we make them uncomfortable as possible. 2nd we look for signs of discomfort.... Great plan chief. Give this guy a promotion.
rj oreilly
rj oreilly 27 dager siden
The garrulous leg really earn because reaction morally saw within a spotted surgeon. statuesque, phobic burn
Robert Donovan
Robert Donovan 27 dager siden
Fake fake certs with failed everything time to eat a twinky
Jason Souvannarath
Jason Souvannarath 29 dager siden
As a novelist who has to write interrogation scenes this is highly informative, esp. for the blind viewers here. Thank you, thank you thank you!
Natalia W
Natalia W 29 dager siden
He's better in teaching nonverbal language than my therapist let that sink in
Oliver McKay
Oliver McKay 29 dager siden
The miscreant insulation alternatively carry because trapezoid anatomically spot near a whispering taste. tangy, penitent nail
Sudheer R
Sudheer R 29 dager siden
Its impossible to tell if a person is lying unless one knows the past behaviour patterns of that person, previous history of lying and how truthful he pretended to be, before actually being caught. Above analysis is all speculation and for the weak minded.
kilroy1964 Måned siden
So... do the exact opposite of what the police do. Right?
Thani Malhan
Thani Malhan Måned siden
This guy is the perfect toking body
Monkeywrench542 Måned siden
Do you think that someone has gone through military SERE training can not be broken under an FBI interrogation?
nomad with a camera
nomad with a camera Måned siden
Jokes on you. Im allways on edge in the presence of another human.
Mayra Collin
Mayra Collin Måned siden
The voracious garlic alarmingly bathe because basin frequently march given a didactic land. eatable, innate energy
inkey2 Måned siden
Funny......he is using all the hand gestures himself.
Alec Monafis
Alec Monafis Måned siden
The same promotion sporadically pull because target demographically mix notwithstanding a first armenian. sneaky, little bowling
habeeb Mohammed
habeeb Mohammed Måned siden
Is it just me or in his second point about creating discomfort he actually got loud and made a situation of discomfort???
A Dolite
A Dolite Måned siden
i love this , anxiety dosent mean nothing criminal. everything else is still in consideration
william burn
william burn Måned siden
The literate card precisely attend because vinyl therapeutically want like a meaty side. mature, cagey slice
Pika Vatak
Pika Vatak Måned siden
OMG The Behavior Panel talk about Joe Navarro a lot and I see why, he is good at what he does :)
Sergio Fabrietti
Sergio Fabrietti Måned siden
CIA be like: "The more bones you can break a person, the higher the chances they confess whatever you want them to confess"
FUTURE Måned siden
FROUD Fake Leaders FROUD Fake President
Fake Fortune Teller Prank!
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