Military Historian Breaks Down Medieval Weapons in Video Games | WIRED 

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In this episode of Game Over(analyzed), military historian Mike Loades breaks down how medieval weapons and armor are portrayed in modern video games. Watch as Mike takes a look at armor and weapons from games like Dark Souls, Mordhau, The Witcher 3, For Honor, Kingdom Come: Deliverance and more. Just how realistic are these games?

Check out Mike's books here: www.amazon.com/Mike-Loades/e/B0045DZ5OY?ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1&qid=1610025854&sr=8-1
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Military Historian Breaks Down Medieval Weapons in Video Games | WIRED




4. jan.. 2021





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killing field
killing field 2 timer siden
This was FANTASTIC, I loved seeing him get excited TWICE in 30 minutes because the game did it correctly 😂🤣🍻
Daniël Meijer
Daniël Meijer 14 timer siden
Why the heck didnt they show kingdom come combat
GhostRights 16 timer siden
You’d never get bored if this gentleman was your teacher. You would have to be TRYING not to pay attention.
William Andrade
William Andrade Dag siden
My acquaintance with Mr. Loads was through Weapons that Made Britain. Great historian and host
Fred Gleeson
Fred Gleeson Dag siden
This guy is the kind of teacher at school who you could distract easily with unrelated questions and they would then ramble on for three quarters of a lesson, forget what was going on and let you go early..
Jerry Gu
Jerry Gu Dag siden
also a Historian on comfortable chairs.
Pappy Dag siden
Sloan Wain-Clarkson
Sloan Wain-Clarkson 2 dager siden
so no ones gonna talk about how the thumbnail says for honor and shows a picture of chivalry
Dark Prince
Dark Prince 2 dager siden
He is the most enthusiastic person I have seen on the wired
Kuzz 2 dager siden
this dude is so cool
lygophile 3 dager siden
a few times i felt like the clip shown and the clip he is responding to are not the same.
- K -
- K - 3 dager siden
This man's passion is something else.
Grichka Bogdanoff
Grichka Bogdanoff 3 dager siden
Mount and Blade but no Kenshi?! Kinda cringe... 😬
mat p
mat p 4 dager siden
This guy should voice a blacksmith in a video-game.
Reliquary87 4 dager siden
Yes the spear is useless if you don't know how to use them, people do often try to grab them and close the gap but if your footwork is good and you're able to keep the distance between your opponent you should be fine.
Reliquary87 4 dager siden
He might be correct on the point of axes that yes those indeed were used more in the dark and early middle ages. However it was conceivable for those to be still used as the axe didn't change overly much. Additionally the smaller fighting axe could be thrown and done so often, particularly with the vikings.
Jalcome 4 dager siden
I like his vocabulary
Огњен Јаковљевић
Know this dude
A cat on his hind legs.
This man has clearly not used a spear an awful lot. If someone gets close you use it as a quarter staff.
Kadyn Brinser
Kadyn Brinser 5 dager siden
This dude plays skyrim
Chicco 5 dager siden
"Just one kebabi and you are done" Man, you killed me there 🤣
Mac P
Mac P 5 dager siden
Military Historian analysing Bannerlord :) gotta love the internet
Fløcke 5 dager siden
I wanted to be like mike when i was young
Jonathan Bergeron
Jonathan Bergeron 5 dager siden
I was sort of hoping you'd cover combat in Kingdom Come. Sure it can be wonky at times, but out of all the games I feel this one's combat was the most inspired by historical medieval martial arts. That and plate armor in that game is just as overpowered as you'd expect to be in real life.
BromdenChief 5 dager siden
If history teachers would be like him, kids would actually learn history.
Sondergarden 5 dager siden
If there was game that could replicate a medieval battle with 100% accuracy, it wouldn’t be very fun at all
Phil Sayer
Phil Sayer 6 dager siden
This guy was on Time Commanders! Still bringing history to gaming - what a cool boomer!
Jojochessnoob 6 dager siden
Well only Geralt was holding his swords on his back not the other characters
Jojochessnoob 6 dager siden
How is here no Assassin's Creed lmao
I Do Stuff
I Do Stuff 6 dager siden
Just to get a microsecond of bite *cuts guy's head off*
Rushiplays 6 dager siden
I want him to be my history teacher
Rusydi Omar
Rusydi Omar 6 dager siden
Loves this! Please bring Antony Cummins onboard to review Japanese/ Chinese historical warfare!
Crosswalker 6 dager siden
Love how he's totally into it as he's telling 😁👍 Passionate!
VitaKet 7 dager siden
Am I the only one surprised there are no Total War games here?
VRStuz 7 dager siden
He is such a wholesome man
Blar Froer
Blar Froer 8 dager siden
Please also watch Shad's reply on Shadiversity. Mike has an extensive knowledge on history, but he got a few things about martial arts wrong.
Mike Gregory
Mike Gregory 8 dager siden
'And I don't believe heads fly like that'. Now i'm curious to Mr. Loades experience of the matter.
Daliah Noir
Daliah Noir 8 dager siden
You just don't get this kind of passion in anyone these days. He makes everything so interesting and fun to watch, as if he was telling a wonderful story. He'd be the best history teacher ever
Thomas Vertommen
Thomas Vertommen 8 dager siden
Fun fact; throwing swords is actually in Fior Dei Liberi's fighting manual. But it's basically seen as a last resort. Throwing it, and running for your life are closely related here. Or closing in and grappling your opponent (but again, desperate). It's a dueling manoeuvre anyways, and not really viable in combat with multiple opponents. Edit: oh and they're thrown like a javelin or spear, not like a throwing axe...
Anaroth 8 dager siden
this man has passion
denethorr3 8 dager siden
too bad he didn't get to comment the sword fighting in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.
Sainted Heathen
Sainted Heathen 9 dager siden
Where's the spike on that targe ? & where's the Dirk?
Sainted Heathen
Sainted Heathen 9 dager siden
Herecles used a greek longbow
Wilbur Seymore
Wilbur Seymore 9 dager siden
I love Witcher 3 but I must admit that in real life, Geralt will get absolutely destroyed in a fight with his strange fighting styles. He's always exposing a flank, or blocking haymaker blows with his edge. Edge blocking is one way to destroy your weapon quickly. Still a good game and I need to do another playthrough...
ivy duh
ivy duh 10 dager siden
You should bring him back and have him react to demon slayer scenes ^-^
Michael Massa
Michael Massa 10 dager siden
"The speed of the arrow onto the string was credible,. I could shoot that fast, maybe even a little faster." Mike Loades 13:51
Dragz johnson
Dragz johnson 10 dager siden
I put Greek fire in my car and I can leave it running all night, and still have a full tank by morning
Dragz johnson
Dragz johnson 10 dager siden
Mace on a poll wouldnt have worked due to length of the poll making it hard to deliver force needed without a huge arc to swing the momentum up. A chain gives you the length with more versatility than a poll. It's a distancing mace. Like pollaxe is but faster
Em Spearing
Em Spearing 11 dager siden
I'm a mage. I shoot 'em with fire, arcane or ice. None of that mechanical falderal. For the Horde!
Roy Piltdown
Roy Piltdown 11 dager siden
as a boring old historian, i can attest that it was a game that got me hooked - not a video game, we didnt have those when i was coming up, but an RPG, and it was "wow, the guys that created this game didnt know Jacques Sierra when it came to how historical weapons were really used" that got me going.
rockstar450 12 dager siden
This guy is freaking excellent! He needs his own channel!
Okruzal 12 dager siden
Mike Loads: 5:41 Medieval masters of the Italian sword fighting style: *Even we have no idea!*
Ron G
Ron G 12 dager siden
Why did that Bannerlord clip have them using circle formation while being pelted by arrows... that was painful lol
Cas 14 dager siden
This man is a national treasure
Jacob Scalf
Jacob Scalf 15 dager siden
Yo this guy rocks
dookcur ruff
dookcur ruff 16 dager siden
21:02 lol the rad brad
Brian Anwar
Brian Anwar 16 dager siden
Grampa: the advantage of using spear is its reach! Also grampa: the disadvantage of using spear....is it's reach! 😂😂😂😂
Der Alex
Der Alex 17 dager siden
Thumbnail showing Chivarly: FOR HONOR( 2017)
Canzandridas Joe
Canzandridas Joe 17 dager siden
I'm only 8 minutes into this and I already know that this video should be MUCH LONGER. There seems to be some kind of stigma about making long videos. Well, there is, actually, but only if your video sucks. This man knows what he's talking about and it could only do good to let him talk for longer
angelicdexter 17 dager siden
There's just something about the way he says: 'Next.. Let's take a look at axes'. You gotta love the dude
Alexander Stoev
Alexander Stoev 18 dager siden
man why this couldn't be my history teacher? whyyyyyy??????????
Cinnamontoast999 19 dager siden
Why little to no kingdom combat gameplay?
thePIRjA 19 dager siden
Amazing to see a man who can appreciate the action and atmosphere even when it is not fully historically authentic.
Skrimlin Potatoe
Skrimlin Potatoe 19 dager siden
More, More, More!!! I need more of him!!!!
Jéster 19 dager siden
I dont know if I am one of the few who had a problem with this video but whoever cut this video made it confusing and strange.
Nicolas Ruesch
Nicolas Ruesch 20 dager siden
Tremendous! Loved it! :)
killerskyhawk None
killerskyhawk None 20 dager siden
I think I can say this with everyone in the comments agreeing with me I hope mike comes back for a lot more videos
killerskyhawk None
killerskyhawk None 20 dager siden
I’d assume the only time you’d block with a sword is when it’s that or certain death
Owo Uwu
Owo Uwu 20 dager siden
No skyrim sae
Momenthumb 18 dager siden
Skyrim has basically no weapon combat strategy. there's attack, block, and that's it
D4l4m4r 20 dager siden
I would think that the main advantage of a double edged sword is that you can use the long egde (Lange Schneide) as well as the short edge (Kurze Schneide) in combat, as inverse strikes (verstürzte Häue) are a common thing in sword fighting. Its way more than "you can use the other side of the blade".
TheBossHavoc 21 dag siden
I’m glad he actually reacted to good games
João 21 dag siden
Next up: Military historian Mike Loades analyzes Warhammer 40K Armor.
Rob Lewis
Rob Lewis 21 dag siden
This man's passion for swords is so infectious. I didn't know anything about swords before this video but now I'm going to go learn.
Vile Beggar
Vile Beggar 21 dag siden
I played every single one of those games, I feel like such a medieval nerd
KarlaRei 21 dag siden
Well, I found my new favorite asmr sound--a knowledgeable person talking about medieval weaponry.
CJCHU 21 dag siden
I love how indignant he got over swords being thrown
Hati 21 dag siden
What a soothing voice to listen to
shin asuka
shin asuka 22 dager siden
me:its suposed to be fun not right
Giagantus 22 dager siden
I think the Italian school of swordsmanship shows some plates where u throw the sword.
alma sombria
alma sombria 22 dager siden
Darksouls teach the kids very,very wrong among these years. And no, no humans using a gigantic sword on one hand, and a wall shield in the other! That's the lamest thing i ever seen in action rpg game. And don use that jokes with: "oh but all you need is up your strength and dex" that's really trash jokes and memes of ds community is already dead now. Its sucks
54321mas 23 dager siden
If only all history professors were as passionate as he is!
Luca Grignaffini
Luca Grignaffini 23 dager siden
every word he said, were full of passion i love him
Maximus Memeicus
Maximus Memeicus 23 dager siden
I want the uncut version of this vid, they cut him off too much. I want to hear everything grampa mike has to say
Accel Lex
Accel Lex 23 dager siden
The passion in his art of storytelling is incredible. If only my teachers were "dull historians" like him. I'd actually get inspired more often..
Vargas Martín
Vargas Martín 24 dager siden
The amount of passion this man has is amazig, i love it. It's making me interested. Wired should bring him again for other videos
Tejan D
Tejan D 24 dager siden
"A powerful man with a powerful thrust"
Keegon King
Keegon King 24 dager siden
Wish he did Stronghold 🤓
Mark Evans
Mark Evans 24 dager siden
What fantastic presenting.Great video,thank you.
Brett Dudenhoeffer
Brett Dudenhoeffer 25 dager siden
This guy was awesome.
Natasha 25 dager siden
this guy is amazing. best expert yet
Damian Balcer
Damian Balcer 26 dager siden
I could listen to this man over and over again. Such charisma! I love that He is talking about these games with respect. We need more people like that!
Darrak 27 dager siden
14:20 this is why its historically inaccurate for women/slim people to use larger bows.
Bronzethelegend36 4
Bronzethelegend36 4 28 dager siden
I think the fire arrows were covered in oil
Uga Buga
Uga Buga 28 dager siden
This guy is saying some seriously wrong things for being a historian.
Gab Möllerke
Gab Möllerke 28 dager siden
I remember watching a documentary with this guy couple of years ago and man, he's awesome
Aidan Hammer
Aidan Hammer 28 dager siden
does this awesome man have a youtube channel?
Byron Conn
Byron Conn 28 dager siden
This old mans take on all this is so wholesome hanr informative. We need more old men like him (:
eoin o doherty
eoin o doherty 28 dager siden
games need to get people like him to help them get facts right
DyzTroYa x
DyzTroYa x 29 dager siden
Hes so passionate I love it. And he obviously knows his stuff
Luke McInerny
Luke McInerny Måned siden
Mike id point you to Mr Shad Brooks regarding back sccabards lol