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Michael Beckley, an associate professor of political science at Tufts University, goes over some common myths and facts about US and China relations. Are The United States and China destined for war? Is China surveilling U.S. data? Is the Chinese government about to collapse?

Check out Michael's book: www.amazon.com/Unrivaled-America-Superpower-Cornell-Security/dp/1501724789
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U.S. - China Relations, Explained | WIRED




22. feb.. 2021





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Freddie Dag siden
He started wrong, I don't think China is autocracy...it is a one-party-system/communist-stated country, running by the communist party.
Eric Jiang
Eric Jiang Dag siden
This guy is the next Francis Fukuyama, democracy is the final form of political system lol, gonna beat his own face in the future.
Eric Jiang
Eric Jiang Dag siden
You look like someone paid by American government to make them feel good about themselves
Eric Jiang
Eric Jiang Dag siden
Remember somebody said democracy would remain the sole system in the world.
Eric Jiang
Eric Jiang Dag siden
R u funded by falungong
Michelle Brown
Michelle Brown 2 dager siden
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Mohammed Ibrahim
determination is highly needed in trading because only a brave heart is determined to take the risky involved in making great profit
Jack Nathaniel
Jack Nathaniel Dag siden
when I saw testimonies all over the place I thought it was all made up stories till i was convinced and gave it a try and honestly I don't regret the move I made because invested in a big way
Jack Nathaniel
Jack Nathaniel Dag siden
when I saw testimonies all over the place I thought it was all made up stories till i was convinced and gave it a try and honestly I don't regret the move I made because invested in a big way
Jack Nathaniel
Jack Nathaniel Dag siden
@Ryan Kelvin you are right trading with a professional broker is the best option
Ryan Kelvin
Ryan Kelvin Dag siden
most people remain poor only because friends and relatives discouraged and advised them investing and trading forex while the wise one's kept investing and growing higher financially
Ciurea Daniel
Ciurea Daniel 2 dager siden
Another american propagandist filled by wishfull thinking!
Bill Kong
Bill Kong 2 dager siden
unremarkable propaganda. "We're good and they're bad" tell me something interesting
Jose John Bernard Aguilar
"countries that have an alliance with the USA have pretty much never been invaded or fight major wars." Lies. The US only fights for itself, and by itself, the US corporations and the rich.
Lucas Zvolanek
Lucas Zvolanek 3 dager siden
Chinas economy declined most during the trump administration 🤣 but ok
Lucas Zvolanek
Lucas Zvolanek 3 dager siden
He’s so intelectual that he forgot the aircraft carriers the United States has that no one comes close.
Tom Goddard
Tom Goddard 3 dager siden
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 3 dager siden
It’s annoying how the media has a defeatist attitude towards China
Powder_ Days
Powder_ Days 4 dager siden
America: flawed democracy China: flawed communist country, (not like Nth Korea)
Powder_ Days
Powder_ Days 4 dager siden
War is inevitable
Powder_ Days
Powder_ Days 4 dager siden
No superpower or empire lasts forever...
Izhar Husain
Izhar Husain 4 dager siden
Like US is not Spying, Actually US spying on another level - Edward Snowden
mat steadyy
mat steadyy 4 dager siden
Third World War is United States vs China,India vs Pakistan and Saudi Arabia vs Iran
Thescoop 5 dager siden
We don’t need war now. Just gotta humble them.
刘杰 5 dager siden
Even China was first attacked by massive a-bombs,90 % was wiped out. China still have the ability to take revenge destroy the whole other world . There are many secret ICBM bases in the remote area,the deserts in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia ,the mountains in Tibet and south west China,deep under ground caves.also mobile ICBM on the trains throughout China along with the nuclear submarine in the ocean. If only considering small conventional war,China still have endless manpower,world largest industrial manufacturing ability and decent military technology,what’s more they are really united and well organized,the authorities ensure strong national will to do anything without objects
Pure Zen
Pure Zen 5 dager siden
No one needs virus . It will die in isolation
Pure Zen
Pure Zen 5 dager siden
Its time Russia should join hands with democracies and break freinship with the viruss
Sabin Figaro
Sabin Figaro 6 dager siden
Let's hope so...
Peter Ip
Peter Ip 7 dager siden
The USA commits human rights abuses outside its borders, China commits them in side its borders. The USA wages crusades in Muslim countries, China builds belt and road in Muslims countries. The USA economic growth of 3% is based on the loans it taken out. China economic growth is the result of long term economic planning. The USA export false democracy, China does not export its ideology.
John Isaac Felipe
John Isaac Felipe 7 dager siden
China commits human rights abuses outside of its borders, Cambodia, the philippines, and many other nations are experiencing great displacement and a massive uptick in homicide, human trafficking, slavery, etc due to them offsetting their gambling and money laundering operations in these countries. Bangladesh had to give up the port china built to them because of high-interest debt that china provided. China literally exports its ideology, the reason why so many countries in Asia has communists insurgencies is because of China's foreign policy. You clearly have no idea what it is like living in Asia.
Adrian Maulana
Adrian Maulana 8 dager siden
I hope they fight in outer space without ruining the earth
Teddy Graham
Teddy Graham 8 dager siden
Great video. More like this.
Venom Plays
Venom Plays 9 dager siden
US: *Surveillances Data on internet Secretly* China: *Does the Same* US: You can't do that its illegal like bruh both are a**
LuckerZ 9 dager siden
Fake trash video😂
LuckerZ 9 dager siden
Who spies more between the US and China? Honestly I don't think China spies more.
JiTiAr35 9 dager siden
"China's only ally is North Korea" 🤣.
Luz Sinchongco
Luz Sinchongco 10 dager siden
weird. I was in a half while watching this on my huawei phone
Luz Sinchongco
Luz Sinchongco 10 dager siden
then it crashed
Mat Salleh
Mat Salleh 10 dager siden
Capitalism sucks...China will survive.It's called Sun Tzu art of war.. 🤗 In China there is no Military Industrial Complex...and Corporate elites. Vietnam,India and Indonesia will win the most.
Beta Kill
Beta Kill 10 dager siden
My country is poor I hope we don't get caught up in war
Markos Mataas
Markos Mataas 10 dager siden
It is interesting. If US wants to play Taiwan card so furiously and then CHINA can play Cuba and Venezuela too. After all, there are already plenty of evidences of American coercion and invasions on Cuba and Venezuela in recent years. CHINA just wants to protect the autonomy of these countries if US wants to play hard ball... Oh the ignorance and arrogance of the Americans has no bounds. 🤣
Mark Angelo Apolonio
Mark Angelo Apolonio 10 dager siden
But the recent actions of China show that their not afraid of provoking the world It seems they had some kind of trump card..... Cause the expansion of their territory....it's kind of obvious what their thinking that it even catch the eye of the world
Omar Onn
Omar Onn 11 dager siden
MALAY SUBTITLES Part 4 of 4 12:06 pada masa yang sama ekonominya semakin perlahan. 12:09 Dan sekiranya kedua-dua trend itu berterusan 12:11 Cita-cita kuasa super China dapat dihancurkan. 12:14 [muzik terang] 12:17 Intinya ialah sekurang-kurangnya untuk dekad berikutnya 12:20 Persaingan AS-China kemungkinan akan berlanjutan 12:22 di seluruh bidang politik dunia. 12:26 Berita baiknya ialah kedua-dua negara ini 12:27 saling memerlukan pada akhir hari, 12:29 mereka saling memerlukan 12:30 untuk menyelesaikan masalah transnasional besar seperti perubahan iklim 12:33 untuk mengatur ekonomi global. 12:34 Jadi dengan harapan adalah kepala yang lebih sejuk akan menang 12:36 dan kedua-dua negara sebenarnya akan bekerjasama, 12:38 tetapi ia pasti tidak dijamin. 12:40 [muzik terang]
Omar Onn
Omar Onn 11 dager siden
MALAY SUBTITLES Part 2 of 4 04:02 Sekiranya CIA sebenarnya membiayai, Falun Gong 04:05 mereka mengalami gangguan serius 04:07 kerana anggota Falun Gong 04:09 telah menemui Epic Times 04:11 yang kini menyebarkan maklumat salah 04:14 dan teori konspirasi di Amerika Syarikat 04:16 yang pada dasarnya menyebabkan orang Amerika saling berpaling. 04:19 Saya tidak tahu mahu pergi ke mana 04:20 tetapi [ketawa] itu tidak masuk akal. 04:22 [muzik optimis] 04:24 Amerika Syarikat adalah ancaman terbesar terhadap keamanan dunia. 04:27 Saya rasa itu benar 04:28 tetapi saya juga berpendapat bahawa Amerika Syarikat mempunyai potensi paling besar 04:31 menjadi penyumbang perdamaian terbesar. 04:34 Begitu juga sebagai negara paling berkuasa dalam sejarah 04:36 ketika Amerika Syarikat meletakkan beratnya di belakang sesuatu 04:38 dunia akan diperbaiki, sama ada menjadi lebih baik atau lebih buruk. 04:42 Amerika Syarikat hanya dalam beberapa dekad terakhir, 04:45 menjatuhkan sejumlah rejim. 04:47 Sudah tentu ia mempunyai pangkalan tentera 04:50 hampir di setiap benua. 04:51 Ini satu-satunya negara yang boleh berperang besar 04:54 jauh melampaui batasnya. 04:55 Dan malapetaka itu jelas. 04:58 Anda melihat Iraq, Vietnam, senarai itu berterusan. 05:01 Saya rasa beberapa kejayaan kurang jelas 05:03 dan satu yang saya akan ketengahkan ialah sistem ini 05:05 pakatan AS yang diperpanjang setelah perang dunia II. 05:09 Oleh itu, Amerika Syarikat telah menawarkan jaminan keselamatan 05:11 kepada puluhan bangsa 05:13 dan itu telah membantu mewujudkan zon keamanan di seluruh dunia. 05:16 Negara yang mempunyai pakatan dengan Amerika Syarikat 05:18 hampir tidak pernah diceroboh 05:20 atau terpaksa berperang besar. 05:21 Jadi apa yang telah dilakukan oleh jaminan keselamatan ini 05:23 pada dasarnya adalah negara yang dibenarkan 05:25 tidak perlu membina tentera besar, 05:27 untuk mempertahankan sempadan mereka sendiri 05:28 tidak perlu memperjuangkan sumber atau akses pasaran 05:31 yang menjadi kebiasaan selama ribuan tahun sebelum tahun 1945. 05:35 Jadi semasa saya fikir ia pasti benar 05:36 bahawa Amerika Syarikat mempunyai kuasa untuk menghancurkan dunia 05:39 dan menghancurkan dunia yang dimilikinya dengan pelbagai cara. 05:41 Ia juga mempunyai kemampuan untuk benar-benar 05:43 menjadikan dunia lebih aman dan sejahtera. 05:45 [muzik optimis] 05:47 Kerajaan China akan hampir runtuh. 05:50 Saya rasa itu sangat tidak mungkin. 05:51 China boleh dikatakan terkuat di dunia 05:55 pasukan keselamatan dalaman. 05:56 Oleh itu, ambil sistem penguatkuasaan undang-undang Amerika 05:59 sekarang tambah 3 juta pengawal keselamatan tambahan 06:02 2 juta sensor internet, 600 juta kamera pengawasan 06:07 dan sesuatu yang disebut oleh China sebagai Polis Bersenjata Rakyat 06:09 yang pada hakikatnya adalah tentera sebanyak 1.2 juta tentera 06:13 yang ditujukan ke arah rakyat China sendiri. 06:16 Jadi intinya adalah Parti Komunis China 06:19 tidak akan turun tanpa pergaduhan 06:20 dan ia boleh berperang seperti neraka. 06:22 Sekarang, satu-satunya cara anda sebenarnya 06:23 mendapat kejatuhan Parti Komunis China 06:26 jika ada perpecahan di peringkat elit, 06:28 itulah yang terjadi sebelum Pembunuhan Tiananmen Square, 06:31 di mana anda mempunyai garis keras berbanding reformis 06:33 dan parti itu hampir runtuh. 06:35 Tetapi saya berpendapat bahawa pemimpin China pada dasarnya 06:37 belajar pelajaran Tiananmen. 06:40 Mereka menyedari bahawa mereka sama-sama berpadu 06:42 atau mereka akan digantung secara berasingan 06:44 dan tidak ada yang mengambil pelajaran ini 06:45 lebih jauh ke hati daripada Xi Jinping 06:47 yang telah membersihkan ribuan pesaing politiknya. 06:51 Dia menumpuk dek tertinggi pemerintahan China 06:54 dengan orang yang setia kepadanya. 06:55 Dia bahkan menulis dirinya dalam perlembagaan China. 06:58 Jadi sementara Xi Jinping sudah pasti telah mencipta banyak musuh 07:00 dengan menghancurkan banyak keluarga Cina yang kuat. 07:02 Dia mempunyai keperibadian dan pegangan besi yang kuat 07:06 akan menjadikannya sangat sukar untuk dikeluarkan pada bila-bila masa 07:09 pada masa akan datang 07:10 [muzik optimis] 07:11 Hubungan AS-China bertambah buruk 07:13 di bawah pentadbiran Trump. 07:15 Saya rasa itu pada dasarnya benar. 07:16 Donald Trump adalah presiden AS yang pertama 07:18 untuk benar-benar mengadakan persaingan spektrum penuh dengan China. 07:22 Dia memimpin peningkatan kekuatan ketenteraan AS 07:26 diarahkan ke Asia Timur. 07:28 Dia menggunakan tarif yang paling agresif 07:31 terhadap China yang telah kita lihat 07:32 sejak benar-benar Perang Dunia II. 07:34 Ini adalah dasar awal yang sangat agresif. 07:36 Pada masa yang sama walaupun 07:37 Saya tidak fikir Trump sendiri adalah arkitek tunggal 07:39 perubahan ini dalam hubungan AS-China. 07:42 Saya rasa sebahagian daripadanya adalah reaksi 07:44 kepada peningkatan China dalam pencerobohan antarabangsa. 07:47 China hanya menjadi lebih aktif, 07:49 negara berotot dan berwibawa sejak sedekad yang lalu. 07:53 Jadi saya sebenarnya memikirkan hubungan AS-China 07:55 akan meneruskan aliran yang sama 07:57 semasa pentadbiran Biden. 07:58 Satu perkara yang Demokrat dan Republikan 08:00 nampaknya dapat bersetuju 08:02 adakah Amerika Syarikat perlu bersikap keras dengan China.
Omar Onn
Omar Onn 11 dager siden
MALAY SUBTITLES Part 1 of 4 00:00 - Ia sering diperkatakan 00:01 hanya ada dua jenis orang di dunia, 00:02 mereka yang datanya telah diretas oleh China 00:04 dan mereka yang tidak tahu 00:05 bahawa data mereka belum diretas oleh China. 00:07 Kenyataan itu sebenarnya lebih benar daripada yang anda fikirkan. 00:10 [muzik optimis] 00:15 - Hai, saya Michael Beckley. 00:16 Saya seorang Profesor sains politik bersekutu 00:18 di Universiti Tufts. 00:19 Dan saya pengarang Unrivaled. 00:21 Mengapa Amerika Akan Kekal Kuasa Tunggal Dunia. 00:24 Hari ini saya akan membongkar mitos 00:25 mengenai masa depan hubungan antarabangsa 00:27 antara Amerika Syarikat dan China. 00:29 [muzik optimis] 00:31 Amerika Syarikat dan China ditakdirkan untuk berperang. 00:34 Saya rasa itu tidak benar, tetapi sama sekali tidak salah. 00:37 Apa yang akan saya katakan 00:37 adalah bahawa Amerika Syarikat dan China 00:39 ditakdirkan untuk bersaing. 00:40 Mereka adalah dua negara paling kuat di dunia 00:43 dan mempunyai penglihatan yang sangat berbeza 00:45 tentang bagaimana dunia harus berfungsi. 00:47 Jadi Amerika Syarikat adalah demokrasi. 00:49 China adalah autokrasi 00:50 dan tentunya ingin mempromosikan visi pemerintahan. 00:53 Amerika Syarikat memperlakukan Taiwan 00:55 sebagai entiti bebas dalam semua perkara kecuali nama. 00:58 China menganggapnya sebagai wilayah yang tidak bertanggungjawab. 01:01 Amerika Syarikat mahukan satu internet global yang terbuka 01:04 dan China mahu setiap negara dapat 01:06 menapis internet yang difikirkan sesuai. 01:08 Edisi Februari Wired mempunyai petikan dari buku 2034 01:12 yang membayangkan perang habis-habisan 01:14 antara Amerika Syarikat dan China 01:16 yang bermula di Laut China Selatan. 01:17 Laut China Selatan adalah kawasan perselisihan 01:19 kerana itulah salah satu dunia 01:20 jalan air antarabangsa utama. 01:22 Adakah ini senario yang paling mungkin berlaku untuk perang China AS? 01:25 Saya rasa mungkin. 01:26 Saya tidak fikir ia adalah senario yang paling mungkin. 01:28 China dapat menewaskan Amerika Syarikat dalam perang. 01:32 Dan saya rasa itu mungkin 01:33 sekiranya perang berlaku ke atas Taiwan. 01:35 Taiwan hanya 100 batu dari daratan China. 01:38 Oleh itu China boleh melancarkan ketenteraannya dalam konflik. 01:42 Tentera China boleh mencapai sasaran di Taiwan 01:45 tanpa perlu meninggalkan tanah besar China 01:47 di tempat pertama. 01:48 Tentara AS tentunya 01:49 datang dari jarak ribuan batu. 01:51 Ia mesti beroperasi 01:52 terutamanya dari dua pangkalan yang berada di Okinawa, Jepun. 01:55 Itulah satu-satunya dua pangkalan tentera Amerika 01:58 dalam jarak 500 batu dari Taiwan. 02:00 Dan China sebenarnya kini mempunyai peluru berpandu 02:02 yang boleh menghapuskan asas-asas itu 02:04 dalam semacam serangan kejutan gaya Pearl Harbor. 02:07 Amerika Syarikat kemudiannya harus bertempur dari Guam 02:10 yang berjarak 1800 batu dari Taiwan. 02:12 Dan itu masalah besar 02:13 'menyebabkan pesawat tempur Amerika 02:15 kehabisan gas setelah 500 batu. 02:18 Ini adalah jenis senario mimpi buruk 02:19 yang menjaga perancang pertahanan Amerika pada waktu malam 02:21 dan terus terang, dengan alasan yang baik 02:23 [muzik optimis] 02:24 China sedang meneliti data AS. 02:28 Itu pasti benar. 02:29 Setiap negara mengintip setiap negara lain 02:31 tetapi apa yang membezakan pengintipan dan pengawasan China 02:35 itu hanya skala semata-mata. 02:36 Jadi jika anda melihat pada 2014 sahaja 02:39 terungkap bahawa China telah menggodam 02:41 ke pejabat pengurusan personel. 02:43 Mereka mengambil data, rahsia paling gelap yang paling dalam 02:46 dari pekerja kerajaan Amerika, 02:48 termasuk koperasi CIA. 02:50 Pada tahun yang sama, mereka meretas Marriott 02:52 dan mencuri data pasport dan maklumat kad kredit. 02:55 Mereka juga menggodam Anthem 02:56 dan mengambil maklumat kesihatan 78 juta orang. 03:00 Jadi China mempunyai sejarah yang panjang 03:02 cuba mengumpulkan data mengenai warganegara Amerika. 03:06 Oleh itu, tidak hairanlah sekarang ini ada kerisauan ini 03:09 bahawa anda membenarkan 03:10 aplikasi seperti Tik Tok ke telefon seseorang 03:12 hanya satu kemas kini daripada menjadi perisian intip pada dasarnya. 03:15 Oleh itu, untuk semua sebab ini, ada kebimbangan yang besar. 03:18 Dan saya fikir alasan yang baik untuk dibimbangkan. 03:19 [muzik optimis] 03:21 CIA mendorong kumpulan anti-China. 03:24 CIA telah melakukan ini pada masa lalu. 03:26 Jadi semasa perang dingin, China menakluki Tibet. 03:30 Dan pada masa itu CIA 03:31 sebenarnya membiayai gorila Tibet, 03:34 tentunya mereka kalah dalam pertempuran. 03:35 Sejak itu, kami tidak tahu apa yang CIA buat. 03:38 Tetapi hakikat bahawa 03:39 Amerika Syarikat juga menyokong pemerintah ke atas Taiwan 03:42 seterusnya adalah contoh yang digunakan oleh orang Cina 03:44 katakanlah, Amerika Syarikat jelas campur tangan 03:46 dalam urusan dalaman kita. 03:48 Saya rasa itu benar. 03:49 Itu mungkin tidak dapat dilalui 03:51 beberapa kumpulan yang disangka orang. 03:52 Sebilangan orang berpendapat bahawa CIA membiayai Falun Gong 03:55 yang merupakan mazhab agama ini di China. 03:59 Tidak ada bukti kukuh yang benar-benar dilalui.
Aldy Soegiharto Soeroso
China is meritocracy not autocracy! Meritocracy is better than democracy!
Jay G
Jay G 11 dager siden
This guy is an idiot.
Bittu M
Bittu M 11 dager siden
Enjoy your Propganda yourself..
Lachlan Wolfe
Lachlan Wolfe 11 dager siden
5:07 Its spelt A U S T R A L I A !!!! Not Austrilia !
5dd 12 dager siden
The professor strikes me as somebody that knows very little about warfare, and even less about US military's capabilities.
xuguohai 12 dager siden
America want free internet?
Alek Nue Ve
Alek Nue Ve 12 dager siden
I don't understand china's intention anymore
John JIANG 12 dager siden
As a scholar, you are a shame. US is the CHAMPION OF ESPINAGE IN EVERY ASPECT!
tomeee 13 dager siden
This video is overall based but there’s some capitalist vibez that make it seem too pro-china and too pro-us simultaneously
Loong Siu
Loong Siu 13 dager siden
ok, first sentence, i go straight to comments, anyone still remembers snowden?😂
BRUCE WAYNE 13 dager siden
he's a total shill for the US
OMA 13 dager siden
Bf4 irl
ZennyBoi69 13 dager siden
The bias in this was kind of ridiculous
jasper budiono
jasper budiono 14 dager siden
USA: We will make sure we stay as Global Superpower!! CHINA: The World should not be dictated by 1 nation that only benefit the a single group of nations. USA: We are the democracy fighter!!!! CHINA: The World is not desperate for your fake democracy. USA: We will intimidate China with all our allies!! CHINA: You mean that other 4 friends with economy that fully depended on trade with us? USA: You are losing 100% of our market!!! CHINA: Yes, but globally, we only lost 5% of market.
User 15 dager siden
China: Those whose data has been hacked by China and those who don’t know they have been hacked US: Those who don’t know they have been hacked by US. Me: I don’t care. I’m gonna die in 2034 anyways
Gregroy Thompson
Gregroy Thompson 12 dager siden
Man in Town
Man in Town 17 dager siden
Debet trap will kill chinesees influence worldwide
M_ore Fake_News
M_ore Fake_News 18 dager siden
🇨🇳 are run by engineers(👷‍♂️👷‍♂️👷‍♂️) and economists(👨‍🎓👩‍🎓🧑‍🎓). 🇺🇸 are run by politicians(🤡🤡🤡) and lawyers(🐷🐷🐷).
Pumpkin Eater69
Pumpkin Eater69 18 dager siden
5:07 Cuba is an ally of USA Fidel Castro: Hold my Soviet Missile
air a
air a 19 dager siden
China doesn’t care about what system and internet other countries would use and have no intention to spread their system, they only care about Taiwan cuz they see it as a internal affairs.
권순정 19 dager siden
US is the only war -mongering Superpower in the world.
JBaba 19 dager siden
China with $5 trillion in debt. How much does the US owe? Last time I checked, it was over $24 trillion, where most of US's foreign debt is owed to China.
Zach da best
Zach da best 20 dager siden
Of course leftist propaganda “the epoch times are making people turn on each other”
andrew auemhemir
andrew auemhemir 15 dager siden
Epoch is owned by the falun gong cult
johan jc
johan jc 21 dag siden
everywhere involve the USA will cause war. Because USA "help" country by sending them weapons to war. China help other country economy by sending engineers to build. That's the different between USA (No.1 in war) and other country !!
Akky Kennedy
Akky Kennedy 21 dag siden
It’s time to boycott 🇨🇳
robert kelly
robert kelly 21 dag siden
China is outclassing the US at everything, instead of raising its game the US is reverting to telling lies about China and using it acolytes to also tell lies
Catch Generics
Catch Generics 21 dag siden
Commie bots.
Y 21 dag siden
China No.1. Pakistan No.2. India is shithole
Yeasir Arafat
Yeasir Arafat 22 dager siden
Full of lies..be honest.. Shame on u...Those who know history.. They know very much How many democratic govt is toppled by cia and and how many autocratic govt is helped by usa..just look at middle east..All middle east kings are in same bed with USA...
Umaid Gupta
Umaid Gupta 22 dager siden
Jesus Mendoza
Jesus Mendoza 22 dager siden
I promis you, wired made him talk about the Epoch Times. 100%. “Idk where I’m going with this”.
Toni Tokan
Toni Tokan 18 dager siden
۞―P̳r̳e̳m̳i̳u̳m̳ ̳P̳r̳i̳v̳a̳t̳ ̳S̳e̳x̳―۞ ➡️➡️️ 》》 livegirls19. com 《《 -----------------^^----------------- ♠【﹄💖𝐊𝐋𝐈𝐊≔⫸LINK 💖﹃】 ♠みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• •̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン !❤️ 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味食物煮的時候 1618755440
Vlada Vasic
Vlada Vasic 22 dager siden
:):):)After aelection ( 4 day s ) who is democracy, USA Guam, Darwin etc Irak is not catastrofy
Janzamy Samudio Co
Janzamy Samudio Co 22 dager siden
Chinese people are warm-hearted and lovely but their government sucks, bullies and wrecks ships of other countries' fishermen
Sounak Chatterjee
Sounak Chatterjee 22 dager siden
Another truth... This century will certainly make China the biggest economy in recorded history... Many fold than USA
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith 23 dager siden
are you serious a political science professor?
Aurobindo Ghosh
Aurobindo Ghosh 23 dager siden
one funds the autocracy in the other to manufacture products for cheap
Ben Dean
Ben Dean 23 dager siden
China has one political party that represents the people and has eliminated poverty. The U.S. is a one-party system with the facade of having two parties, and that one party represents corporations, not people. China doesn’t have people on the streets, while we have tent cities in all our cities and metropolises like NY, LA & others. Our system is an oligarchy and fake democracy that is horribly inefficient, corrupt by design, and gives 0 voice to the average person.
Robert Evbayekha
Robert Evbayekha 22 dager siden
@Ben Dean true i just wish china and usa get along
Ben Dean
Ben Dean 22 dager siden
@Robert Evbayekha its undeniable that we have had a corporate capture of our government and politicians. you must have your head in the sand if you don’t know this
Robert Evbayekha
Robert Evbayekha 23 dager siden
Except people in the streets
Robert Evbayekha
Robert Evbayekha 23 dager siden
Everything what you just said is bs
Pss Hk
Pss Hk 23 dager siden
Talked alot of Rubbish.
Destination Japan
Destination Japan 23 dager siden
America is a republic, not a democracy
TheQ 23 dager siden
"United States is the biggest Surveillance state in the world" - Edward Snowden
SS3 23 dager siden
Climate change is not at all an issue. Once CCP is taken down its most serious CO2 emission will be gone, and the benefits of the 1.3 billion market are bound to be more beneficial to the world and US than today being suppressed and manipulated by CCP.
SS3 23 dager siden
1.4 billion slaves hate the oppressive rule of china criminal party. CCP's exchange rate of US$1=Rmb6 is FAKE and being manipulated on a daily basis. Had CCP stopped the daily manipulation its GDP will not even be one of the top 6!
SS3 23 dager siden
One must understand CCP history before knowing how CCP country behaves. China cxxminal party is no country nor Chinese but a transnational inhumanity criminal mafia comprised of descendants of invaders over the centuries who have hijacked the country and people as private assets. CCP inherited deeply Leninist ideologies with an ultimate aim to wipe off the US and democracy and to be replaced by CCP order through limitless and dirty unrestricted warfare ie bio virus attacks, genocides, organ harvesting, exports to the world of toxic and fake food, drinks and medicines. China Cxxminal Party commies collaboration with mafia triads in Hong Kong, ​@ CCP overthrew Hong Kong, Burma, Trump overnight without firing one shot. Hong Kong today the US and World tomorrow!
Lit Chi
Lit Chi 23 dager siden
Why is that China never complained about the data the US hacked into in China? Or is the US a saint?
Kam Lee
Kam Lee 23 dager siden
This commentator should do more homework before making another video. No offense.
Farhad Kabir
Farhad Kabir 24 dager siden
a lot of wrong assumptions in this video. 1. United States is a democracy and it's promotes it around the globe. This is a brazen lie, as US have always supported dictators around the world to nurture it's interests. On the other hand, China never meddles with internal politics of any country. 2. As for data privacy, there is evidence that US has forced various companies to get data for intelligence purposes, time to time.
SS3 23 dager siden
china criminal party overthrew Hong Kong, Burma, Pres Trump overnight!
Rex Cheung
Rex Cheung 25 dager siden
Beware what you wish for, especially China Communist Party taking the world under its control.
DigitalCube 25 dager siden
China problem is chairman Xi. He is in over his head to think China is in position to carry out wolf warrior tactics.
Jacques Lee
Jacques Lee 26 dager siden
US is a democracy founded on the principle of White Supremacy. Democracy is a Western concept founded on imperialism and enslavement when its meaning changed in the 18th century. This is US concept of "Democracy" whose ideology is the World Order of today as much as the American Far-Right states that the World Order is against them only because their order destabilized nations and send refugees to US and the working-class Americans cannot compete with slave labor.
Tay Gleve
Tay Gleve 26 dager siden
Should assist West Australia, Scotland, California & Barcelona to be a beautiful independence countries...
Roy S.
Roy S. 26 dager siden
Revlour Zinc
Revlour Zinc 27 dager siden
US is the master of espionage
redmanticore 27 dager siden
also says on a hot microphone after filming : " - oh yeah, the boys will be _drafted_ into the war with china when it happens, at some point, no doubt about it. "
Jerimiah Madden
Jerimiah Madden 27 dager siden
Murica gots over 180 military bases over the world.... too much buku
BigTex 123
BigTex 123 27 dager siden
China has more extremely powerful allies than North korea. There biggest war time allies atm are russia , iran , Cambodia and then maybe north korea. Most of which are nuclear armed nations. There man power alone would be extremely overwhelming for usa and UN nations. Thats the truth
BigTex 123
BigTex 123 23 dager siden
@SS3 commie? What is this , the 60's ? Grow and accept the facts. My comment of facts clearly went right over your thoughtless head . And stop liking you owm comments. No one agrees with you
SS3 23 dager siden
haha commie, Putin hates China criminal party except the expensive oil CCP paying Russia.
Wardog Fights
Wardog Fights 27 dager siden
This guy is a political science professor ? He’s never been to China and never lived in China longer than 5 years. And he knows china ! Sure ! He knows china by his CNN Fox and CIA sugar daddies
SS3 23 dager siden
Primary5 Xi thinks he knows the US and world??? No wonder Xi is bumping into wall after wall!!
T D 28 dager siden
YOU NEED TO GET YOUR FACTS STRIGHT. the Epoch Times is/was spreading conspiracy theories?? Are you joking, Sounds more like your the conspiracist! Is that your take, and the nyt, washington post, cnn, bbc, abc, cbs, nbc, msnbc are Not???
Markk Zambarrano
Markk Zambarrano 28 dager siden
We need really help here in Philippines in West PH sea , Chinese claiming Philippines islands
Gan Boon Meng
Gan Boon Meng 28 dager siden
What's democracy ? Does it guarantee human rights ? Freedom ? There are many many examples that it doesn't...so basically it is just a form of selection process of political leaders ! Look what the latest democratic process offers..in American a choice between a narcissist and a senile old man ! Ultimately..great leader create great institutions...that created great nations... Does American understand the selection process of China's leadership ? I don't think that dude does..is it inferior ? ? I don't think so !
Benjamin S.
Benjamin S. 29 dager siden
"China could beat the USA." The USA's military would disagree because it's a global superpower obviously.
Philip Wu
Philip Wu 29 dager siden
China: There is my industry chain in the whole world. United States: There are my military bases all over the world. China: We want to unite with people all over the world. United States: We want to eliminate China. China: We love peace. United States: Um. . .
aby simon
aby simon 29 dager siden
Im disappointed.....i live in a democratic country and I've been told how great democracy is but the China example sure shows how their form of leadership is way better than the crap im living in...
MR.Z 29 dager siden
Go fxCk yourself
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