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In this edition of "A World of Difference," Korey Kiepert, owner and engineer with The Gravity Group, goes through the 8 main types of roller coasters and breaks down how they work as well as the decisions behind why they get built in the first place. Korey explains the difference between a giga coaster and a strata coaster, as well as what separates a "wild mouse" from a "mine train."

Korey Kiepert, courtesy of The Gravity Group
Special thanks: Kings Island, Holiday World, Gröna Lund
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Engineer Explains Every Roller Coaster For Every Thrill | A World of Difference | WIRED




5. mars. 2021





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RamenShaman 22 timer siden
single-rail coasters tho
Whitney G
Whitney G Dag siden
This video makes me so many types of happy
PlasmaNucleus 2 dager siden
mfw he didnt say hybrid :|
Avery Fox
Avery Fox 2 dager siden
Are you at Kings Island?!
T Villafana
T Villafana 3 dager siden
The Kingda Ka made the lady next to me pee herself
therealdgh13 dgh13
therealdgh13 dgh13 4 dager siden
That ending... Gravity Group inverted wooden coaster when?
KidsAre Cool
KidsAre Cool 5 dager siden
did anyone else notice 12:56 that isn't 7 dwarves minecart train it's big thunder mountain railroad?
Angel Legare
Angel Legare 7 dager siden
1:06 I know Hulk when I see it
Corvetts95 7 dager siden
The big bad wolf was my first coaster. I still miss it, but at least Verbolten got the drop down to the water....
ItsYaBoi YT
ItsYaBoi YT 8 dager siden
Lets go I'm the 10.000th like :D
Wyatt Andrew
Wyatt Andrew 8 dager siden
Ok but x2 doesn’t spin freely
ThatSillyTankGuy 9 dager siden
12:56 That, uh... Is not Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.
Abigail Sheetz
Abigail Sheetz 9 dager siden
are we not gonna address hybrid coasters????
sarah 10 dager siden
i miss roller coasters so much 😭😭
Owen Carey
Owen Carey 12 dager siden
The rage entering my body when thunder mountain was labeled as seven dwarfs mine train
Danja 14 dager siden
I’m going on monster on Saturday(at gröna Lund). Im looking forward to it very much
Mark Shyflea
Mark Shyflea 15 dager siden
12:57 cmon man this was literally the easiest one
RJ Long
RJ Long 18 dager siden
I gotta go to sweden. Ride some coasters
Mr. Roller Coasters
Mr. Roller Coasters 19 dager siden
I was very scared to go to the comment section, but thank God there's coaster enthusiasts here lol
xtlm 24 dager siden
I just looked at The Gravity Group's coaster lineup. Their best ones are in China it seems. Never will get to ride em.
xtlm 24 dager siden
Better question would by why do some models that are not that great, get copied a lot. While good ones do not.
Eden Feledrum
Eden Feledrum 20 dager siden
probably because of production budget, production time and/or production space
Evan Mackowsky
Evan Mackowsky 24 dager siden
big miss on the terrain coasters - bolder dash is iconic.
Lee C
Lee C 24 dager siden
Big Bad Wolf in Busch Gardens was my first roller coaster ever!
Jordan Wolfson
Jordan Wolfson 24 dager siden
Whoa, that sent me for a loop. I'm a major fan of Gonzaga, a college basketball team, and his name is so close to one of Gonzaga's star players, Corey Kispert. I had to do a serious double take haha
Leslie Robertson
Leslie Robertson 26 dager siden
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beep boop
beep boop 27 dager siden
Lmao they showed Big Thunder Mountain but labeled it 7 Dwarves
506363 27 dager siden
China has standards?!
nbadude44 28 dager siden
I'm surprised he didn't mention the hybrid coaster thing that's been so popular lately. Taking on old wooden coaster and re-trackng it with steel so that can potentially go upside down and give more airtime than it would before. Six Flags LOVES doing this (Magic Mountain's Colussus becoming Twisted Colossus, SF New England's Cyclone becoming Twisted Cyclone, etc.)
Phantom 28 dager siden
2:11 did he say cars? Aren’t they called carts
Jordi Simons
Jordi Simons 28 dager siden
Great video, surprised you didn’t talk about hybrid coaster’s though.
Adrian Pietkiewicz
Adrian Pietkiewicz 29 dager siden
I'd go to America just to visit all the roller coasters they have there
Mickey Nash
Mickey Nash Måned siden
Me: "Oh, you're a rollercoaster engineer? Name every rollercoaster." Him: *this video* Me: Pikachu.jpg
SammyAce Måned siden
No Thank You! ill stay with the bumper cars
kick8472 Måned siden
Skipped the forgotten Pipeline roller coaster! BTW, The Gravity Group coasters are AWESOME!!!
Matt Curney
Matt Curney Måned siden
I love this man
Finesse Måned siden
18:13 they picked one of the only 4D coasters where what he's talking about isn't being applied LOL
Nick Murido
Nick Murido Måned siden
more of this please
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Jeez...This guy knows his G’s!😂
DEAD Channel
DEAD Channel Måned siden
12:57 not seven dwarves
James Torrow
James Torrow Måned siden
Rmc: so yeah we just slapped on a ton of random elements and somehow created the best coaster ever.
f3333ty Måned siden
That’s not a roller coaster engineer that’s Eric foreman
TheSaxAppeal Måned siden
Launch coasters ftw. It's the anticipation that makes me wanna jump ship on a slow incline coaster 😂
clickthecreeper Måned siden
i love how all the wild mouse rides were literally called “wild mouse” just in whatever countries language the coaster was built
Rahim Rahim
Rahim Rahim Måned siden
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Todd Bloomer
Todd Bloomer Måned siden
Just in case anyone wants to know, the roller coaster behind him is Diamond Back at King's Island in Mason, Ohio 😊
Ujjuwal tamang
Ujjuwal tamang Måned siden
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Victor Rojas
Victor Rojas Måned siden
13:59 The Incredicoaster uses a Linear Induction Motor launch system, not LSM's lol
David Jarrah
David Jarrah Måned siden
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liam danu
liam danu Måned siden
We need this guy to play roller coaster Tycoon
Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward Måned siden
“I’m just 1 G”... true my man. Very true 😎
Nicolas Labbé
Nicolas Labbé Måned siden
wHeRe ArE My RMC hYbRId bRr GrRrRrRrRr
Brian LeMoine
Brian LeMoine Måned siden
Really cool video, BUT... About the 4D coasters, I thought X2's spinning was controlled by the inside pair of tack, meaning that there is not a high uncertainty of "a different ride each time". Something I thought arrow's innovation on the track was cool.
Xthunder Måned siden
Wait, why do you have, a gravity group engineer... at Kings Island, which has no gravity groups...?
Union Los Angeles
Union Los Angeles Måned siden
Thanks Topher Grace
Matthew Rossilini
Matthew Rossilini Måned siden
What a cool job
Reeshad Muntasir
Reeshad Muntasir Måned siden
Awesome video. Love the cool editing sound effects when the engineer is speaking, really gives the rollercoaster vibe. Really cool engineer you people chose for the interview. Thanks for the twisty information, lolz.
Rcmaniac25 Måned siden
Am I the only person who felt pretty casual until they got to 4D coasters? It didn't start as a wing-coaster, the wing-coasters came after. The cars don't spin randomly, it's highly controlled. etc.
Kyler Foster
Kyler Foster Måned siden
"Ok, ok, ok? ok, ok, ok, ok?" Interviewer seems like the type that would start a job and start telling everyone how to do it.
nyak63RUS Måned siden
This is kind of depressing... What's the future of rollercoasters? Windowdressings... oh. 😔
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez Måned siden
17:47 "Any other types?" "Yea" This guy's a pro
JD Cooper
JD Cooper 13 timer siden
there’s ALOT more coaster types
John Franklin
John Franklin Måned siden
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Jonny- B
Jonny- B Måned siden
Heh they showed an old arrow looper as an example of an overbanked turn. hehe Nice to see some other enthusiasts here. Haha. Was a good video actually.
Amanda D
Amanda D Måned siden
I just want to thank you for this video, I'd forgotten how much I love roller coasters. I just spent the last week binge-watching a ton of theme park content with no regrets
Samuel Hoffman
Samuel Hoffman Måned siden
"You have Fury 325" Shows Leviathan 8:11
Slaxtz- Måned siden
Who else remembered Rollercoaster Tycoon??
RowanXXD Måned siden
Been on intimidator 305 a couple times. It goes so fast (almost 100 mph) your face goes numb and some people black out. It’s great
Thank you for this amazing video.
Caleb Kulfan
Caleb Kulfan Måned siden
gigacoasters should be a 10 to the 9 foot drop
Delilah Stevens
Delilah Stevens Måned siden
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dumb girl
dumb girl Måned siden
NOW he needs to have an appearance on Watcher with Shane and Ryan for top 5 beat down: top 5 roller coasters
penguinista Måned siden
They should have cars jump gaps in the track.
Jacob Miller
Jacob Miller Måned siden
not to correct the engineer but the 4D coasters shown don't actually rotate freely. The track has 4 rails instead of 2, and the distance between them controls how the seats rotate on the car. So it's a controlled ride and it's the same experience every time, but they're some of my favorite rides. There are coasters that spin freely, but they're not actually what's considered a "4D coaster."
Vladimir Måned siden
thats what i want to be after playing rooler coaster tycoon ))))))))))
Nate Levinson
Nate Levinson Måned siden
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Laura Bowles
Laura Bowles Måned siden
Lots of valid criticisms in the comments here - and not to add to the piling-on, but why didn't they talk about indoor coasters? The element of darkness can make a big difference (hello, Space Mountain).
Luke Mikszta
Luke Mikszta Måned siden
12:57 wondering if anyone else noticed it says Big Thunder is Mine Train HAHAHAHA
Dave Måned siden
I didn't know Topher Grace's evil twin builds rollercoasters
Ben Adams
Ben Adams Måned siden
I know all of the stuff #coasterenthusiastgang
Potassium Sage
Potassium Sage Måned siden
Interesting and informational. 👌👍
OuanouaChannel11TH Gamer
Raygen Croes
Raygen Croes Måned siden
Interviewer: “Any other types?” Engineer: “...Yeah” SENT MEEE🤣🤣🤣🤣
riel ubaub
riel ubaub 18 dager siden
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Coaster Universal
Coaster Universal Måned siden
This is a great video for people who are new in the roller coaster community
GAY GOC Måned siden
i hate coasters why am i watching this
Shaun Pena
Shaun Pena Måned siden
I miss rollercoasters. Looking forward to thinks going back to normal.
Phil Matic
Phil Matic Måned siden
i gotta say, he is pretty gangster for being an engineer
Ryan Shockley
Ryan Shockley Måned siden
Invertigo is at Great America in Santa Clara!
huso 999
huso 999 Måned siden
he is one G for sure
Apothe Curio
Apothe Curio Måned siden
The coaster enthusiasts are here and will judge your video. Hmmmmm
Hollis Sims
Hollis Sims Måned siden
He better not have designed the coasters at Six Flags because some of those HURT to ride mfg.
bolu Måned siden
Abeg please come out with the part three of the American accent video series 🙏🏾🙏🏾
Devraj Thakkar
Devraj Thakkar Måned siden
I felt some aggression when he said China has its own standards (discussing safety lol)
Joshua Hamilton
Joshua Hamilton Måned siden
when they leave out hybrids and single rail
Jona Sosa
Jona Sosa Måned siden
He rich
蕭智瑞 Måned siden
Why does the voice of the interviewer sound so robot-ish, i'm trying to enjoy the video and this is kinda off putting lol.
Skyler S.
Skyler S. Måned siden
This reminds me of that PBS kids Ruff Ruffman roller coaster building game and how I would always make the roller coasters too tall 😅
Dunston Lion
Dunston Lion Måned siden
Look, you can't talk about terrain coasters and not mention Superman's quarry or Big Bad Wolf's river drop. I think that's a fineable offense XD
Canales Eason
Canales Eason Måned siden
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Jerome Måned siden
I knew I would enjoy this video but not as much as I have
Aquiles Guzmán Díaz
12:57 ... that's Big Thunder Mountain.
Silvarret Måned siden
Ah, a Gravity Group engineer recommends a Gravity Group coaster (The Voyage) as one of the best in the world. He's not wrong, but, you know...
Akshay Balki
Akshay Balki 18 dager siden
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Pagorami Måned siden
i thought the same thing lmaoooooo
Ben Adams
Ben Adams Måned siden
@Brody Harris it’s obviously not wrong duh. It was just weirdly catagorized so I made fun of it because I suck :(
Brody Harris
Brody Harris Måned siden
@Ben Adams what drugs are you on
Ben Adams
Ben Adams Måned siden
Lol bro technically the thumbnail is wrong because kinda is is a strata but it would more be labeled as a hydrolic launch, because in the future there will probably be chain or cable lift coasters over 400 feet. GP a, I right
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