Every Starfighter From Star Wars: Squadrons Explained | WIRED 

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Star Wars: Squadrons is a game about becoming a pilot in the Star Wars universe. There's plenty of iconic starfighters featured in the game, and developers Ian Frazier and Shadi Mallak sit down with WIRED to break down each and every one of them. How did the developers take these legendary designs and translate them to a video game? Ian and Shadi explain exactly how they did it.
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Every Starfighter From Star Wars: Squadrons Explained | WIRED




30. des.. 2020





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J. 'Chilly' Dawson
J. 'Chilly' Dawson Måned siden
"The teams tried to approach it as if it was real" well... that is how ALL GAMES should be approached, and I imagine MOST do, to an extent... But, I am more of a Halo fan to Star Wars. But I have a soft spot for most all sci-fi media. Not sure this game is worth my time though. I like the idea and concept, but a game with a story and multiplayer, is there any co-op? Bots? I am not much of a PvP person anymore... so, yea. I don't want my co-op to be limited to PvP.
Just a Fox
Just a Fox 2 måneder siden
You got to give a heads up to these guys, they made a game what lots of us dreamed since we seen the trench run as kids. I was really suprised that this game actually come out and highly enjoying it. Thanks guys !
Ryan Lue Sang
Ryan Lue Sang 2 måneder siden
X wings don’t have vertical engines? How tf do they take off then
SOUND WAVE 2 måneder siden
Before endor you only have lasers on your TIE fighter *Flashback to Lindon flying in a tunnel spamming rockets everywhere*
Tim Grondei
Tim Grondei 2 måneder siden
Look at his ship, it’s not a simple TIE fighter but a TIE advanced or something like that.
I’m just watching YouTube I
FalconKPD 3 måneder siden
I would love a Death Star attack scenario
Myung Suk Lee
Myung Suk Lee 3 måneder siden
Another reason to give Star Wars to fans... they give us quality content bought Squadrons and gotta say it's simple but was a dream come true
LennoxPoodle 3 måneder siden
I just wonder, whay the bombs are ejected downward and don't just travel forward in the trajectory the ship has during their launch or just slightly faster (so basically a bit like a dumbfire torpedo).
Christopher Brown
Christopher Brown 3 måneder siden
Ummmm x-wings can go vertically up and down that’s how they take off and land... I guess that would be repulsorlifts tho
CAP198462 3 måneder siden
28:22 Beautiful B-wing footage.....
Abel Neto
Abel Neto 3 måneder siden
13:20 TOo LATE !
Mighty T-Rex
Mighty T-Rex 3 måneder siden
8:04 I'm pretty sure X-wings can hover up and down, tho that's only when landing and taking off
aarswft 3 måneder siden
Can I get more of this but in a weekly 4 hour podcast format? Please and thank you.
BigBallzMcDrawz 3 måneder siden
Just got a VR headset for this game and, I'm loving it.
ESZER 3 måneder siden
Why was the tie fighter in hyperspace
Nick Fulton
Nick Fulton 3 måneder siden
It was externally attached to a Gazanti cruiser
Mark Galura
Mark Galura 3 måneder siden
9:27 Meta: uses them against capital ships
S 3 måneder siden
Very nice, now in prequel era
SHOEB AHMED 3 måneder siden
Whoooooo jason Statham making games now
fihndus 3 måneder siden
I know I would freak as a kid if I could "fly" like this in the ships I love.
edua172 3 måneder siden
The best part in the story it that your character do not betray the empire, long live the empire, by the way flying a tie is a delight, who needs shields when the enemy can't shoot you down.
Otavio 3 måneder siden
All ships could use a base max speed increase
hazmongrel 3 måneder siden
The editing on this is ropey
legowarrior 3 måneder siden
I just want a prequel version of this!
Stephen Whitton
Stephen Whitton 4 måneder siden
X-Wings can raise up, hover and turn I thought. They did in a New Hope when Luke was flying one for the first time and exited the hangar on Yavin. Or is he talking about something else I missed.
Stephen Whitton
Stephen Whitton 3 måneder siden
@Thibault Pubanz Cool, thanks.
Thibault Pubanz
Thibault Pubanz 3 måneder siden
Yeah but that's a repulsor lift, only works close to the ground. So it's only for takeoff
Skeever Hunter
Skeever Hunter 4 måneder siden
A wing is my fav. Y wing, bugger off!
Ocean Man
Ocean Man 4 måneder siden
Abhishek 4 måneder siden
Men will be Men 🔥🔥 LEGENDARY EXPRESSION 😂😂 nosections.info/green/t2yla590h4toma4/video.html
JAnx01 4 måneder siden
20 years later, Starlancer is still better than Star Wars: Squadrons or any other modern space sims. Learn 2 Games: nosections.info/green/2qaXsJh3pI1nuZ0/video.html
sokkar thangaraj
sokkar thangaraj 4 måneder siden
Nuvembook 4 måneder siden
Ótimo vídeo! pesquisando tecnologias. www.nuvembook.com
aurorararaful 4 måneder siden
great video. you've done a fantastic job bringing my childhood dreams into reality
Peekaboo_1234 4 måneder siden
Nice content tho
Peekaboo_1234 4 måneder siden
Btw r u suppose to be called weird not wired
Adam RH12
Adam RH12 4 måneder siden
They’ve made a mistake here. What gamers want is an aesthetic that feels familiar with the original Trilogy. It should enlighten gameplay. Gamers don’t want to be shackled to 70’s visual effects and gimmicks.
Ciao Ciao
Ciao Ciao 4 måneder siden
star wars kotor remake chng.it/j6HDtqXg
Michael Brett
Michael Brett 4 måneder siden
Thanks for keeping up support for this awesome game!!!
Jonny Sellers
Jonny Sellers 4 måneder siden
With all this thought-out detail, I'm amazed that they got the yaw and roll animations so wrong in every single republic fighter. When you yaw, the joystick moves, and when you roll, the pedals - it's backwards. I really like this game but it makes playing for the republic jarring. Hopefully they fix it.
David Robinson
David Robinson 4 måneder siden
I hate that there's no 3rd person option
Star Lord
Star Lord 3 måneder siden
That's the whole point of the game :) It suppose to make you feel like a real pilot
ObsidianDisorder 4 måneder siden
Wonder if they'll ever add the Millennium Falcon, Slave I, Tie Advanced, or Naboo Starfighter.
Browney17 4 måneder siden
Such a great game made a passionate team! Feel like they've done a great job with relatively little resources by EA standards!
Jonathan Todd
Jonathan Todd 4 måneder siden
ya'll need to add the Z-95, Assault Gunboat and Missile Boat...
Thelonious 3 måneder siden
TIE Punisher and K-wing.
Jorge Manuel
Jorge Manuel 4 måneder siden
Yes please!
Rodolfo Hernandez
Rodolfo Hernandez 4 måneder siden
The best game of this 2020. Loved it since it launched. My favorite definitely the X-Wing
Can Erduman
Can Erduman 4 måneder siden
Aweosme making of. Would love to see more. Thanks.
pakko 4 måneder siden
Floyd Nimrod
Floyd Nimrod 4 måneder siden
I was convinced that the B-Wing would be impossible to effectively convey in this game. It's massive compared to other ships, and the gyroscopic control seemed to complicated to pull off. I'm so glad I was proven wrong. EA has a stellar team here and I would happily pay for expansions to this game.
TheL4W 2 måneder siden
Yeah, expansions... Just give us another campaign, even if it is just "the old days" during the rebellion. Or give us a coop mode or better: Both. I would pay 10 to 20 bucks for that and I think, other players would do the same.
Nick C
Nick C 4 måneder siden
I unfortunately could not contribute to the live stream however it appears that your camera is overheating the photo sensor after the 4hr mark. Hence, the blue frames that kept occuring and the randomness of it.
Dan Enderle
Dan Enderle 4 måneder siden
Thanks Ian and Shadi for putting this out, and giving us your thoughts behind the game! Congrats again on making an awesome Star Wars flight game!
Blue 4 måneder siden
Consider the cockpit layout of the TIE Fighter variants and Rebel Alliance/New Republic starfighters, it does make sense because I always wonder what would a immersive cockpit in every Star Wars starfighter looks like in a video game. We do not get to see that much of starfighter cockpits in the Original Trilogy and the Prequel Trilogy because some parts and instrumentation doesn’t do anything. We did get little more focus of different starfighter cockpits in Star Wars Resistance and the Sequel Trilogy with the Fireball and other Aces’ starfighters, First Order and Special Forces TIE Fighters and T-70 X-Wing. Nerds want to know about fighter plane technology and Star Wars starfighter technology. I consider myself as a nerd.
mannotter 4 måneder siden
1:11 Fighter class 1:25 TIE fighter 4:40 X-Wing 9:19 Interceptor class 9:32 TIE interceptor 12:12 A-wing 14:33 Bomber class 14:49 TIE bomber 17:03 Y-wing 19:49 Support class 20:01 TIE reaper 21:48 U-wing 24:28 New ships 25:28 TIE defender 28:22 B-wing
Sam Barrett
Sam Barrett 29 dager siden
The true hero of the comment section 👏🙌👌👍
Potato Potato
Potato Potato 4 måneder siden
Thank you
J F 4 måneder siden
It has to be asked, Millennium Falcon cameo?
Azrael_Symphony YT
Azrael_Symphony YT 4 måneder siden
Again disgusting Caah Grab that other Game Developers could have Done Better.
SweetyB NZ
SweetyB NZ 4 måneder siden
Bombs in space are dumb.
Lego Fan Man
Lego Fan Man 3 måneder siden
Star Wars are fantasy/sci-fi movies, it’s not meant to be realistic
Azrael_Symphony YT
Azrael_Symphony YT 4 måneder siden
THE SENSATION is FALSE, every Military Pilot knows that, and the FACT the game is held hostage to the Sensation is a Holding back the game. This game isn't worth the $40 happy I got it for free.
Azrael_Symphony YT
Azrael_Symphony YT 4 måneder siden
Hate the Game, cause it had potential, buts it's nothing but Propeganda to make the Entire Star Wars Universe Less Thought out.
Star Lord
Star Lord 3 måneder siden
You should write a book about how you hate the game instead of posting 1000 comments lol
Azrael_Symphony YT
Azrael_Symphony YT 4 måneder siden
the idea of the A-wing "Is able to hit hard, but a single blast bolt can ruin your day." Nooo. Your fighting a WAR, a single bolt should never ruin ur DAY!! The game is WEEEEAAAAK, a Single Bolt Should never ruin your Day, and A-wing could take a small volley, and an X-Wing could take a huge volley. STOP redesigning, stop thinking the GAME Devs Better.
Azrael_Symphony YT
Azrael_Symphony YT 4 måneder siden
12:21, "A wing is my favourite, ship and we had a lot of fun redesigning it," true it no longer feels like an A-wing. You really did redesign it, and change it.
Azrael_Symphony YT
Azrael_Symphony YT 4 måneder siden
@Brent Phillips I miss the Idea that A Wings Had Dual Concussion Launchers and Laser Canons, I hate being regulated to fighting other Star Ships when the A-wing much like a Flight of X-Wings could take down a Star Destroyer an A-Wing squadron, wouldn't ever AIM to take one down, but doesn't mean Thier Speed, grace, and (Legends,) Firepower wasn't up to Snuff. I feel like the New Star Wars Ships have all been weakened and no longer follow sound Military Docterin.
Brent Phillips
Brent Phillips 4 måneder siden
I dunno, feels a lot like what I figured an A-Wing would fly like. Small, fragile, and fast. You can even hook it up with some of the same loadouts as in the Rogue Squadron series.
Azrael_Symphony YT
Azrael_Symphony YT 4 måneder siden
11:48 there's clattoner and rattling, like ur ship is being held together by duck type. Never in comics would that be the case, because you know I'd rather be satisfied with craft I am flying that Certian it will fall apart around me But you know disney can keep pushing Thier Propeganda through the video games as they dumb down an entire sub genre of books
Siranyt 4 måneder siden
@luckysix Don't bother, he's obviously on a crusade. The video clearly shows how much thought, love and consideration went into creating the game.
luckysix 4 måneder siden
The point is to give the overall feeling of the Rebels vs the empire. Obviously the Rebels actually put effort into keeping their ships up and running,
Azrael_Symphony YT
Azrael_Symphony YT 4 måneder siden
They focused to much on Making "Thier," star wars, they tried reimagining Star Wars, and they lost it. It's a 3/10 flight simulator, that is Skinned to appear in space.and the Flight Mechanics are janked, and old. They can't be fine tuned, and there is no ease of access. And the Ability to Stop and go dead stick but still be able to maneuver on an invisible Y=axis (is unrealistic, for you'd sti be slowly drifting, and space craft moves fast enough dead sticking to aim makes it harder.) The speed of the Air Crafts is actually quiet slow, I don't feel impressed by this game.. I feel let down.
Azrael_Symphony YT
Azrael_Symphony YT 4 måneder siden
9:11, "Etheric Space that's the medium ships flu through,"??? Was never Canon, this sound like Disney progedanda as they try to spin and push Thier brand of star wars. There was no "medium," it's the vacuum of space, go pick up a book, and out down game Developing talking to the Game Devs not anyone else btw
Brent Phillips
Brent Phillips 4 måneder siden
Regardless the ships in Star Wars have always flown as though in atmosphere even though they're in space.
Azrael_Symphony YT
Azrael_Symphony YT 4 måneder siden
Game is Drab and Slow, and is ANOTHER can grab.
Whats Up?
Whats Up? 4 måneder siden
I don’t even play games, why am I watching this?
davasg96 4 måneder siden
“I just murder people and l just murder Capital ships” Luke Skywalker: I just murder moon-sized planet destroyers
Abhishek 4 måneder siden
Men will be Men 🔥🔥 LEGENDARY EXPRESSION 😂 nosections.info/green/t2yla590h4toma4/video.html
Zía 4 måneder siden
Thanos: I'm using a moon for shrapnel
ExtraSpicyRice 4 måneder siden
23:50 he’s about to shoot EckhartsLadder 😂
PilotFG Måned siden
mike WIZZ
mike WIZZ 4 måneder siden
Bruh it is
Holly Arbuckle
Holly Arbuckle 4 måneder siden
Please get this on quest
Zoe Summers
Zoe Summers 4 måneder siden
Ian, if you're reading this... THANK YOU for a) this game and realising the fantasy I've had since I was 7, but b) TRACKIR support! It revolutionised my enjoyment and gameplay. Thank you. Happy New Year.
Ian Frazier
Ian Frazier 4 måneder siden
You’re very welcome. Thanks for your support, and Happy New Year! :)
Olle Fjällström
Olle Fjällström 4 måneder siden
#ForTheEmpire# Heck it's great flying TIE, I prefer straight up engine/weapon power. smooth flying.
Grapefruit Simmons
Grapefruit Simmons 4 måneder siden
If it werent made by EA, I would be excited.
Star Lord
Star Lord 3 måneder siden
Actually the game is super fun and has no loot boxes or any in game purchases for real money ! And its made by EA, idk how is it possible after all the crap they did but its.... If you love star wars you are missing a lot not playing it .
Dave Boy
Dave Boy 4 måneder siden
You would never know this game is made by EA. It's very, very good.
Griever 4 måneder siden
The Incom T-65 X-wing is the fighter that killed the Death star, an almost perfect of speed, maneuverability and defensive shields, made this the fighter of choice... I wonder if someone picks up that reference
Lawleet 4 måneder siden
Whao, this is awesome. Loving it.
PlayDead77 4 måneder siden
Sooo... they could've given us better FOV in TIEs by following the production error but decided against it... Hey guys, it's not fun flying a TIE in VR. It feels like a chore because of this limited visibility thing. The production error should've been followed.
ne P BoehmVita
ne P BoehmVita 4 måneder siden
Lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️
M3RKY J4CK 4 måneder siden
Clone wars
Salvatore Wyatt
Salvatore Wyatt 4 måneder siden
Contact me if you want to be my Boyfriend 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Kieron Simon
Kieron Simon 4 måneder siden
Wow just typed star wars squadrons and than I saw this video!
minecraft 56
minecraft 56 4 måneder siden
Colm Corbec
Colm Corbec 4 måneder siden
A-Wing = Space Muscle Car! :D
JamesWest 4 måneder siden
And "real" star wars fans will say the sequels aren't canon...it's so dumb, please stop
LuchtLeider Nederland
LuchtLeider Nederland 4 måneder siden
There are a lot of errors made by JJ and Rian, but that’s my opinion, and most of the Star Wars fans as well. Here’s a video that explains why its’s bad: nosections.info/green/wHuboHaJZHyYrpU/video.html (only TROS included), if you’re interested.
Moves Booze
Moves Booze 4 måneder siden
Good job, guys. Well thought out and planned exceptionally. Here's hoping the writers and dialogue editors don't ruin it. Just read ALL the new writing and storytelling and do whatever the EXACT opposite is. Nailed it!!! 🤭😉Lol
boomer raus
boomer raus 4 måneder siden
Shut up lol 🤭😉
Divyom Solanki
Divyom Solanki 4 måneder siden
👇 like 👍 👍
One Prank TV
One Prank TV 4 måneder siden
That's great
Little Vader
Little Vader 4 måneder siden
I literally typed star wars squadrons and this was the first thing to show up
Nabil Ch
Nabil Ch 4 måneder siden
One Prank TV
One Prank TV 4 måneder siden
So cool
One Prank TV
One Prank TV 4 måneder siden
That's great
Cevor Kelvin
Cevor Kelvin 4 måneder siden
Opgaming 4 måneder siden
Chris Uniforme
Chris Uniforme 4 måneder siden
Nerf the defender and don’t queue me up level 15’s 😭
holly 4 måneder siden
Laurie Gardner
Laurie Gardner 4 måneder siden
Dang never been this early before
One Prank TV
One Prank TV 4 måneder siden
He is a good player
Heidi 2000 Magic
Heidi 2000 Magic 4 måneder siden
I clicked faster than Dhar Mann characters can say "so you see "
CT - 7056
CT - 7056 3 måneder siden
Joinen reference!
Abhishek 4 måneder siden
Men will be Men 🔥🔥 LEGENDARY EXPRESSION 😂 nosections.info/green/t2yla590h4toma4/video.html
Guerilla 4 måneder siden
murfad 4 måneder siden
hey, uploaded 38 seconds ago, i am view number 2! woohoo!
Sloth girl
Sloth girl 4 måneder siden
Binu Timsina
Binu Timsina 4 måneder siden
Untangling God Of War
Ganger 1,1 mill