SpongeBob's Tom Kenny & Bill Fagerbakke Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED 

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'The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run' stars Tom Kenny and Bill Fagerbakke answer the internet's burning questions about themselves and the characters they play. What does Tom Kenny's voice actually sound like? How did Bill Fagerbakke get the role of Patrick Star? Who does Tom play in 'Rick and Morty'? Is Bill on Cameo? Tom and Bill answer all these questions and much more.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run is out now streaming on Paramount+.
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SpongeBob's Tom Kenny & Bill Fagerbakke Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED




26. mars. 2021





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RoadToDawn 49 minutter siden
I’m sorry but I will never not see Bill as Marshall’s dad 😔
Yossi Fadillah
Yossi Fadillah 5 timer siden
they're so cute😭 and talented
Tha chocolate god
Tha chocolate god 7 timer siden
These two seem like such wonderful human beings and I wish people made a bigger deal about them.
Big Dez
Big Dez 9 timer siden
I’ve been smiling the entire video
Jesse M
Jesse M 9 timer siden
I am not on social media also
Anastasia Fox
Anastasia Fox Dag siden
Broadway rules!!!!
Adam D'Ettorre
Adam D'Ettorre 2 dager siden
Also Tom Kenny played skids on transformers
Conor Regan
Conor Regan 2 dager siden
Miles Hood
Miles Hood 2 dager siden
Tom Kenny was Eduardo??? I never knew that and that's awesome
Cam C.
Cam C. 2 dager siden
The internet pair u never knew u needed in your life
pizza pizza
pizza pizza 2 dager siden
So many feels
ilov04 3 dager siden
This made me so happy 😆😍
Jacob Dubielak
Jacob Dubielak 3 dager siden
I do too Tom Kenney
Elton_ AniM8S
Elton_ AniM8S 3 dager siden
I think that Tom Kenny would be a good voice for Popeye the Sailor Man
T.N.I Ball
T.N.I Ball 3 dager siden
"I take a deep breath and then sound comes out" Idk but that sounds like a patrick would say, i know he's patrick but you guys get me r8?
Dominic Esposito
Dominic Esposito 4 dager siden
Bill Fagerbakke also voiced Bulkhead on Transformers Animated
Redditor 4 dager siden
"I breathe in and sound comes out." I'm dying.
ThatVr Studio15
ThatVr Studio15 4 dager siden
we know what their favorite spongebob episodes are, but do they have a least favorite?
Andrew Kind
Andrew Kind 4 dager siden
Smirah Banu
Smirah Banu 4 dager siden
Why did Tom kenny voice mr jelly bean because I hate him
Lizbeth Villanueva-Nava
that's my little sister she born in july 2009
Frostwing Gaming
Frostwing Gaming 4 dager siden
tom kenny's birthday is a day before mine. that's cool
Lavenderflowers Fall
Lavenderflowers Fall 5 dager siden
Wait they're old now
N Man
N Man 5 dager siden
So... Have they heard the conspiracy theories?
AnthroHD 5 dager siden
I love the origin of spongebobs voice
Matthew Humiston
Matthew Humiston 5 dager siden
Since bill had a squidward voice this whole time then why didn’t he do Patrick doing a squidward impression in the Opposite Day episode?
Kaiju 5 dager siden
Every time tom talks, I only hear peepers
animezombie45 6 dager siden
It makes me so happy seeing that they are just as funny and sweet as their characters ☺️
Scott Houston
Scott Houston 6 dager siden
I love these guys...so soooooo talented.. I'm almost 50 and I watch the shows when I can... my favorite is motion picture with barnicle boy and mermaid man.
Grotesque Hag
Grotesque Hag 6 dager siden
my biggest flex is having the same birthday as Tom Kenny
Marilyn Bergemann
Marilyn Bergemann 6 dager siden
I like spongebob because he always try to see the bright side of everything 🙂Thank you Tom Kenny. R. I P Steven Hillenberg.
todoroki’s girlfriend
10:41 my heart almost sunk O_O
Big Boo Boo
Big Boo Boo 6 dager siden
sweatpantsprincess 7 dager siden
Tom looks like Patchy the pirate but with no beard!
sweatpantsprincess 7 dager siden
Captain Cookie
Captain Cookie 7 dager siden
It’s like my childhood talking to my childhood
Μαρία Chan
Μαρία Chan 7 dager siden
They are both very funny! I'm an orthodox Christian so today I prepared my Easter eggs with spongebob decorations. I hope you are all okay. Stay safe!
GUNLOVERPICO 8 dager siden
tom kenny voiced in pokemon he voiced ash
Master Drawer Z
Master Drawer Z 8 dager siden
It's seem weird because I was born in 1997 and I enjoy Spongebob to my best childhood.
TheOfficialCzex 8 dager siden
I'd like to see Tom do an impression of one of Billy West's character voices, like Fry.
OLIVER GOODWIN 8 dager siden
I met Tom Kenny in Nashville at a soda parlor for a premier of Final space he was hilarious and we watched his favorite spongebob episodes.
CHAN MAN 8 dager siden
When Tom retires, Spongebob is done for good. Tom is Spongebob. No one can do it like he does.
Aliza Bolliger
Aliza Bolliger 8 dager siden
M-O-O-N that spells Spongebob and Patrick!
Predators Hockey
Predators Hockey 9 dager siden
Spongebob. Every child’s hero. Mr jellybean. Every child’s nightmare
Stephanie Powell
Stephanie Powell 9 dager siden
Smiled all the way through this. Both these guys have just a positive and sweet vibe.
Mordex theWolf
Mordex theWolf 9 dager siden
*throws a paper airplane thru the window*
Ben Thies
Ben Thies 9 dager siden
He missed a chance to say “hey all you goofy googlers”
Sal Altschul
Sal Altschul 10 dager siden
I HOPE these guys have seen the comic Bikini Bottom Horror!!
Frankie Bloodshed
Frankie Bloodshed 10 dager siden
It’s so amazing how one person can do so many voices!
Zebra Warhawk
Zebra Warhawk 10 dager siden
Snowball and star
Snowball and star 8 dager siden
prosciuttogamer 3090
prosciuttogamer 3090 10 dager siden
12:13 i don't think the voice actor of Patrick will ever do any cameo at kids' birthdays because kids would be kinda disappointed or even scared to see a 63 years old man with the patrick's voice coming to their birthday while they expected to see probably everything else. Same for almost every voice actor of any cartoon
Brandon Priest
Brandon Priest 10 dager siden
2:12 That always kills me!!
Okay Rob
Okay Rob 11 dager siden
Matthew Grover
Matthew Grover 11 dager siden
Bill is on two of my favorite shows, of course Spongebob and then HIMYM.
iamnotired 12 dager siden
I share a bday with Tom Kenny
Declan Gill
Declan Gill 12 dager siden
Bill is 6'6 or 6'8. His height matches his enthusiasm
MorganSings 12 dager siden
potato edits
potato edits 13 dager siden
theyre so wholesome oml
Ian Kensington
Ian Kensington 13 dager siden
Fun Fact: Spongebob is married to Karen’s voice actress.
Pokètrainer Sliver
Pokètrainer Sliver 9 dager siden
bruh that's already explained in the video..
Annie 13 dager siden
2:11 this is my favorite part XD
NOBISH 13 dager siden
Hey all you googlers
Socallmelex 13 dager siden
I was today years old when I found out spongebob was also French time lapse guy.
Sora Membrino
Sora Membrino 14 dager siden
Spongebob is my favorite character in spongebob.
MikeTheTwig 14 dager siden
These ads are getting worse...
JewMaster 69
JewMaster 69 14 dager siden
7:05 this was so heartwarming
Nyxied 14 dager siden
"there's stuff that I don't remember..", hopefully Tom Kenny didn't forget that he voiced Ice King too
The Official Sikris
The Official Sikris 14 dager siden
Jacob Drotar
Jacob Drotar 14 dager siden
"What does Tom Kenny look like?" Tom Kenny looks like a square yellow cube with holes and square-pants. * *Insert nose flute* *
C Vue
C Vue 14 dager siden
Tom Kenny is so talented. Straight up wholesome guy too
SovRayne Galaxy
SovRayne Galaxy 14 dager siden
Finding out that Tom Kenny voiced Eduardo on Fosters made my day! I absolutely adore Eduardo! 🖤
This channel is over
This channel is over 14 dager siden
Dang Spongebob stole Plankton’s girl
kayleigh ann
kayleigh ann 15 dager siden
they are so pure🥺🥺🥺
Eggs, For breakfast?
Eggs, For breakfast? 15 dager siden
Tom mispronouncing Bill's last name is great, love it
Jason Gilbert Sugandi
Jason Gilbert Sugandi 15 dager siden
Name Namington
Name Namington 15 dager siden
I love Bill’s shirt
Glorious Leader Stalin
Glorious Leader Stalin 15 dager siden
SpongeBoiMe Bob, I have overdosed on ketamine and I'm going to die! Arg Arg Arg Arg Arg Arg Arg!
R0se g0lden._
R0se g0lden._ 16 dager siden
Bill Faberbakke saying "nice read" after Tom's self assessment is peak iconic behavior I will never be convinced otherwise.
Abigail Hamilton
Abigail Hamilton 16 dager siden
fun fact, my friends mom lived door to Tom Kenny when they were younger
Ed B.
Ed B. 16 dager siden
oh my god he was EDUARDO
Moof De moose
Moof De moose 16 dager siden
The world will end if we lose these legends
Barbieegurl 16 dager siden
I love these two ❤️
caitajk 16 dager siden
oh my god they're so cute
Khalil Johnson
Khalil Johnson 16 dager siden
10:14 when did tom Kenny started voicing spongebob? 10:25 tom Kenny is almost not good at math like spongebob and me
CXNXB 16 dager siden
Thank you for the joy your voices bring.
Marquin Robes
Marquin Robes 16 dager siden
"Im announcing my retirement" -I had a heart attack after that
Gunnar Benjamin
Gunnar Benjamin 16 dager siden
But why does Tom also look like if Spongebob was a human
Sophy Wilson
Sophy Wilson 17 dager siden
I love Bill, he was great on coach.... I used to watch it as a kid cuss my parents watched it. He looks good for 63!
c m
c m 17 dager siden
Oh, so Tom is actually my childhood.
Frost Cyclone
Frost Cyclone 17 dager siden
Every time I heard the last name, I kept thinking “Bill Bukkake”
esto pesto
esto pesto 17 dager siden
Marshall's Dad is Patrick
Perry Jimenez
Perry Jimenez 17 dager siden
0:37 he's 58?!!, Bless this man Neptune
Elmajean Algie
Elmajean Algie 17 dager siden
am cute dog
am cute dog 17 dager siden
oh my jod spuch bop is a peopl?!?!!
Brendan Lynch
Brendan Lynch 18 dager siden
“I take a deep breath and sound comes out” is the most Patrick way to respond to that question 4:20
Sonikku Burr
Sonikku Burr 18 dager siden
My mom ran into you guys having dinner at a restaurant after her and her friends saw "The View". I literally cannot get over the fact that she ran into Spongebob and Patrick at a restaurant.
Elnoobinator 2000
Elnoobinator 2000 18 dager siden
Covid dont you even dare to touch this guys
FIRE KING04 19 dager siden
Hearing Edwardo's voice nearly brought me to tears
noname 19 dager siden
Spongebob cucked Plankton by marrying his wife
Wandy Morales
Wandy Morales 19 dager siden
I love spongebob squarepants and I love patrick star 😘😘💓😘💓😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Joe Kre
Joe Kre 19 dager siden
6:30 Ghost orbs
Jelly Crypto
Jelly Crypto 19 dager siden
My mind exploded when he did the Eduardo voice
My Apology to Jake Paul...
My Apology to Jake Paul...