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Yo-Yo Ma uses the power of Twitter to answer some common questions about playing cello. Would Yo-Yo Ma ever collaborate with a rapper? Why is it that in every movie the cellist plays Bach's Cello Suite No. 1? Why are cellos so expensive? Can you hurt you arm playing the cello? Yo-Yo answers all these questions and much, much more.

Yo-Yo Ma: Beginner’s Mind is available exclusively on Audible and is free to all US listeners. Listen here: www.audible.com/pd/Beginners-Mind-Audiobook/B08ZYXLTYG
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Yo-Yo Ma Answers Cello Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED




27. april. 2021





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quaintleaf Time siden
i'm low key mad that i live in the boston area and i've never coincidentally ran into him or saw him at the supermarket or something. he just seems so awesome (exhibit a. this video)!!!
TimeForAMunch 3 timer siden
I actually used to think that yo-yo ma was a rapper
Samuel 4 timer siden
yoyo ma knows nothing about cello
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah 4 timer siden
I read his name as yo ma ma
Ditra Aditya
Ditra Aditya 6 timer siden
It’s Joe Who’s joe? Joe Joe Ma
Dishsoap Sasha
Dishsoap Sasha 8 timer siden
Yo-yo ma :plays random notes on cello Me: find my inner peace and joy. Chills on my body
kishore-senpai 8 timer siden
Why did I read Yo-Yo Ma as Yo Mama lmao
Jason Sypher
Jason Sypher 12 timer siden
OH! The sixth suite...so beautiful.
TheCluelessComposer 16 timer siden
"The Cello is the best instrument" Everyone, grab your Ling Ling Insurance, call the Violin Gang and go to war. 😏
Tara Cochran-Patrick
Tara Cochran-Patrick 22 timer siden
He is so cute :)
Jason Summit
Jason Summit Dag siden
I would ask him what his thoughts are on the viola da gamba. Which is the baroque relative of the cello.
Sienna Ervin
Sienna Ervin Dag siden
I don't play the cello but I watched the whole video
pukie lacuna
pukie lacuna Dag siden
Aishat Oyeleke
Aishat Oyeleke Dag siden
omg yo yo ma we are learning about you like this week
Sheet music Sadra
5:23 If you can play slowly you can play it quickly
narlesky703 Dag siden
Of course the cello is the best. Along with the ukulele.
Steve Stockmal
Steve Stockmal Dag siden
This was so great, I love this man. At 3:49 i’ve always told my students “when the music causes you to move that’s called expression; when YOU move... that’s being a poser”. 😊😊😊😊😊
Zenn Zenn
Zenn Zenn Dag siden
I am watching this while having a cello practice rest
Kevin Luo
Kevin Luo Dag siden
Sorry, I keep mentally replacing the second "Yo" with "Ma"
Ponung Boring
Ponung Boring Dag siden
YO Yo mama
Judith Keig
Judith Keig 2 dager siden
9:11 for the thumbnail :)
Marko S.5
Marko S.5 2 dager siden
I read the name as Yo Ma Ma
Eric Liu Yang
Eric Liu Yang 2 dager siden
0:01 turn on auto generated captions
Adriana yip
Adriana yip 2 dager siden
imagine having yo yo ma as your grandpa. Just watching him play live is more than enough. Also, how cool would it be to have Yo Yo Ma teach you cello?
Will Davidson
Will Davidson 2 dager siden
If yo-yo sees this, tell him my dad Roger says hi! They were childhood friends☺️
Limxuv Her
Limxuv Her 2 dager siden
I'll never forget when Yo-Yo Ma had a cameo on Arthur and DW call him Yo Ma-Ma
jamie highins
jamie highins 2 dager siden
i am in the process of learning piano for the first time and this video was so helpful! inlove this guy he’s so encouraging
jamie highins
jamie highins 2 dager siden
get joanna newsom on this series please 😭
Tangent 2 dager siden
I mean, not a rapper, but Yo-Yo Ma made a record with Bobby McFerrin! Really fun album!
Jenny Chen
Jenny Chen 2 dager siden
Who can love Yo-Yo Ma more than I do? Raise your hand 🙋‍♀️
justrandomotaku 2 dager siden
Absolute GOAT in popularising cello for the public and his playing is just wonderful
Mar tín
Mar tín 2 dager siden
Yes, Yo-Yo Ma, cello is the best instrument
Borsalino Kizaru
Borsalino Kizaru 2 dager siden
11:52 Not maybe. That’s exactly why I listen to music. I put on music to trigger my imagination.
dlxe 2 dager siden
This man is GOLD
Maan DG
Maan DG 2 dager siden
Yo-Yo Ma's cousin, Little Nepotiiiiiz~
JaveWave 2 dager siden
3:59 laughs in seth everman
Cooper Paksima
Cooper Paksima 2 dager siden
More like Yo Ma-ma! Just kidding, he’s awesome!
Goods 2 dager siden
ok sorry misread the title as Yo-mama
Paul Henner
Paul Henner 2 dager siden
NONE....................Rap is CRAP ! !
eligarf 2 dager siden
What a great video. How lucky are we to live in such a day and age to see such sharing, beauty, magnificence. 🤘
Fahim Guy
Fahim Guy 2 dager siden
Head, heart and hands.
Austin Jose
Austin Jose 2 dager siden
Came for fun Twitter banter, left full of life lessons and poetic philosophies.
Paolo Gabriel L. Gran
Paolo Gabriel L. Gran 2 dager siden
legend says this guy has a twin brother named Yo Ma-Ma
Shagala B
Shagala B 2 dager siden
“Knowing yourself and knowing your body...” I know he is a great musician but I never know he is such delightful person.
Sebastian Robleto
Sebastian Robleto 2 dager siden
He's one of those people that make you want to do whatever they're doing
Veronika Alcoba
Veronika Alcoba 2 dager siden
I wish I got to see Yo-yo Ma in person in NZ 🥲 such an honest and wholesome soul
thunderbirdice 2 dager siden
He plays like he is breathing.
LaubowiebassMusic 2 dager siden
Thanks for this video . It was perfect and beautiful .
Dyan Carlos
Dyan Carlos 2 dager siden
yasssss yo-yo ma 😍
TheKauff 2 dager siden
Now I want to pick up the celoo again! I played in Middle School, but never got out of the 'sick cow' phase.
Sarv 3 dager siden
Arma Filmmaker
Arma Filmmaker 3 dager siden
I can't be the only one who read the title as yo mama at first glance
Alter Ego Carson
Alter Ego Carson 3 dager siden
This is the Asian grandfather we all wish we could have
DV Practice
DV Practice 3 dager siden
5:29 can you play paganini caprice 24?
BOOZE HOUND 3 dager siden
Yoyo ma is how I holler at girls
Juan Rocha
Juan Rocha 3 dager siden
His mother lost the chance to name him Yo Ma-Ma
Michael Qian
Michael Qian 3 dager siden
LOL He still use LAND line!
Dakota Charming
Dakota Charming 3 dager siden
When will yo-yo collab with Brian Wilson
Epic SaVage
Epic SaVage 3 dager siden
His existence itself is wholesome.
hagar 42
hagar 42 3 dager siden
Please have Chris Thile as well!
Deviant World
Deviant World 3 dager siden
Bob Ross was the Yo Yo Ma of the painting world
Katharine Liang
Katharine Liang 3 dager siden
the face of a cherub.
Gamble 3 dager siden
"Why do cellists move their heads around?" I dunno, why do lead guitarists roll around on stage? Getting into it I suppose, only reason I don't move my head much playing violin is because I am supporting the violin under my chin, playing any other instruments I find myself moving my head, and I will tap my foot or sway or make faces while playing too. It just happens when you are really into it
Argya Laila
Argya Laila 3 dager siden
so beautiful! thank you for sharing with us!
Sherry Fan
Sherry Fan 3 dager siden
Wholesome. I thought he would be serious but he is so bright and energetic!
Edwin Schimscheimer
Edwin Schimscheimer 3 dager siden
Thank you thank you beautiful What an inspiration! Yeah Yeah Ma!
K Jay
K Jay 3 dager siden
What a Ling Ling.
Cello Ben
Cello Ben 3 dager siden
An extraordinary person. Also, to be fair, the questioner towards the end could've just left it at "How do cellists play the 6th #Bach #cello suite", and we would've sympathized.
Men Del
Men Del 3 dager siden
Yo-yo Ma: *plays some musics in intro* Me fist timer: Woah so energetic. Yo-yo Ma: *playing while explaining suite number 1* Me first timer: ...I.....is this paradise? Yo-yo Ma: *ends the session* Me: .... *sniffs* I'm gonna cry in the corner due to the overwhelming joy.
Lemon Rinds
Lemon Rinds 3 dager siden
Henry Nguyên Phạm
Henry Nguyên Phạm 3 dager siden
He is indeed the sexiest classical musician alive
Alexander Ringler
Alexander Ringler 3 dager siden
And the last answer made me cry for joy, ngl.
Benjamin Espina
Benjamin Espina 3 dager siden
Closed caption: between you and me you know that JELLO is the best instrument
Madeline Schink
Madeline Schink 3 dager siden
Literally obsessed with this man
Minh Nhân nguyễn
Minh Nhân nguyễn 3 dager siden
edit: vibrato is an excuse for bad intonation
Zeyu (Mike) CAO
Zeyu (Mike) CAO 3 dager siden
2:58 "sine" wave, I like the math there
Keren K
Keren K 4 dager siden
my flute professor got the opportunity to page turn for Yo-Yo Ma, but turned it down because it would be too stressful, and he already had front row seats. like man!!!! page turning is the frontest of seats!!! and its YO-YO MA!!
Wug 4 dager siden
Who is one of the greatest cello players of all time? Yo-Yo Ma-ma
Sister Brothers
Sister Brothers 4 dager siden
How much money you make playing cello?
Jing Sheng
Jing Sheng 4 dager siden
Omg he plays out of tune 😱 no wonder he sounds marvelous ☺️
Violin discovery with Ms. Leslie
He can’t even play without moving. I love Yo-Yo Ma! This was fun.
Wow! That vibrato sounded like a ringing phone!
Laura Williamson
Laura Williamson 4 dager siden
Mama Yo 😻
Melvin Melvins
Melvin Melvins 4 dager siden
Watching him do vibrato made me think oh man he must have crazy calluses
Dawn Hannah
Dawn Hannah Dag siden
Can you imagine 60 year callouses? 😱
Kathryn A
Kathryn A 4 dager siden
Man, I know this man is a legend--I was blessed to get to hear him perform with the CSO back in the day. But when he went to tune his cello with the pegs near the top of the instrument--I instantly flinched, because of it getting drilled into my brain as a kid "DON'T touch those! You can snap a string that way!!" I know that's not gonna happen in a professionally-edited video of a professional cellist. It's just a reflex I haven't lost even after 15+ years.
Antony ROACH
Antony ROACH 4 dager siden
who's Yo-Yo Ma and why is he so overrated?
etz oren
etz oren 4 dager siden
i can not be the only guy who read this as yo mama
Jerry Jallo
Jerry Jallo 4 dager siden
NOsections has spoiled me... Watching this, I keep thinking about Two Set Violin
Seppe Lescur
Seppe Lescur 4 dager siden
Me reading the title: "Yo mama answers... " Wait... let me read that again
ChaoticRain 4 dager siden
National Treasure!
Gabriel V.
Gabriel V. 4 dager siden
Here's a question if it happens a part two. Why people think my double bass is cello? Why they call me cellist? WHY YO-YO WHY?
"Once There Was An Ugly Barnacle, He Was SO Ugly That Everyone Died, the end" -Patrick Pinhead Star
Yo yo ma had a name like a 90s female rapper. He’s great tho
b-escherichia coli
b-escherichia coli 4 dager siden
is it bad that the only reason why I know his name is because of jojo
Ryo Hazuki
Ryo Hazuki 4 dager siden
Love yo-yo ma and hearing him speak and being this delightfully wonderful individual has made my day better.
MeDoMeer 4 dager siden
I'm so so sorry but I read the title as "Yo mama"
Reynard 4 dager siden
What a nice fella!
Jina 4 dager siden
When he plays, warmth and sunlight rushes through my body. Cello has never sounded so beautiful
Genevieve Sipes
Genevieve Sipes 4 dager siden
Im obsessed with him
Darth Morro
Darth Morro 4 dager siden
You can't tell me I'm the only one who read "Yo Ma-Ma
Javier Santana
Javier Santana 4 dager siden
The suite 6 is definitely very special. To me represents the inexistence of death. On the Suite 1: Well, we also have to appreciate it, i had also thought of it as being flowing, and made the mistake a couple times of thinking it's overplayed... Also great music. Right arm technique: Also very important what the master says... Know your body, lesion is so harming to musicians...
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