Engineer Builds a Compass That Finds Pizza | Hack Job | WIRED 

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Do you know what the most frustrating thing about a compass is? It ONLY points North. But what if a compass could point to something....more appetizing? WIRED has challenged maker Joe Grand to figure out how to make a compass that points to pizza, in just three weeks.

Check out Joe Grand here:
NOsections: nosections.info
Website: www.grandideastudio.com/
Twitter: joegrand
Pizza Compass Project Page: www.grandideastudio.com/portfolio/pizza-compass

Shoutout to Advanced Assembly and Royal Circuits for their incredible work and turnaround:

Special thank you to PieVino: www.pievinopizza.com/

Sources from the coding community include:
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Engineer Builds a Compass That Finds Pizza | Hack Job | WIRED




28. april. 2021





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Greg Andtrws
Greg Andtrws Time siden
You should have built yourself a compass that could find yourself a girlfriend
Oliver Roozen
Oliver Roozen Time siden
I have to tell you, I was initially hoping this would track pizza at close proximity based on smell or something like that. Now that would be awesome if possible.
JakqR 2 timer siden
teriyakipuppy 3 timer siden
Great. Now we need to calibrate it to find the hot singles in my area.
Cooper the grandkid
Cooper the grandkid 3 timer siden
if (gps.date.isValid() == false) { Serial.print(F("INVALID! ")); } Cleaner version if (!gps.date.isValid()) { }
sadid mandra
sadid mandra 4 timer siden
I need this
Peter Davidowicz
Peter Davidowicz 6 timer siden
Lads, he found ALL the pizza!!! 🍕
ATRusho 7 timer siden
can you just make it an app so we all can use it?
Skylar Challand
Skylar Challand 7 timer siden
Zeus Gorham Munkist did it first
Quentin Upshaw
Quentin Upshaw 7 timer siden
its prob gps based edit: its gps based lol
CharredSkies 9 timer siden
The Ninja Turtles could use this
mostafa ahmed
mostafa ahmed 9 timer siden
Only legends see the coding b-roll unnecessary
666 777
666 777 11 timer siden
Brandon MacKendrick
Brandon MacKendrick 11 timer siden
Well now I want to make a compass where you can long press to set a location to point to... Guess I better get designing.
Elaina M. C.
Elaina M. C. 11 timer siden
Awesome! That question sounds philosophical...where in life do I want to go?! 😒 🤔
הכנס שם
הכנס שם 12 timer siden
I would prop buy this
Max Mum
Max Mum 12 timer siden
Would buy.
Patrick Jones
Patrick Jones 14 timer siden
Joe! You and Bre Pettis taught me how to solder and I'll never forget it! I'm glad to see you're still making.
Nuovo 14 timer siden
I love this dude - do you have a youtube channel? Edit: yep, description is always helpful lol
Sedu Ram
Sedu Ram 15 timer siden
I just loved this concept. Should be more of these videos coming on. Does this guy a YT channel?
DarKCroX 17 timer siden
ayy nice. now put it inside a time capsule and bury it somewhere...
Ahmad The Aviation Lover
What an amazing genius of a computer engineer
Aarav Rahtole
Aarav Rahtole 18 timer siden
wait how is that thing connected to internet. Is it a standalone, cause here you need a sim to get cellular internet. Does that thing have a sim slot or is it connected to my phone.
Alextricity 18 timer siden
Lodestone compass in Minecraft:
starcookie 22 timer siden
How much for this
Brain Sauce
Brain Sauce 23 timer siden
Freaking awesome 👏🏻
Paul Kjoss
Paul Kjoss Dag siden
When Wired remembers what it is they are about
Dominick Dag siden
Compasses usually also point south
TGG HD Dag siden
Pretty sure i heard some Messhugah?!
Caio Cesar Lira
Caio Cesar Lira Dag siden
Ok... This was awesome!
Soy Rice
Soy Rice Dag siden
Michael Angelo wants to know your location
Slime_lover_ Gachagirl1284
No way this works!! I want it now u.u
catastrophe Dag siden
yo you deserve the best pizza making that , amazing job ! hope you’re doing well and being safe and healthy !
Doodle Draws
Doodle Draws Dag siden
You should have made it the shape of a pizza 🍕
Itsiwhatitsi Dag siden
As an Italian that love pizza I'm proud of you
Pizza Freak
Pizza Freak Dag siden
I want to buy one 😍😍
Stina Aasen Lødemel
Very interesting! And a cool project. Thanks! For someone who thinks something like this is interesting but has no knowledge whatsoever about computer engineering, this was very interesting, instructive and understandable.
priyansh shah
priyansh shah Dag siden
darknessblade Dag siden
You could have made it look like a pizza. #missedyourchance
George Washington
So cool! Thank you very much for the effort!
üdo Dag siden
We already have google maps, don't we?
Yan Soleto
Yan Soleto Dag siden
its the same as hit pizza in google maps. boring.
FishyWishy Dag siden
This man is the new Albert Einstein I didn’t know half the words is the video😂
EconomyFree Dag siden
Am I the only one confused about how he was able to connect the gps with the led ring by using that code line: private: pizza T *ptr; int size; public: pizza Array(T arr[], int s); void print(); }; template Array::Array(T arr[], int s) { ptr = new pizza T[s]; size = s; for(int i = 0; i < size; i++) ptr[i] = arr[i];
Ben Cearley
Ben Cearley Dag siden
Jordan Stolberg
Jordan Stolberg 2 dager siden
A cool v2 feature would be cool to have an screen on it that tells you the name of the place it's leading you to
Lubert Jeyakumar
Lubert Jeyakumar 2 dager siden
How they aren't making this full circle back to survival and adding multiple buttons to lead to gas station/emergency services/place to charge your phone
camila Indriago
camila Indriago 2 dager siden
I love this type of content!°
ThatGamingGuy 2 dager siden
I would love to have the program code and the 3D mdoel
358shady 2 dager siden
358shady 2 dager siden
How do I get one of these I'm 100% seriously please email me.
Oscar Mazzoni
Oscar Mazzoni 2 dager siden
What kind of pizza was that? 🤮
Kenny GBoss
Kenny GBoss 2 dager siden
Can you make one that points towards milk then maybe I'll be able to find my dad
Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy 2 dager siden
just saying you hid your gps coordinates but quick google search shows where that pizza place is (when you tested it in the prototype) and since its supposed to be the closest and there are other pizza shops near by its pretty easy to figure out a pretty small area you could be in. sorry just a warning some times people can find things out even with minor data
ZOŇƏ 2 dager siden
Man...Being a engineer I just track my next meal where to eat and this guy finds trackers for pizza 🍕 shops 🤯🤯🤯 uffff
Alexis P-C
Alexis P-C 2 dager siden
The fact that you give us the code is really cool, thanks
Joey Nosek
Joey Nosek 2 dager siden
Amazing, amazing, amazing. Oh...did I say this was amazing?
DominantOverlord 2 dager siden
"Where would you point it to?" Rare Pokémon Cards
Aarav Rahtole
Aarav Rahtole 18 timer siden
Sanket Gupta
Sanket Gupta 2 dager siden
The first wired video I watched full video
Sanket Gupta
Sanket Gupta 2 dager siden
Jeezz, you are smart !
salty fisken
salty fisken 2 dager siden
haha reminds me of big-heads app in silicon valley
SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob SquarePants 2 dager siden
I don't know why all the geniuses have the old same hair... Or do the create it that way?... Anyways, good job
Alex Katz
Alex Katz 2 dager siden
So when you step into Manhattan does it explode?
Cooper Paksima
Cooper Paksima 2 dager siden
When will this product be publicly sold?
TheDucktator 2 dager siden
I... need... that..
stevenARTify 2 dager siden
I mean.. I search Google maps for pizza places and that does the same and offers info about if the place is crap or not
Charlie Tinoai
Charlie Tinoai 2 dager siden
a compass that points to your mom's house
Christian Benedict
Christian Benedict 2 dager siden
Besides the idea itself, I like the video editing and storytelling a lot. Thank you.
Ashish Patil
Ashish Patil 2 dager siden
Loved it
wolf boy
wolf boy 2 dager siden
At 9:50ish you showed your address (just helping you not get leaked too much)
jonathan larcom
jonathan larcom 2 dager siden
@5:35 What a fancy "hello world"......
Sebas Quesada
Sebas Quesada 3 dager siden
This is college EE senior design summed up in 17 minutes and I love it
JustKnowHow 3 dager siden
U my friend made my day! I finally got my compass working with ur code. Thank you very very much!
Lebron James
Lebron James 3 dager siden
You could make the compass point to your friend and play some IRL Manhunt
DARKFLAME YT 3 dager siden
Ok so where can I purchase this ?
RipsRops 3 dager siden
A tracker that shows the ,,Hot and single woman in your area,,
Vroom Xavier
Vroom Xavier 3 dager siden
it would be cool if it had haptic feedback which would let you know how far or close you was
Dane Byrd
Dane Byrd 3 dager siden
Am I the only one who expected to see Alan again? It's cool to have them feature new people each time - really nice
Dr. Boots
Dr. Boots 3 dager siden
Can we talk about how unnecessary those _leaves_ were (on the pizza)🙄
Isaac Gutierrez
Isaac Gutierrez 3 dager siden
Is it a compass or is it an automatic gps?
Pongles Esquire
Pongles Esquire 3 dager siden
Something like this could be great for an escape room or pre-planned scavenger hunt, would just need to switch the backend to something that gives then next location if the player hits the "hint" button.
Luke Cicotte
Luke Cicotte 3 dager siden
I would buy this.
Bruno Barrios
Bruno Barrios 3 dager siden
That isp music
TheOdd5sOut 3 dager siden
AJ 3 dager siden
Hey Joe please make more of these stuff!
Signal Hunter
Signal Hunter 3 dager siden
Red light district
Alternative Srooty
Alternative Srooty 3 dager siden
1:57 _ah, my pkcell_
BlockHead 2 dager siden
I dove into this comment section looking for exactly this. Thank you
IM Faris
IM Faris 3 dager siden
Which programming language did he use to program that code???
Kinetic Boss
Kinetic Boss 3 dager siden
The engineering is strong in this one ☝️
Zander Mercury
Zander Mercury 3 dager siden
you see.. i've been learning about Microcontroller and coding for a year and a half.. and still don't understand about it lol
Owlrose Productions
Owlrose Productions 3 dager siden
REALLY hope this man gets a lot more episodes... He's both interesting, ingenious and funny at the same time 10/10
Gutter Village Society
This video is super cool and interesting tho I hope it pops off more
Gutter Village Society
“Reminds me of the story when... nah I won’t tell you that one” Bro... tell us the story
Gonzo Productions
Gonzo Productions 4 timer siden
will16320 3 dager siden
Make one for public toilets
Steef Broeder
Steef Broeder 3 dager siden
Yooo, what if he made it so that a pizza would automatically be ordered depending on the how long he takes to gent three and how long the pizza takes.
Jason Lee
Jason Lee 3 dager siden
Have it point to resources for people that don't have access to smartphones (but can still access some wall outlets). Perhaps shelters or soup kitchens for homeless? 🤷‍♂️I assume it has less battery consumption.
Jake The Dog
Jake The Dog 3 dager siden
Computer Engineer. That's enough info for me that he is blessed by the Omnissiah.
Dood Ft
Dood Ft 3 dager siden
So its jack sparrows compass
Jae K.
Jae K. 3 dager siden
Great video! I’m curious where did you get your privacy screen on your laptop
Carlos MG Bruñén
Carlos MG Bruñén 3 dager siden
SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!! 💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶 😂 #PizzaTime 🍕
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