Jackson Wang Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED 

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Jackson Wang answers the internet's most searched questions about himself. How did Jackson Wang learn Korean? Who is Jackson's best friend? Can he play piano? Is he actually a CEO? Jackson answers all these questions and much more!

Jackson Wang’s new song LMLY is out now: teamwang.lnk.to/LMLYPR/youtube
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Jackson Wang Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED




29. mars. 2021





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xiang li
xiang li Time siden
I want to ask who is Jackson Wang?
atthallah nadhif
atthallah nadhif 14 timer siden
wow, he's super smart huh?? sheeesh
pooja sundar
pooja sundar 17 timer siden
I think I just became his fan :)
Dinerenblanc Dag siden
How convenient they left out questions about him supporting mainland China's crackdown on civil liberties in Hong Kong.
Jenny Dag siden
Those who dislikes this video thinking that he's angry while doing this. LOL!
Moona Mirza
Moona Mirza Dag siden
Is he getting pissed at 7:50 I can't figure it out.. Lol😁 BTW is he an aesthetic???
Gurnoor Kaur Johar
What's 100 ways about ? Its about ........exactly what I mean 😭
fatz Dag siden
Sabrina Machado
Sabrina Machado Dag siden
Su pronunciación es tan hermosa que logré entender todo lo que dijo wow
Ashley Ragsdale
Ashley Ragsdale 2 dager siden
"I can make you scrambled egg. I can make you a sandwich". lol I love him.
Bts Lover
Bts Lover 2 dager siden
Can you get enhypen on here ?
Reputation _13
Reputation _13 2 dager siden
05:01 Jackson: don’t eat at midnight Me: 👀
ann_ 2 dager siden
it means exactly what i just said - genius
Shlair-an Jherlyn Aguilar
why are you not comfortable, it’s just his natural thing 😂
Болоршагай Энхболд
His answer hilarious, you are totally a comedian.
Nini Ladie
Nini Ladie 2 dager siden
I'm in love love love love love love love with him🥺💕💕💕
7.5M views 3 dager siden
He looks really skinny maybe too skinny. Pls stay healthy Jackson!
Shane Relojero
Shane Relojero 3 dager siden
Si Jackson yong jowa na never mo naging jowa.
White Hats
White Hats 3 dager siden
Who is jackson wang best friend....? J-jackson, do you forget GOT7?😰
tutorial mocha squad
tutorial mocha squad 3 dager siden
Question :is jackson wang a K pop idol Me:......BRUH
PANKAJ Meharchandani
PANKAJ Meharchandani 3 dager siden
I m here after shang chi trailer release
Aluka 3 dager siden
I just want a show of him saying Cantonese or Chinese, cuz it feels weird hearing him say English, got so used to him saying Cantonese
Lili 3 dager siden
Jackson and Lisa are really long lost friends 😂😂both of them want to try acting in action movie 😂
Birdie G
Birdie G 4 dager siden
Question to Janson Wang: "Do you support blood cotton?"
This is My mama's account
This dude siunds so rude
Hala Diaa هاله ضياء
He said don't eat at midnight while I'm eating my sandwich at 12 am :")
Bilalahmed Bilalahmed
Bilalahmed Bilalahmed 4 dager siden
I always leave comment on insta but are not I follow u oppa
it's a prank, Lisa are the best ofc
Another episode of jackson wang being effortless funny
Berna 4 dager siden
I absolutely LOVE all of his answers. He is so hard working and inspiring. And I love how he is like "next" lol
kwon fire
kwon fire 4 dager siden
so he had a olympic tattoo ? it is??
flipboi952 4 dager siden
He's quite the character lol
ETU Bc 4 dager siden
Love you jackson wang🧡❤️🧡❤️🧡
Laya and jana Alarmali
Nine :p’jack (if u got it leave a like)
Maraki Meraki
Maraki Meraki 4 dager siden
Jackson : Dont. Eat. At. Midnight Meanwhile .. Me: eating a mug cake at 3 am It aint midnight, though
IlIllIlIIl 4 dager siden
Where is my favorite question "What is happening in Uyghur camps?"?
BTS_ Kookie_V
BTS_ Kookie_V 4 dager siden
He's manly😍
Theo Devlaminck
Theo Devlaminck 5 dager siden
Jackson: "I'm not a CEO, I'm a **defines CEO** "
Stephanie Ehem
Stephanie Ehem 5 dager siden
Antayin kita ha kapag 35 na u
syo 5 dager siden
My boi Jackson! My mom loves you and so am I (I'm a guy btw).
gummadavelli srinath
gummadavelli srinath 5 dager siden
He is really savage omg 😂
monika dwivedi
monika dwivedi 5 dager siden
Exo comeback please support
35 years old
Clara Bégin
Clara Bégin 6 dager siden
1:53 his fans are dead rn
Laraib .F.W
Laraib .F.W 6 dager siden
His voice in speaking is actually nice n manly😊
Kay 6 dager siden
Love him and his sense of humour. I'll never get tired listening to him
Bear Park
Bear Park 6 dager siden
1:51 "my fans..." *mischievous smirk*
Itachi’s Waifuuu
Itachi’s Waifuuu 6 dager siden
Question: who is jackson wang crush ? Him: my fans
Eleanor Astroz
Eleanor Astroz 6 dager siden
I just love Jackson wang so muchhh...... I want to be a friend of his..... The humour and fun....
Susan Jay
Susan Jay 6 dager siden
"Jackson wang age" Jackson: 1994 28 March year of dog ...... *thinking and stares* You do the math🤣🤣🤣
Susan Jay
Susan Jay 6 dager siden
Oh my god Jackson is so lovable and cute person.😍😍😍 Only Agases would understand his sense of humour😁✌
Aseel 6 dager siden
he looks different, did he do something to his face? no hate but can his fans answer?
Kay 6 dager siden
He just lost a lot of weight
Dorji v Wangmo
Dorji v Wangmo 6 dager siden
I m in love with this man
emily 6 dager siden
irmão eu amo ele
moonoo23 6 dager siden
That nose is not right brother. Little bit too much nose job lol
Kay 6 dager siden
His natural beauty is too much to handle right 😍😍😍
Kim Akiko
Kim Akiko 7 dager siden
4:22 weeelllllll
adira 7 dager siden
45 okay he'll wait for me
Lidka M
Lidka M 7 dager siden
my comfort video of the past month
•Lemon Cupcake•
•Lemon Cupcake• 7 dager siden
6:49 excuse me who tf searched that up
•Lemon Cupcake•
•Lemon Cupcake• 6 dager siden
@Kay Ohh ok sorry lmao
Kay 6 dager siden
He has a massive solo career outside of kpop and his songs are in English, so I get why people would search that.
blommoren 7 dager siden
he is so agressive and for what
Mika Vera Cruz
Mika Vera Cruz 7 dager siden
Gaurav Oberoi
Gaurav Oberoi 7 dager siden
Harry Tomoe
Harry Tomoe 7 dager siden
Also this man has to control his intake of *RICE* . HE'S GETTING MORE HANDSOME DAY BY DAY
M E L 7 dager siden
Jackson: don’t eat at midnight Also me: at 1:30 making toast bread
Kim Sunnie YN
Kim Sunnie YN 7 dager siden
I was in headset and I didn't expect it to be so loud
TheOnslaughtMiller 8 dager siden
living in the city where he was born and grew up I can tell you for a fact that this boi grew up rich cuz the high school he went to barely 20% the population could afford a single semester lmfao
ivy gracielle
ivy gracielle 8 dager siden
“...my fans” Yeah righttttt - -.
Monhana Jackson
Monhana Jackson 8 dager siden
This is the REAL Jackson Wang. Take it or leave it. He doesn't have to play face anymore. But he is still cool and himself! That last breath said it all!
Sandra Narcida
Sandra Narcida 8 dager siden
"Know yourself, Make your own history." -Jackson wang
DiSgUsTAEiNg ShEeT 8 dager siden
4:14 I thought he is going to say "u got some problems bro"😂😂
Catherine Huang
Catherine Huang 8 dager siden
Suzy A.
Suzy A. 8 dager siden
B ROHIT 8 dager siden
BeYou No One Eles
BeYou No One Eles 8 dager siden
I love this !!!!
cyryn rios
cyryn rios 8 dager siden
Hahahaha whenever he says go back😂😂😂 LMAO
Sierra Jenkins
Sierra Jenkins 8 dager siden
"Does Jackson Wang act?" *flashbacks of watching the Got7 'Dream Knight' Kdrama* Anyone else remember that?
Pati Robles
Pati Robles 8 dager siden
Passive agressive, passive agresive
ma.editha viktoria andog
Amy after 408038985737t457 years: mY bIgGeSt fLeX iS mY uNcLe iS jAcKsOn WaNg
Kay 6 dager siden
She is already flexing trust me! At school, she recently had to give a presentation on a famous person and she did the presentation on Jackson. She talked about how he was an Olympic fencer and is now an artist. At the end of the presentation, she went "and the best thing is, he is my uncle 🥰". It was so cute
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth 9 dager siden
Whoever is searching this... thank you 🤣
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth 9 dager siden
Can Jackson Wang sing? Hey that's pretty offensive. 🤣👌
Maia Robbins
Maia Robbins 9 dager siden
BlackHeart71 9 dager siden
*Jackson Wang* can make a sandwich. 👍👌👏💖
Alex Kiari
Alex Kiari 9 dager siden
Me wondering if he meant grandma or grammar
Piper Wang
Piper Wang 9 dager siden
I know why people call him seunie!! Cuz in Korea, people would add a (n)ie at the end of their name. It sounds cute. Like in Japan, people add “jung”. Also sounds cute.
lele Y
lele Y 9 dager siden
Who is this guy? I really don’t know him
jannatul maowa
jannatul maowa 9 dager siden
I swear to God he is so confusing......i just don’t know how to example it...sometimes it feels like he is a happy and a funny guy sometimes it feels like he is always angry and serious..no offence i like him but he is just a little bit confusing 😅
Kay 5 dager siden
@jannatul maowa haha yeah, he's the best and everyone loves him 🥰
jannatul maowa
jannatul maowa 5 dager siden
@Kay yeah i get that too...but i still love him...we all love him..☺️☺️☺️......and of course he is not angry...😁 He is the sweetest and the funniest guy ever..it was just i saw him for the first time..i didn’t know him😅 and that's way i thought he was confusing .... But now i love him❤️❤️❤️and also i kind of( cz obviously idk him personally) know him... 🙂☺️
Kay 6 dager siden
Humans have more than one emotion, you know 😅 And he isn't angry here, he was just being his usual sarcastic, sassy, dramatic self because some of the questions were pretty stupid 😂 He looks tired as well, which is understandable because the man works non-stop and never sleeps
Topazz T
Topazz T 9 dager siden
JW is too funny 🤣🤣🤣💕
Meraki 10 dager siden
I love Jackson lol
Ram Kah?
Ram Kah? 10 dager siden
"If you talking about like tokyo drift level? I can't" Ok 🤣
Kai 10 dager siden
i just realize we have the same birthday
Emma 10 dager siden
he sounds so defensive jackson your iconicness is showing
R R 10 dager siden
the answer to the best friend question was definitely about jinyoung LOL
RayeBae 10 dager siden
“Who is Jackson Wang married to” “NOONE” That’s just what a secretly married person WOULD say!
It’zSAKI_ summer127
It’zSAKI_ summer127 10 dager siden
Fun fact: when the question ask if he’s a solo artist he said (6:14) but he’s actually a leader of a Kpop group called “Got7” btw
Nidhi Thyamagundlam
@It’zSAKI_ summer127 lol😄
It’zSAKI_ summer127
@Nidhi Thyamagundlam oh that’s makes sense😅
Nidhi Thyamagundlam
Wth they disbanded man
Khushali Kim
Khushali Kim 10 dager siden
Jackson seemed a little frustrated 😥
Emily Park
Emily Park 10 dager siden
He is the love of my life
thenhoi kipgen
thenhoi kipgen 10 dager siden
So it is like, it's just as how I just said.....😂😂😂😂😂
Recto Verso
Recto Verso 10 dager siden
5:55 😭🤣😭🤣😭🤣
? 10 dager siden
Who's Jackson Wang's Best friend😂😂