What Astronauts Can Teach Us About Sheltering-in-Place | WIRED 

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Former NASA Astronaut Mike Massimino shares stories from his nearly 30 days in space to help those currently sheltering-in-place due to the new coronavirus. Mike goes over a few of the things that helped him the most while he was isolated from friends and family, including regular exercise, talking with others, embracing the current situation and more.

Check out Mike Massimino's new children's book Spaceman: The True Story of a Young Boy's Journey to Becoming an Astronaut at bit.ly/3aGOXVq
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What Astronauts Can Teach Us About Sheltering-in-Place | WIRED

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10. april. 2020





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Colette Snell
Colette Snell 2 måneder siden
Dude I WISH I could take one of this guy's classes.
Nickel 2 måneder siden
my king omg
Marilyn Boudreau
Marilyn Boudreau 3 måneder siden
Great video, Mass! Always good to hear your fun take on things...of course, in a more perfect world, we’d be at opening day at Fenway!
ESRARENGİZ KANAL 3 måneder siden
İm a you are the boookkkkkk read mika uncal
Adnane Tahi
Adnane Tahi 4 måneder siden
11:52 that height difference
Chloe Louise
Chloe Louise 5 måneder siden
Guys been to actual space twice, what’s he famous for? Going to space on a sitcom with ‘fruit loops’ 😂 absolutely love Mike he’s so humble (Jesus I nearly said down to earth 😂)
Kana Beats
Kana Beats 5 måneder siden
this was actually really calming.
Tetsuro Ogata
Tetsuro Ogata 7 måneder siden
Thank you! I'll enjoy the beauty around me:)
Amy Dernus
Amy Dernus 7 måneder siden
Mike, I loved this. I will play it for my boys. Great tips! Weare trying to 'embrace' it as well. One thing that I'm doing everyother weekend for my three boys is having a 'Shelter In Place-Party.' So far we have had an Italanian Festival with wine tasting (adults only), Olive tasting (kids), Lasagna dinner and watching My Cousin Vinny. We aslo had a Luau with a talent show and Spam cooking contest, then Easter-In-Place and next weekend we'll have The Celebration of Science. I'll incorporate this video into that night for sure. Thank you and stay well (everyone!)
Freka Yah You
Freka Yah You 7 måneder siden
so we’re not gonna talk about how a NASA level solution to a million dollar problem was “just break it”?
Faaris mahkan filmis
Faaris mahkan filmis 7 måneder siden
Syed Hussain Mohiuddin
Syed Hussain Mohiuddin 7 måneder siden
All these normies be thinking "why is everyone commenting about fruit loops?" 🤣
Justagirl92 7 måneder siden
and if it's about the show "Big Bang Theory", I don't want to know
Justagirl92 7 måneder siden
André Paris
André Paris 7 måneder siden
I read the article that Scott Kelley did in the New York Times about coming up with a schedule, although I don't quite adhere to it as tightly as I think I should I find my days are filled with interesting stuff that I enjoy
Carina Coetsee
Carina Coetsee 7 måneder siden
I like it so much to watch videos of the space station and to see how you lived there and the beautiful videos of earth, and how you got there and back. It's amazing!!! Are you not thinking of how wonderful God made this universe?
Graphic 7 måneder siden
Thanks Mass! You have me some really positive vibes via this video. It's great to get good guidance during these times🍀
Stephen Sockett
Stephen Sockett 7 måneder siden
Great message. Thanks.
Angela Whisnant
Angela Whisnant 7 måneder siden
Great advice! Thank you for sharing your experience and insight!
Nekog1rl 7 måneder siden
I really, really like the sentiment: "Be mission control for someone else." I co-facilitate a NAMI peer support group and that's exactly what my role is. I'm there, listening to others, offering support and feedback--and it buoys my spirits every time. Thanks for the metaphor!
Aero_ Mech83
Aero_ Mech83 7 måneder siden
DO NOT use Zoom
S M 7 måneder siden
These people are true heroes for mankid!
Patrick Lambrecht
Patrick Lambrecht 7 måneder siden
Mike always makes me smile :D
Kerry King
Kerry King 7 måneder siden
Loved this. 100% with you on the exercise!
Luiz Guilherme Amaral
Luiz Guilherme Amaral 7 måneder siden
Did Fruit Loops watch Nacho Libre too?
KJ Mok
KJ Mok 7 måneder siden
lots of great advice there Mass! it's wonderful that you have the memories of your time in space with you for the rest of your life! :)
Rodrigo Teixeira
Rodrigo Teixeira 7 måneder siden
You lunatic!
Luc Droid
Luc Droid 7 måneder siden
Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences... Fruit Loops... in the Big Bang Theory also you did spectacularly well! 👊🏻✌🏻
MrMrLechowicz 7 måneder siden
I miss Chris Hadfield on this channel, that was the best person you could invite to WIRED imo
JeanThePants 7 måneder siden
This was fun! Thank you ☺
Katherine Marie
Katherine Marie 7 måneder siden
His coworkers missed seeing a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch Nacho Libre xD
Stefano P.
Stefano P. 7 måneder siden
Javier Bonilla
Javier Bonilla 7 måneder siden
Let’s think: Canada has 40 million people but only 22k cases, the US 330 but 503k cases. So... Canada 550 cases per million, the US 1,524 per million. Canada has managed to do 3. times better than the US. The people are equally intelligent and resourceful, it is BAD LEADERSHIP.
Sean Louis Oliveros
Sean Louis Oliveros 7 måneder siden
He somewhat looks like Mark Zuckerberg
Franchello R
Franchello R 7 måneder siden
Embrace the suck.
Mikey Neang
Mikey Neang 7 måneder siden
This is the kind of content I need while in quarantine.
Jennifer Tiemann
Jennifer Tiemann 7 måneder siden
This is such a needed video! Awesome! Thank you so much!
erosson27 7 måneder siden
Mike, really enjoyed hearing this video.... Loved your book and hope you're doing great.
sandra dee
sandra dee 7 måneder siden
Hi Cousin Mike. Thanks for the video, you are a great inspiration. Love & miss you, Sandy
Daniel & Angelina Musik-Comp
Thanks Mass. We're sheltering in place in our 19' Airstream - check it out - nosections.info/green/yH-hg6Z1ZYih1Nw/video.html
Tim's AutoVision
Tim's AutoVision 7 måneder siden
Nasa is a fraud and it will be exposed soon enough.
Lisa Eichler-Johnson
Lisa Eichler-Johnson 7 måneder siden
What cave do you people live in? There are 10’s of 1000’s of people involved in that industry you think they are all lying 🤣🤣🤣You people are hilarious and really really sad at the same time. How has basic science education failed you?
SandraDee 7 måneder siden
Sad you can't see what's in front of your eyes.
Leslie Hughes
Leslie Hughes 7 måneder siden
Loved this video. You definitely take the cake on quarantine like seclusion and great ways to deal with them. Quite inspiring. Thank you.
Nightwing 7 måneder siden
How's Howard "Fruit Loops" doing?! 😂😂😂
Matthew Jay
Matthew Jay 7 måneder siden
This man speaks wisdom.
Pam Madrid
Pam Madrid 7 måneder siden
Thank you!
SyCoREAPER 7 måneder siden
Oh you said a bad word... "Zoom". A technology and privacy nightmare.
Ash Green
Ash Green 7 måneder siden
All I can think of is him saying Froot Loops
Brent Beacham
Brent Beacham 7 måneder siden
First I’d like to Thank Senator Barbara A. Mikulski (D-Md.) for getting you the funds to fix that most amazing machine. And also a heartfelt Thank You for doing it! The improvements you (and thousands of others) made to extend the operability of Hubble made science greater. But like you looking at the Earth we non-scientists love the aesthetics Hubble brings us. It is important to appreciate what’s on and around the pale blue dot.
Cyrus Zamanian
Cyrus Zamanian 7 måneder siden
Would be better if they talked to an ISS era astronaut as their stays last 3-6 months or more. Shuttle astronauts were only up there for a couple weeks.
Weston Smith
Weston Smith 7 måneder siden
Thanks for putting this together. I ordered a kayak and PS4 that I've been putting off and I'm excited to enjoy the the weather (carefully and distanced of course) and play a new game that I've had my eye on for awhile... Might pick up a keyboard and try my hand at that if this lasts a bit longer... If it doesn't take much longer for us to get back out there, then I will have myself a hobby in place for the near future 😀
Fernanda L.
Fernanda L. 7 måneder siden
He’s so nice
Firya 7 måneder siden
Best way to cope with isolation, start an addiction. Thank me later.
lurs 7 måneder siden
Heroin 👍👍👍
DH 7 måneder siden
*Take yourself on a walk*
simon hoare
simon hoare 7 måneder siden
I live very near the sea ( Ryde. Isle of Wight UK) and I am lucky enough to be able to walk out on a long long sandbank for more than a mile or more. Its wonderful, quiet and yet the sound of the sea is ever present.. Bloody Glorious..
I am a Mo2min
I am a Mo2min 7 måneder siden
You have a face of a liar, there is no spaceship and Yes, I will believe you only when you stop recording the Moon landing with potato cameras and blurry live stream, also until NASA = Narcissists And Shills Association , stop taking people Tax money and give it to the people in need. ....
simon hoare
simon hoare 7 måneder siden
Cheers Mate. Kudos.
Scarlett Roger
Scarlett Roger 7 måneder siden
Talking about gravity (which we weren’t) my knees go weak whenever I see my space crush. Edit: Mike Massimino is my space crush, not gravity.
Himanshu Kharwar
Himanshu Kharwar 7 måneder siden
I read your books "spaceman" it totally awesome book...
huahualipo 7 måneder siden
On an irrelevant note, this is such a dad angle haha! His face is huge on the screen! This is exactly what my own dad does when he's video chatting me lol
Владимир Келлер
Hello liers
Justagirl92 7 måneder siden
Vikko The Tusken
Vikko The Tusken 7 måneder siden
I'm always excited when I see Mike on this channel. 👍💗
C From 1969
C From 1969 7 måneder siden
....or u can jus stream, eat, crap, repeat, if ur lazy. I suggest his suggestions tho, or if the streams r tutorials/pertinent info that u act upon. Gluck n stay healthy.
einnok23 7 måneder siden
Thanks for the great tips Dr. Mass! 👍🏼
jimbob2bob 7 måneder siden
I'm going to conduct some experiments, sleep upright, eat food paste and later on don my suit and go for a walk in my yard.
Eileen Daniel
Eileen Daniel 7 måneder siden
@jimbob2bob perfect humor at this time, much needed, thanks!
jimbob2bob 7 måneder siden
@Chris Drzal It is, I need to fix my solar panel before the sun disappears (again). I'll tether myself to a wall and hope I don't lose my tools.
Chris Drzal
Chris Drzal 7 måneder siden
EinkOLED your Eva sounds risky! Lol
Darius Kirschman
Darius Kirschman 7 måneder siden
Bruh ngl Mike looks like Marc D’Amelio. Must be brothers or something
Sheev Palpatine
Sheev Palpatine 7 måneder siden
BUT IN SPACE ITS DIFFERENT *lighting change*
Nickel 2 måneder siden
ah yes
zack 7 måneder siden
*dramatic lighting ensues*
Accessory Account
Accessory Account 7 måneder siden
"Hey fruit loops"
Adib Akhtar
Adib Akhtar 7 måneder siden
Stephanie Walsh
Stephanie Walsh 7 måneder siden
Wow! Thank you for sharing! 🤍🤍🤍
Everythingelijah 7 måneder siden
Love this
The champ
The champ 7 måneder siden
I am today years old when I find out he’s a real astronaut I thought he was just a character in The Big Bang theory
Beeble Brox
Beeble Brox 7 måneder siden
I've been "social distancing" as long as you were an astronaut. I'm good for Go ;)
meme GOD
meme GOD 7 måneder siden
12:07 - .... Earth is flat... comments incoming in 3 2 1... 😂😂
CooksFSH 7 måneder siden
No, it's prism duhh...lol :p
Jonas 7 måneder siden
Isn’t it flat?
Igor Flexus
Igor Flexus 7 måneder siden
berryfairy68 7 måneder siden
Astronauts are such interesting people. They get such unique life experiences 😊
Cane Sugar
Cane Sugar 7 måneder siden
> STEP 1: Be on international space station
Justagirl92 7 måneder siden
Or master's
Justagirl92 7 måneder siden
STEP 1: Earn a bachelor's degree in a STEM field STEP 2: Earn a doctoral degree STEP 3: Excel in your field for years STEP 4: Apply to be astronaut & probably get rejected STEP 5: Repeat step 4 or go on to step 6 if you're REALLY special STEP 6: Attend astronaut school, learn Russian, learn how to fly a Soyuz spacecraft, learn survival training, spend a lot of time in a pool. ...and all the other things I left out. ...and yes, I know it was a joke. Hilarious.
zay hi
zay hi 7 måneder siden
Second coolest man after hadfield
Supreme Lasagna
Supreme Lasagna 7 måneder siden
Fruit loops
Antonio Cartín Caballero
Antonio Cartín Caballero 7 måneder siden
I just want to know the reason this video has 7 thumbs down. Why you didnt like it?
Justagirl92 7 måneder siden
@Antonio Cartín Caballero Yes, exactly what the PP said. You'll find a bunch of dislikes on any video featuring NASA or its astronauts. It's a great tool to know what percentage of the population watching the video are idiotic conspiracy theorists.
Antonio Cartín Caballero
Antonio Cartín Caballero 7 måneder siden
@Lisa Eichler-Johnson thank you! Great answer.
Lisa Eichler-Johnson
Lisa Eichler-Johnson 7 måneder siden
Antonio Cartín Caballero all the flat earthers /science deniers that think the 10’s of 1000’s of people involved in aerospace are all in a huge conspiracy
Mike Vasquez
Mike Vasquez 7 måneder siden
I have heard that microgravity/zero-G environments can have a detrimental effect on circulation and exercise can help to mitigate that effect. Is that true?
Justagirl92 7 måneder siden
I was searching NOsections for footage of Mike Massimino's EVA that he talked about in this video, and look what popped up -- a video of Mike talking about exercise in space for the WIRED channel!!! I haven't watched it yet, but I'm sure you'll enjoy it. nosections.info/green/y21gsYF5eKehrcg/video.html
Justagirl92 7 måneder siden
Absolutely, it's true. Good question, Mike. Like PP mentioned, there is exercise equipment on board the International Space Station. There are 3 pieces of equipment that I know of: a treadmill w/bungee cords, a bike w/no seat 😁, and a weight machine called the aRED (advanced resistive exercise device) -- which all help mitigate atrophy of muscles and bones. Take a look at any of NASA's tours of the ISS on their various NOsections channels, Mike. You won't be disappointed!
soldierside365 7 måneder siden
Yes. Gravity is and the contraction of muscles through walking etc. is crucial for blood flow, and even in supporting the immune system. In zero G, muscles atrophy because of aforementioned lack of gravity. More recently they have treadmills and stuff to maintain muscle and fitness. I think, anyway...
CharlieBrown2020 7 måneder siden
Thank you for sharing your experiences and ideas! I know a lot of people have different faiths...or none at all, but I realize the importance (especially in these days) of having time to to study Gods Word. Something that can get pushed to the background in a rushed everyday life. I also have time to research a little Biblical archeology which has been fascinating while comparing that to the Bible along with (perhaps) unfolding prophecy happening right now.
Silver Sage
Silver Sage 7 måneder siden
Im pretty sure Id be claustrophobic in space, it kinda freaks me out just talking about it. 😀
Asha Green
Asha Green 7 måneder siden
how I cope is by embracing this new life. I go grocery once a week I walk to my nearest store. I get the exercise and fresh air. I am enjoying the peace and quiet that I was missing in my life. this new life puts things in perspective. stay safe everyone
Koy Sensei
Koy Sensei 7 måneder siden
Rip flat earther
Catalina 7 måneder siden
Thank you so much to Wired because it has being a delight to meet all of these experts, they are wonderful humans, thank you!
Pablo Gonzalez
Pablo Gonzalez 7 måneder siden
More like Embrace the Suck
Kimberly G.
Kimberly G. 7 måneder siden
LiveLife TasteDeath
LiveLife TasteDeath 7 måneder siden
Great... now I'm hungry for nachos
VirtuousPraiseworthy 7 måneder siden
Awesomely inspirational! So needed right now. Thanks a million!
Harshal Varpe
Harshal Varpe 7 måneder siden
Man! the thought that I have near non-existent chance to go to space is depressing !! and this corona virus is not helping either!!
BonnieJ Wee
BonnieJ Wee 7 måneder siden
yo fruitloopes!
Enrinque 7 måneder siden
Viva Massimino
Île-de- France
Île-de- France 7 måneder siden
An astronaut with a master's degree in a STEM field still learning instagram🤔How righteous🙄😁
David Cg
David Cg 7 måneder siden
Wired:6M bots
David Cg
David Cg 7 måneder siden
Nadie se cree ya a la nasa..
Daniel McHale
Daniel McHale 7 måneder siden
He's the Astronaut that was with Howard Wolowitz on the Big Bang Theory show
chocmilkshake24 7 måneder siden
Alia Krerowicz me too 😅 silly us
Alia Krerowicz
Alia Krerowicz 7 måneder siden
I didn't realize that he was an actual astronaut when he was on Big Bang Theory! Feeling silly now
Savya Acharya
Savya Acharya 7 måneder siden
chocmilkshake24 7 måneder siden
Fred Maverick I can’t see his face without thinking “hey fruit loops” 😂
kylie reeder
kylie reeder 7 måneder siden
doctor: “you have 13 minutes and 53 seconds left to live” me:
Carlos Soto
Carlos Soto 7 måneder siden
Are you on the show the big bang theory?
naebrM 7 måneder siden
Yes he was on the ISS with Froot Loop
magicbuskey 7 måneder siden
Where was this 3 weeks ago?
magicbuskey 7 måneder siden
@SandraDee I know. I was just saying it's really helpful and I wish we had this video three weeks ago. Thanks for replying. Stay safe.
SandraDee 7 måneder siden
New video.
BE C 7 måneder siden
If anyone knows how to spend long periods of time dealing with isolation it's an astronaut. What a great idea for a video with so many folks now currently sheltering-in-place .Hats off to Mike Massimino for sharing his stories, and to Wired for putting this video up.
RC Repo
RC Repo 7 måneder siden
Solitary/the hole would be extremely worse than space. At least the guys who stay in space have audio video and can chat and interact with people and have things to do. Solitary in Prison. you get meals thru a slot and only human interaction is guards or trustees. a year in space over 3 month in solitary anyday
Philip Cooper
Philip Cooper 7 måneder siden
Lighthouse guardian: Am I a joke to you?
Acerski 7 måneder siden
Gamers. Don’t forget about us. If hunger and thirst is not a thing, you’d never see em out of their computers/consoles ever again.
Sueshe 7 måneder siden
The other interesting experience that seems relevant is POW, because nothing gets you more talented at spending time doing very little than being stuck for years doing nothing, while getting tortured or at least stressed.
Jude Osborne
Jude Osborne 7 måneder siden
Wasn’t this guy on the Big Bang theory
Nightwing 7 måneder siden
Fruit Loops
Ondřej Dobisík
Ondřej Dobisík 7 måneder siden
Yes, that's the thing he's famous for... oh wait.
Dylan Hinks
Dylan Hinks 7 måneder siden
Useful for back to school
Normal User
Normal User 7 måneder siden
Don't use Zoom, it's spyware
First Name Second Name
First Name Second Name 7 måneder siden
The ‘Entitled’ neighbours around me are struggling, it’s entertaining watching them have tantrums worthy of a 3 year old 🤣
World's Lightest Solid!