Hacker Breaks Down Hacking Scenes From Movies & TV | WIRED 

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Once again, hacker and security researcher Samy Kamkar takes a look at a variety of hacking scenes from popular media and examines their authenticity. Is the 3D file system from Jurassic Park real? Can you actually hack a smart fridge like in Silicon Valley? Is there a difference between a virus and a worm?
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Hacker Breaks Down Hacking Scenes From Movies & TV | WIRED




29. april. 2021





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Kaitlyn Burns
Kaitlyn Burns 17 minutter siden
Sammy you are my hero
Simon Pierre Lauzon
make him react to the end of ghost in the shell innocence when she hacks into like 12 robot security AIs and it's all animated in 3d
Samuel Samsonite
Samuel Samsonite Time siden
Mr Robot don’t play around
Anil Achar
Anil Achar Time siden
Is it only me, or does he sound like the Lock Picking Lawyer...?
syntaxerorr 2 timer siden
Pretty sure with CD-R the data is not stored in the plastic but a thin metallic film layer. That probably could be destroyed by the microwave.
Ben Eng
Ben Eng 2 timer siden
The problem with the audio analysis scene is that the camera would not have enough resolution to see the vibrations because the amplitude on the surface of the drink would not be nearly enough to see. generate enough contrast to see the vibrations.
xpez 3 timer siden
Corporate dude who runs a collections of web tools to help catch hackers acts like he's a hacker to talk about fake movie hacking depictions.
Xz0779 3 timer siden
Great video 👍🏻👍🏻
Trevor Mowry
Trevor Mowry 3 timer siden
*Optical Character Recognition
caesium98 5 timer siden
This guy needs to review Jim Browning's videos if he thinks turning on someone else's computer for weeks is unlikely
MrSpeedweasel 5 timer siden
The last time someone had to perform a real 'low level format' of a hard disk was probably in the 90s.
Michelle LL
Michelle LL 7 timer siden
Heavenly father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive, safe, healthy and financially blessed Amen
AncapFTW 7 timer siden
Hey, Snowden used NMAP, the one hacking tool I used before.
Neil knightley
Neil knightley 7 timer siden
This guy is basically tony stark . he knows everything about every technology. lol
kordulus 7 timer siden
What about that one hacker movie where this boss test the main characters computer skills in under a minute or something while getting incredibly good head? that realistic?
jdsim9173 7 timer siden
02:54 is not hacking, it's navigating unix
Alexis Rodriguez
Alexis Rodriguez 7 timer siden
Bro I heard about the MySpace thing like six years ago and thought it was hilarious. So cool seeing the creator of it and to hear his prospective.
oderbang 8 timer siden
Software "delete" can erase all data... if its encrypted first... you just secure erase the private key and Boom... entire drive is usless... its called Crypto shredding
oderbang 8 timer siden
OCR is Optical Character Recognition ... not Object!!
John Doe
John Doe 9 timer siden
I disagree with you, my guess is that isn't a command line the other person is accessing but rather a custom program which newman wrote. pretty easy to make it do that, write in a command that locks down the program, then if someone tries to access it: for(i=1;i>0;i++) { printf ("YOU DIDN'T SAY THE MAGIC WORD"); } Could even use an if statement to track how many access attempts were made and only run that routine if they tried x number of times
Jetze Schaafsma
Jetze Schaafsma 10 timer siden
I can't believe they busted you for that MySpace thing. Nowadays, the website itself would rather die of shame than go after the kid that found the exploit.
Kevin Mayo
Kevin Mayo 11 timer siden
Hey its sammy he is my friend!
Puerto Rican Geek
Puerto Rican Geek 12 timer siden
"Penetration testing" - giggity
WheezyProjects 12 timer siden
Hacks MySpace, now has to sit through a bunch of cringe Hollywood “hACkS “
Anil Achar
Anil Achar Time siden
:) Part of the deal struck with the Justice Dept maybe, to be able to get back to a computer...
Tom Fitzgerald
Tom Fitzgerald 12 timer siden
I wish I was smart
cubonenineO 12 timer siden
*SOME WEB NERD* : *"oh yah its really super almost impossible to connect to someone elses webcam or cameras"* *KING, JIM BROWNING* : *"LMFAO hold my beer"*
KrypticViper 13 timer siden
He comes back
GhostRights 14 timer siden
Whoever wrote the dialogue for that Fate of the Furious scene should be charged with a crime against cinema. Eesh.
king james488
king james488 14 timer siden
there's a loading bar because he's uploading data to the network supposedly... it's not supposed to be a "hack progress" bar >.>
samuel socha
samuel socha 14 timer siden
I'm in
king james488
king james488 14 timer siden
8:56 it says it's formatting the drive also... though that would probably take way too long in reality.
BVF 15 timer siden
The 2021 Chevy bolt has an electric controlled parking break. So I guess this is getting closer to being a possible thing
Immortal 17 timer siden
The dood that broke myspace 🤦‍♂️
kev heg
kev heg 18 timer siden
Isn't OCR Optical character recognition - not object?
TiNMAN 19 timer siden
I was hoping to see the live free or die hard hacking
shubh 19 timer siden
One day elon musk will react to the movie scenes where people went to mars comparing with his real experience Tune in one day he will surely react 😂
SidKillz 21 time siden
make him react to Firesale movie :D where they take down entire country :D
Bruhism 22 timer siden
I know a hacker, He's very fun, also scammed government but we don't talk bout that.
Deducing Reality
Deducing Reality 22 timer siden
In that mission impossible scene? It says "downloading". But in hollywood parlant, that means "uploading". They just keep mixing these two all the time. In this case this meant he was uploading the new credentials to the network, which has to be a percentage bar, so that was fine imo, if he's using a 5 bps line, haha. Then a 150 KB file might take up to 8.5h... (oh I remember those days!) So maybe he's uploading at a full 50 bps uh?
Andrew Darrington
Andrew Darrington 22 timer siden
We all know that 90s classic "Hackers" is a true to life hacking film. Arguably the most accurate ever.
Jorge Richmond
Jorge Richmond 22 timer siden
do people put on the e brake for parking? I thought it was for drifting
Zachary Jones
Zachary Jones 23 timer siden
My most frustrating part about hacking scenes is when the hacker furiously types about 1000 characters but on the screen you clearly see them only typing in two or three words lmao
Brad Smith
Brad Smith 23 timer siden
Was the movie War Games based on his teenage years?
StylingandFitnessing with Tyson Jack
Does anyone have an iPod
Dovyeon Dag siden
Let's be honest We just came here for Jurassic Park
Regan Parenton
Regan Parenton Dag siden
I talk about climate change on my channel.
The Eternal
The Eternal Dag siden
Smoked Robot Pâté
Sammy Kamkar, thank you so much.
Jake Dag siden
Recently there was a hack on a Florida town, I think it was, where they changed the chemical level in the water to dangerous levels.
Kendrick Johnson
OMG, THIS IS MYSPACE SAMY!! I've watched this TED talk a million times and talks about this guy. nosections.info/green/yaZ7mJh7anikyJ0/video.html&ab_channel=TEDxTalks Didn't realize it was him till he talked about it at the end.
Noah Bartlett
Noah Bartlett Dag siden
as a mechanic, yes a lot of cars have computerized ebrakes now. go wild
JG Dag siden
I've heard several stories about things that this guy did on the Internet and never would've realized it was him until he said it. What a madlad
sketchur Dag siden
2:02 Thanks for addressing him as Newman. That's how we all know him as - it is his true self. :)
Ethan Cowdell
Ethan Cowdell Dag siden
IRIX is pretty cool, a 3d file system is just pretty cool
slowdaylight Dag siden
that x-files episode is set in 1989. not that it makes the clip anymore realistic, but it was pre arpanet's shuttering, so at least they were trying.
Atari5732 Dag siden
OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, Not Object.
Oneofdazzz Dag siden
Waves of water while doable would require much louder volume to get those kind of wave formats…to people in this scenario were speaking somewhat softly.
Livingkin Dag siden
I'd just like to point out that most new vehicles today have electronic park brakes.
B S Dag siden
Personally i’m infuriated I can’t view the source for samy’s website. can’t right click, cant use ctrl + functions, can’t open developer tools, smh
Steven Rester
Steven Rester Dag siden
In v for vendetta the fascist government had a system put in place through the state run tv station that was connected to every television in the country to run propaganda, including the billboards.
Asher Wolfson
Asher Wolfson Dag siden
Takes less than twenty seconds to purge a CD in a microwave.
Jacob Foshee
Jacob Foshee Dag siden
_Optical_ character recognition 😏
Kevin Sanders
Kevin Sanders Dag siden
17:59 Her getting the USB stick in the right way on the first try, that's more impressive than the hacking.
Arvind Challa
Arvind Challa 20 timer siden
That’s some black widow magic going on there.
Hurricane Pursuit
Omg 😱 now i am scared of my coffe
S D Dag siden
I was waiting for hackers and was not disappointed but no swordfish hacking scene?! The best hacking scene on earth with high Jackman?!
S D Dag siden
Oh god as a normal person who grew up with the internet, building our own computers and learning simple coding hacking scenes make me laugh so much. I can’t imagine what it’s like for you lol.
Jeremy Carlson
Jeremy Carlson Dag siden
*Optical Character Recognition
Paul Potter
Paul Potter Dag siden
Superb. OCR is Optical Character Recognition though.
Rizky Satya
Rizky Satya Dag siden
wait a second this dude is the "samy is my hero" guy?! Wow
Serge Pavlovsky
Serge Pavlovsky Dag siden
ocr is usually en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optical_character_recognition rather than object
Dakyn Dag siden
Next: Assassin breaks down Dark Brotherhood
PotatoGuy Dag siden
I wanna see this guy play "Welcome the Game 2"
Lord Of Linux
Lord Of Linux Dag siden
@ 05:35 OCR stands for "Optical Character Recognition" not "Object Character Recognition". It is a technology that recognizes text within a digital image. It is commonly used to recognize text in scanned documents and images.
Flain Dag siden
OCR = Optical Character Recognition, not Object Character Recognition (get with the 90s l0lz)
HappyDawg Dag siden
Always a pleasure to see Samy, he's such a good dude, and an inspiring true hacker
Benjamin Cormier
* OCR = Optical Character Recognition
A Z Dag siden
You can't drive with the e brake engaged? Umm so I just imagined doing it like 10 times in my car. I guess
Savybones Dag siden
As anyone who has driven with the E brake on for a few miles can tell you, a car can not move if the E brake is on...
MrNateSPF Dag siden
These are not hacking, none of them found that someone forgot to log out of their account on a shared computer...
Aris Sourdai
Aris Sourdai Dag siden
Samy Kamkar and Sam Esmail break down Mr.Robot scenes. Make It Happen
Joe Masterman
Joe Masterman Dag siden
Just thought I would chime in, there are a lot of module controlled parking brakes these days. That is all, nice job! Keep up the awesome content guys!
Richard Nieves
Richard Nieves Dag siden
5:36 OCR is also Optical Character Recognition 10:40 Slightly incorrect - speech db is not high enough to create those ripples in that cup. For small ripples camera needs to be very high resolution at high fps.
Itsa Games
Itsa Games Dag siden
what most people mean when they say "my accounts been hacked" is that someone guessed their password.. thats not hacking lol
Doc Savage
Doc Savage Dag siden
But most of all, Samy is my hero
xxx xxx
xxx xxx Dag siden
OCR stands for optical, not object, CR.
Brad Chellingworth
OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, not Object Character Recognition.
Balaji G
Balaji G Dag siden
nosections.info/green/yZ2irHaKl7GMs8g/video.html tech hacm edits are great
Genshi Media Group
OCR is actually "Optical" Character Recognition; never heard it called "Object".
Dany89 Dag siden
9:22 Hillary Clinton wants to know your location.
Leonid Fro
Leonid Fro Dag siden
His explanation of "virus vs worm" may have some sense now, but absolutely incorrect for movie's timeframe. Virus is not an independent program. Worm is.
Owen Campbell-Moore
“Object Character Recognition”
Coral Titan
Coral Titan Dag siden
He's basically the weirdo that will steal your nude photos and publish them. cancer!!!! Beware!
Prince Please
Prince Please Dag siden
Why he scared of A.I when we have this guy
reknown123 Dag siden
no random cuts this time...good job editor.
rgnestle Dag siden
You store the image files IN the mp3 as album art. You can store multiple image files in each audio file. You can even have them change at a specific point in the audio's timeline. I'm not sure why this wasn't used more. :)
Amirreza Sediq
Amirreza Sediq Dag siden
Samy is my hero!
The Legit Channel!!!
Loki the Cat
Loki the Cat Dag siden
Today on Wired: Tech channel with no foresight stops interview, because they didn't bring enough Video Storage.
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay Dag siden
I liked his Newman reference,a man of culture
Sidhant Srivastava
Sidhant Srivastava 2 dager siden
samy is my hero
I'm Having Surgery Tomorrow